Aint Shit Nigga Checklist

  • Durag/bucket hat is worn @ all times
  • thin + dirty white muscle shirt is worn @ all times
  • no muscles + skinny as hell
  • cracked iPhone 4
  • adidas socks with the slides
  • ugly/dirty basketball shorts are worn @ all times
  • chapped lips
  • "where my hug at"
  • "yo nigga ain’t shit bae"
  • "what dat mouf do doe"
  • "lmao yo nigga ugly as hell"
  • 🙈🙊😚😁😒😏👌 <- those emojis
  • fight all the damn time
Tumblr loves lightskin so much that it even finds vitiligo sexy...

Like, what the fuck?  I have empathy for those afflicted with this disease and hope that they can eventually receive medical treatment that evens their tone out…but when folks get on here and start panting over people with severely blotched skin, I have to wonder if social media exists in the same zip code as the twilight zone.