These two pictures show my twin brother’s personality perfectly, both innocent and an evil b**** at the same time (these pics were taken with a crappy camera) ^_^“. You’ll notice a lot of pics of him on my blog, because I can’t afford to shoot anyone else and I’d be too embarrassed to ask some of my friends to pose for me. I was blessed to be born with a "model” that I can just guilt trip ^_^“.

I knew it wasn’t easy to get followers, but I feel like there is no one out there! I only post my own photos and art so you’ll always get something new from me. I like talking photography and art techniques (both digital and traditional) so if you’re a good photographer or artist follow me and I’ll follow you back.

On another note, this is Garcon (pronounced GAR-sin) a horse that had personality. He was young, yet he recently passed away due to spinal complications. RIP.