I know my art isn’t perfect, nor is it as great as some of the people here on tumblr. But hey, I gotta make a living guys, and you can’t kill me for trying my best?

Yes $1.00 commissions on everything. If you want a new icon, a picture of League Characters, or non related League Characters, to even comics! Everything is $1.00

But I’ll only get .50 so if you think about it, it’s .50 cent commissions because paypal takes a percentage of my take. SO.

I will draw anything, except, NSFW No thanks, don’t want people looking over my shoulder wondering why I’m drawing a penis…

I also can’t draw realistic things, unless they are on normal paper. 

But anything help guys, trying to save up to go to Anime Expo this year, and hopefully start construction on my Head Hunter Caitlyn cosplay <3

Spread the word thank you all for any support!

Message me in my inbox or at ripley.h.marcus@gmail.com for commission info!

I can’t believe we actually completed this AND the 24-hour stream! 

I’m so happy/proud to have spent all that time with you guys. Some stayed since minute one and some stayed as long as they could trying to keep me awake. It’s been an amazing experience; THANK YOU, TEAM ♥

Theme: School diving.

- Art student Riven
- Cheerleader Shen
- Mascot Kog’Maw
- Bully Vi
- School Ahri and Ezreal
- Principal Vel’Koz
- Janitor Darius 
- Nerdalee
- Music teacher Sona
- Lunch lady Kennen

More updates soon! (* >ω<)