The amazing ryan higa is going to my country for the first time ever and its a one time event and i’m entering this contest so that i could meet him.. PLs help by liking this picture, and if you reblog this i will put your name(username) in a jar and give it to him(its a secret project).. much love xx

Rule#1 always post the rules.

Rule #2 answer the questions the person who tagged you asked, then write 11 new ones.
Rule #3 tag 11 people then link them in the post.
Rule #4 tell them you tagged them
Rule #5 tell the person that tagged you when you’ve answered the questions

sunshinebutts poots on you for tagging me

1) Favorite place in your house? my room

2) Favorite food? cookies, any kind except peanut butter or macademia :T bc i love myself

3) Which do you prefer, texting or calling? texting if im not lazy


5) Favorite youtuber? UM, nigahiga… 

6) Which do you prefer to get your caffeine boost, tea or coffee or soda? tea, i hate coffee, too bitter and soda’s not really a good morning drink lel

7) Favorite anime, tv show, movie? Anime: One Piece. TV Show: Once Upon A Time(for now). Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean. 

8) If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Japan bc of the one piece store :’) haha haaa

9) If you could have any talent in the world, what would it be? Either a professional violinist, talented painter, or talented decision maker. 

10) If you could meet any of your idols, who would you meet? Tom Hiddleston ha. hahaswahahhh

11) Which do you prefer, cats or dogs? Both

I refuse to tag other people but if you see this and wanna do it, I TAG YOU. My questions for you are under the read more.

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anonymous said:

This is actually not a question or anything, I just wanted to say that nigahiga tried to see how many licks it would take to get to a the centre of a tootsie pop and it was about 700. :)

Really? That’s awesome haha :D

Watch on

Ahahhahaha😂😂 #nigahiga

Fangirling :D

Lately, I’ve been into YouTube. like I’ve been watching videos all day. Last year I have discovered Ryan Higa in his Channel Nigahiga :D


together with his friends they create awesome videos/short films mostly comedy… and it comes with great editing and amazing visual effects! then came superfruit earlier this year…


this a channel with mitch and scott from the amazing acapella group PTX short for Pentatonix… they make Q&As and Covers and Mashups. then one sunny day (haha) they had a collab/guest named Tyler Oakley which leads me to his Channel 


yep, that’s tyler! He’s gay, he’s funny, adorable, loud, and awesome! He talks too much which I like about him… He does great collaborations with other youtubers! He is multi-awarded entertainer :D I love their tandem/loveteam with Troye sivan called #troyler…


troye is a actor turned youtuber turned recording artist :D I love his outros in his videos. He is also gay you can view his coming out video in his channel…

then came my other favorite youtubers from UK! the Sugg siblings



yas! they are siblings Joe Sugg in His channel ThatcherJoe. He does amazing challenges with other youtubers! and Zoella, some girly stuff…


this yellow thing is casparlee’s logo. Caspar is Joe’s roommate/friend! and…


Pointlessblog is Alfie deyes channel. He is the boyfriend of Zoe! Alfie released a book named the Pointless Book! :) (hahaha really!) and last but not the least… their friend Marcus Butler!


try visiting their channel and watch their awesome videos by clicking on the links on the bold and italicized names :D

ok this is enough it’s midnight! good night!!!! :*

anonymous said:

Hi. There's this thing called a fake kiss :P if you ask your director to do that instead it might work. Also nigahiga shows it in one of his BTS vlogs. It's quite simple and looks realistic from behind

Heya! ooo thank you so much! I haven’t herd of that before I will talk to my group and teacher about it and see if it’s possible! Thank you so much anon! <3

CS Fanfic: I Dare You

I Dare You

Summary: A game that lead them into embarrassing situations, to the hospital and Emma to take a leap of faith for a dare that may or may not include a hot make-out session with a certain dark-haired, blue eyed guy.

Author’s note: This Fic is very much inspired from NigaHiga’s I Dare You Game; it’s very, very fun to watch, guys, go search it in YouTube.


Emma crinkled her nose in disgust as she watches Mary Margaret gulp down the “shake” she and Ruby procured. The said beverage was made out of the first 3 things Mary Margaret found in their refrigerator—which was Mayonnaise, pickle juice and outdated yogurt.

Now, one would think Mary Margaret’s insane for drinking straight up that vile thing, but they were playing a game. A game influenced by a certain YouTube videos by a famous YouTuber—Nigahiga, the “I Dare You” Game. Instead of picking up a dare from a hat, they decided to take turns on daring each other the most ridiculous things, then the players make a vote on how many points they will give based on how daring the dare is, and instead of winning with 10 points, they agreed on 50 points, A reason why the game spanned for almost a day now.

Emma has already forgotten when the game started and who suggested it, she does remember that they were so bored to tears yesterday afternoon after checking out their new furnished house. Her, Ruby and Mary Margaret decided to drink it all out and asked Tink, Aurora and Alice to join them. It might have been a drunk decision, she guessed because Emma would never agree on such a game, considering how boring her life is and how Ruby’s mind works. She was lucky, so far only Mary Margaret and Aurora were the firsts to dare her, some of the dares were pretty easy—eat a whole jalapeño and clean Ruby’s entire closet (Really, MM? though it took her 4 hours to finish).

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