Zeddlena vs Jelena

Zeddlena is so refreshing. It got to the point where seeing jelena together didnt make me happy anymore bc i felt it was doing niether of them any good. It seems like they tried hard for it to work and it may have gotten exhausting. Zedd is perfect for her and her came at the right time, just look how happy she is and she isnt trying to hide anything…plus hes very attractive

RP starter for niether-too-close-nor-too-far

Shizuo chased the other into the dim alley, smirking and wiping away the thin layer of sweat from his brow. For so long now… For so long, the two had been fighting, but things were different now… They only did it for show.

"Izaya…" Shizuo muttered as he walked down the alley, his dark shoes hitting the cold pavement with a slight echo.

niether-too-close-nor-too-far )*( musictokillby - Izaya/Roppi

Roppi had gotten home late from doing his job… but that wasn’t even as late as Izaya had been. By the time the other had gotten home Roppi couldn’t even find the energy to tell the man hello, and had fallen asleep soon after know he was okay.

But now morning had come, well it ws more so going on early afternoon, and the clone laid there, waiting for Izaya to rise for the day, not wanting to bother him.