take charge of your own education

i used to engage people a lot more on this blog, but for the past year, i choose to just ignore a lot of the things people say in response to my posts.

some people are just so damn ignorant. some black people call themselves disagreeing with me but then say the exact same shit i just said, or worse, something completely ignorant. some white people think they’re niggerologists and spew the most unaware shit i have ever read. some people are so damn nitpicky and take this whole “following” thing too literal. they are impossible to please.

i used to feel the need to respond and get the last word and make people understand, but not only do i not have the time… that shit drives me insane after awhile and wears me down. it’s like the same ol’ things over and over again. i feel trapped in a re-run episode and i suppose that’s the way the system works.

i’ve been taught to try to discuss things with people on the level they are at.. but some of this stuff i’ve come to understand as basic. 

and it’s like… if you don’t understand certain things, it’s hard to wanna engage with you. we should be having more complex discussions and yet many of us are stuck explaining the same things over and over again.

i just hope someone out there with patience is catching you people.. because i can’t right now.

i hope you ask questions and seek answers. in my life, i have found a catalyst for growth is to humble myself and assume i know absolutely nothing until i do thorough research. and even then, remain open to the idea that someone out there will know more. 

i say all this because black history month is coming up, meaning it’s prime season for repetitive discussions. 


1) louise looks, sounds and moves like he’s an outcasted animatronic from Chuck E Cheese. Sis let the dream go, he is an average white boy. Ugly, racist, and a waste of time. Clearly you’re taste, is ugly and boring I’m sure there are rusting sinks that are more interesting and unique than any boy you’ve ever liked. You and your sad blog are an unfunny joke and you sound racist af. There’s a reason people dont like him and any insult he receives he deserves because he still hasn’t apologized and dont even try the ~management wont let him omg~ if he wasnt a weak piece of shit his sorry ass would’ve said something, the management ain’t got no hold on him like that sis. Btw I’m so glad you’re ex’s are negroes, truly i am and you reblogged ferguson posts!!! WHEW! Thank you, oh great Niggerologist!!!!
—  badgalarih
A Backbone Negro Reply To The Cotton Chronicles Eulogizing The Use of Word Nigga

The psoriasis of America has flared up again, in a respected cotton chronicle, called the Washington Post.  And what pray tell did this bastion of American journalism, founded 12 years after slavery ended, chose to cover? Redefining the word nigger. But never fear the Washington Post is not the only cotton chronicle broach the subject matter, there has been a multitudinous of articles, in print…

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Why do non black people like to ask questions about shit that deals with and only affects black people like???

What do you get out of that?

You tryna get your niggerologist degree?