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"B" is the main character of my book. She's mixed because her father, "Z," left his Igbo tribe in Africa to come to America for the white woman he fell in love with while she was there on a mission trip. Does this come across as a "white savior" kind of thing?

White + African Interracial Relationships

Please don’t refer to African ethnic groups as tribes. See here.

To be honest it’s difficult not to make this problematic.

I feel some kinda way (maybe being Black, maybe being Nigerian) about the set-up here. For him to want the White woman over the Nigerian women i’m assuming he’s surrounded by definitely feels like a slight towards Black women that’s a real pervasive issue in the Black community and society in general.

Obviously this won’t speak on every Black man, and this is from my Western perspective, but way too many f**kboys go out their way to praise any woman but Black women and are proud of letting us know we’re undesirable to them and that White, non-black woc, and/or light-skinned Black women are preferred.

Go on twitter and search “dark skinned” or “Black girls” (well maybe don’t. it’s bad. Really bad) or hear some of these Black male celebs speak, and you’ll see what I mean.

In general, there isn’t a problem with him dating or loving her, just be mindful of the implications and that you nip those out as well as possible.

Typically the issue is when there’s a qualification to the interracial relationship. “I’m dating this x person because Black women are so-” No. Date whomever you like because you like them. Not because Black women are a b & c. See what I mean?

Also; ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the connection between Z and B’s mother? Is it on equal grounds, as in she wasn’t on this trip to “Serve” him, perhaps he was on the organizing side of the mission trip activities, or is it a chance encounter?
  • What about her is so special that he has interest in this woman over all the other women in his region so much that he leaves behind his home and people for her? Does she feel the same way about him?
  • I also hope he wouldn’t show complete disregard for his family and loved ones in Nigeria. Does he still keep in touch? Does he visit them? Additionally, did he have any past lovers in Nigeria?

Key thing here is if you’re going to avoid White Savior and misogynoir aspects: their relationship should be based on mutual attraction and respect. He shouldn’t hold her up high for being an American White woman.

Not that she has to be golden perfection, but there needs to be something (or several somethings) about her that particularly draws him in that for some reason hasn’t occurred with him and the women he’s been around before her arrival.

So emphasize their love and connection, make us believe it, accept it. 

~Mod Colette

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My main character is a second-gen American in an urban environment. Her family is from Nigeria, and she lives in a 'bad' part of the city. Would it be realistic for her to use AAVE, and do you know any reliable resources for writing it? I keep ending up with crap like gizoogle. I'm white british, so I'm really flying blind here. Sorry to bother, and thanks.

Second Generation Nigerian-American and AAVE

Check out the tag of AAVE and also Mod Colette’s post about code switching. It would be reasonable to have the character speak AAVE when she’s among her friends, but perhaps speak standard English at home with her family or even her own native language with her family. It has to sound natural though. Or vice versa. None of this gizoogle stuff. (That adding izzle to everything is so 2005).

There are words that come and go in AAVE, especially after the word is accepted by the mainstream. Some of the words and grammatical structure are regional. AAVE in California isn’t going to sound the same as AAVE in the South for example because there are different factors influencing the way the language is spoken. Where I live in Southern California, there is a slight Spanish influence on the way AAVE is spoken where some of the structure borrows from English spoken by Native Spanish speakers. Those same influences aren’t found in some parts of the Southern U.S.A..  There are some common threads that can be found in AAVE.It would be reasonable, but it has to sound natural so use it sparingly.

More reading:
AAVE: Grammar and Usage 

~Mod Najela

Also, be careful implying that “Bad” parts of the city = people who speak AAVE.

~Mod Colette

Troops arrest 50 fleeing terrorists in Borno truck

Fifty fleeing members of the Boko Haram sect were apprehended by soldiers in Biu, Borno State on Tuesday.

Security sources revealed that the insurgents, who were traveling from the Damboa area of the state, hid under a truck and were headed for Gombe.

A security source told journalists that the arrested men were currently in the custody of the Nigerian Army and might have been detained at the Biu barrack.

The source said some youths in Biu suspected that the truck, loaded with sheep and goats might have other things hidden in it.

They were said to have gone ahead to carry out a thorough search of the vehicle, and in the process uncover the 50 young men hiding in the truck.

The source added that the arrested men confessed to being fighters of the Islamic sect, Boko Haram, and were all on the run following the reported killing of their leader, Abubakar Shekau, in the confrontation of the sect with the military at Konduga  last week.

He said, the suspects who were pleading for mercy, also promised to cooperate with security operatives by giving them useful information on the whereabouts of other sect members as well as other group holding the Chibok girls.

He revealed that most of the suspects were between the ages of 18 and 25 and speak Kanuri and Hausa.

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Just a thought

"Everyone is created equal". Though we rarely acknowledge this statement on a day to day basis, it is true. It doesn’t mater what skin color you are, the minute you define someone by their appearance versus their actual actions you are not acknowledging their personality, their life.

If you say all white girls like Starbucks coffee, you are generalizing, and being mildly racist. Sure most Caucasian females like it, but to say that ALL girls of this race like it is generalizing and is comparable to saying “all Black men steal something” or “all Hispanics in the USA are illegal immigrants” don’t judge people in that way, because you start off small, but just starting can oftentimes lead to blowing things out of proportion, and also cause Racism.

So take a risk, slow down, and get to know what a person is about before you jump to conclusions. All humans want is equality, and a chance to live. I feel like recently if you take a stance at all on racism and you are white, you have no say. But isn’t that just being hypocritical?

We are all human and have a right to think for ourselves, just because I am white doesn’t mean my ideas are wrong and the same goes for the kids that live next door.

Back to my previous statement at the beginning, “we are all created equal" we all are humans. Doctors don’t take special measures for different races. We are all brothers and sisters on this planet and turning against each-other and saying that one person has less value is FALSE.

So my entire point of this rant is: I am white, that doesn’t take away the value from what I say. My uncle is black, that doesn’t take away the value from what he says. We all are humans, and what we say has value, and if we are wrong, race has nothing to do with it.