An Artemis By Any Other Name

For Traught Week

Prompt: Wordplay

Summary: Dick decides to come up with a nickname for Artemis. Artemis is not happy about this.

Warning: Idea conceived at 3 AM while taking a shower. May contain crack and shameless Artemis Crock (and some Dick) puns.

Note: All of the dialogue takes place over radio communication. You know, the walkie-talkie style ear pieces the Team uses when they’re too far apart for M’gann’s mind link or when M’gann isn’t with them on a mission.

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Our First Act

Prompt: Revelation

Summary: While Paula and Lawrence Crock were on a week-long undercover mission, the Crock family lived in Haly’s Circus. Eight years have passed, and Artemis has completely forgotten about that small part of her life. However, seeing Dick on the trapeze reminds her of a boy she once knew…

Note: First part is set right before Performance. Includes the Crock family, the Flying Graysons, Haly’s International Traveling Circus, and little-kid Traught.

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Spirit of Adoption Part 1/2

Here’s Part 2

Inspired by: Young Justice

Characters: Dick & Artemis (Traught)

Summary: Robin joins Artemis while she broods on the Cave couch to welcome her to the Team in his own special way.

Note: This scene happens right after “Inflitrator,” when Artemis became the newest member of the Team. Dick already knows about her family history at this point.

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suchadramaqueen16 asked:


(This is a little silly and cliche, but it was the first thing that came to mind :D)


"…wonder why the Anglo-Saxons, or whoever decided English was English, made it the way it is? I mean, out of all the languages I’ve…"

Chewing on a fat cheeto, Artemis Crock looked on in disinterest as her boyfriend continued to verbally analyze the strangeness of English linguistics.

At first, she had asked him about his opinion on the subject and waited to see how long he would go on about homonyms like “there, their, and they’re” and prefixes and suffixes and verb tenses that didn’t make sense, without noticing that she wasn’t making any commentary in reply. But now, she was just getting sick of his endless chatter.

"…so many unnecessary synonyms, and words that sound the same, and rules that don’t make sense. It’s no wonder that English is the hardest language to learn besides Chinese! And don’t even get me started on ‘text talk’ and American slang and…"

"Okay, so English is flawed," Artemis said with an assured nod to her head, "but at least body language is pretty straight forward."

Dick’s head cocked to the side.

"What does that have anything to do with what I just…"

Then she kissed him, demonstrating the effectiveness of the universal language, and effectively shutting him up.