summary: Kurt discovers a certain hobby of Blaine’s. Set sometime between 5x13 and 5x14. PG-13

Like all great discoveries, it happens on accident.

Kurt borrows Blaine’s iPad for inane research purposes that he couldn’t even remember anymore, enters his passcode (0-5-2-7, which is just so cheesy but so Blaine that he always has to bite down the beginnings of a smile whenever he types it in) and fully expects the home screen to welcome him. What he sees, however, is Safari opened up to a web page—a Tumblr blog of one nightbirdfly, to be exact. There are enough blocks of text on the screen for him to know that it’s a story of some sorts. He recognizes some names from Star Wars. A fanfic, then. It must’ve been the one Blaine read to Sam the night before.

Now, those nightly reading sessions that his fiancé does for Sam are no secret to Kurt—he’s surely overheard Blaine’s silly, narrator voice far too many times that he wouldn’t know of them, or Sam’s resounding snores filling the loft after. Living with big dorks and being engaged to one of them, he’s, inevitably, educated enough about the world of fanfiction. He still doesn’t fully understand the whole concept of it, but Blaine had assured him that he will once he’s actually read one. Now that he thinks about it, maybe he can start with this fanfic.

Daunted by the length, he skims at first, scrolls slowly through paragraph upon paragraph so he doesn’t miss much. His nose scrunches, slightly peeved, when he realizes that he needs some background and context on Star Wars to fully comprehend what’s happening in the story. He contemplates pulling Blaine in for a complete Star Wars marathon, which, not that his fiancé would refuse to—

And that’s when it catches his eye.

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