9 Styles of Brilliant Bedding 

Your bed is probably the main and largest feature of your bedroom, as it rightfully should be. So when styling your room it makes sense that your bedspread or duvet cover pairs well with the rest of your room. As well as having the effect that you desire. Whether you want your duvet to be minimalistic and not draw too much attention, or be the main attraction, it’s something that you have to look at a lot, so you want it to be nice.

Here are nine duvets I’ve come across online that I adore. 

1. Subway - Adairs

2. Yours, Mine & Noir’s - Modcloth

3. Deer Duvet Cover Set - H&M

4. Essensa Pierre - Urban Outfitters UK

5. Carpe Diem - Deny Designs

6. Plum & Bow Painted Hills - Urban Outfitters US

7. Ying Yang Duvet - Urban Outfitters US

8. Snooze Anchor Duvet - Modcloth

9. Essensa Paz - Urban Outfitters UK

If cost is your excuse for your current bedspread then shame on you! You haven’t shopped around, I bought my current bedspread on sale on UrbanOutfitters.com, and many places stock lovely and affordable duvets, stores like Target & IKEA, are good places to start.

I’m also pretty nifty at making cushion covers. This one is old so it looks ratty but it’s my favourite. If anyone wants a cushion cover making let me know and I will get back to you. Being off uni is so boring so give me something to do 😊

The new issue of Gym Class magazine is now available. Described as “A Zine for the Guy Chosen Last,” it’s really the best magazine about the visual aspects of magazine making. I’m biased, because there’s an interview in this issue by me, talking to The New Yorker’s creative director Wyatt Mitchell. Other stellar magazine creatives featured in the issue are Jeremy Leslie of magCulture, the editor and art director of Zeit Magazin, and the creative director of Monocle. It’s all wrapped up in a nifty-looking package, with cover design by Noma Bar. Congrats to editor/publiser/creative director Steven Gregor on another great issue! More info and to buy copies.

May The (Shopping) Force Be With You


There’s a whole heck of a lotta Star Wars goin’ on these days. We at Funkorific are ready for star power when we eye-spy clips from above of the set of Episode VII. It’s all about fusing the past and present and bringing our future that much closer than meets the naked eye. If you are hankerin’ for some new figures or other household do-dads to keep the force ablaze head over to visit our friends at the Big Bad Toy Store.


Not only do they have the Black Series and the 12” figures, the Mighty Muggs, amazing helmets and lightsabers, and check out the nifty Solo iPhone cover (yes, we know all about the new #6s coming soon!) as well as some other funky weird things like cookie jars and coffee mugs. Keep your mind on the mission even as you set your K-Cup® for stun! The BBTS carries items from this saga (2008-Present). Take a peek!


Watch on therossbirks.tumblr.com

The Dukes of Bevington - Maps (Maroon 5 Cover)
A short video I produced for the Dukes, this time for their nifty little cover of Maroon 5’s Maps. I picked an interesting corner of Chris’ house for us to set up in and we got this shot in an hour. Easy peasy!