Happy Birthday Queen of Our Heart♥ Today is your the most special moment. You’re already 28 years old today yet you seem like you’re still a teenager for us. Your kindness, your wide smile, your cute laugh, your beauty, your talent, and your love for your fans will always stay forever in our heart. Thank you so much for being here as victoria song, the leader of f(x), the leader who always lends your shoulder to whoever needs your strength, the leader who always stays happy in every situation, the leader who always remembers your members, the leader who always brings the love to whoever needs your love. I personally thank to your parents because of them, you are here for us. Once again, happy birthday Queen Song Qian. May this birthday give you the happiest day ever #QueenQianDay

Cristiano's reaction after Karim Benzema's screamer vs. Real Sociedad [La Sexta]:
  • Cristiano:*watches from the VIP-box and sees Karim's goal*
  • Cristiano:*jumps off his seat and applauds*
  • Cristiano:*to his friend Ricky* Qué golazo! Muy bien!!!
  • Ricky:Muy, muy bien!
  • Cristiano:*nods and smiles proudly*