Words can’t express the joy Simplybeusa has brought to my life. Simplybe teamed up with one of the most adorable fashion bloggers Nicolette Mason to do a contest via pinterest called  “Celebrating You”

You had to upload boards selecting things in your life that you are happy about and that you admire. Whether it be your legs, or maybe your smile, or even your family values. We as people are so fast to critique and scrutinize ourselves for all that we want to change but for some reason things are not working out in our favor. Im guilty at charge for this because I’m such a perfectionist. So I decide to celebrate some things in my life that really mean a lot to me. Most importantly I wanted to celebrate my ability to continue to spread love. I believe love is the cure to all evil and if people knew that someone love them a lot people will be saved from suicide actions.It is easy to tear down a others after you have been hurt but it  takes a strong soul to uplift others after a tremendous amount of pain. I’m so grateful for SALVATIONbeacuse my life is so much more worth living. I’m thankful for Simplybe for letting me have a voice to encourage others to be happy about the little things in their life. If you are wondering what was some of the other things I celebrated in my life please check out my board on pinterest Celebrate You.

If I never win another thing else in life this is one thing I will never forget. I had amazing weeknd that was filled with glam, lights, cameras, and fashion. There were two other winners Erin and Kristin and we had the time of ourlives. Up for grabs was an amazing photoshootstyled by Nicolette, partying with some amazing fashion bloogers, and some simply goodies. This was my first photoshoot ever with a full glam squad it was such amazing feeling to getpampered. I felt like BEYONCE on set . Lol.

I hope you all are encouraged to be happy about all your accomplishments and remember to always love yourself.


Currently in Los Angeles. Last night I saw Dita von Teese at the Roxy. She’s incredible!

[image description]: screen capture of Orange is The New Black actress “Big Boo”, Lea Delaria’s comment on instagram defending a photo she posted in front of Kara Walker’s sugar exhibition focusing on the vagina and breasts of one statue with arms crossed looking objectifying and the caption “sugar tits” 

@nicolettemason @femmanism ART IS MEANT TO BE VIEWED AND DISCUSSED AND FELT. but you have to have more than a a women’s studies 101 textbook for a brain to really understand that. I LOVED THIS INSTALLATION. I stood in line for over An hour to see it. Where were you? I believe that #karawalker is a genius. I also believe small-minded lefty fascists will never get it. but since you felt the need to attack me with your recycled rhetoric then I shall respond. IT IS ALWAYS A FEMINIST STATEMENT WHEN A LESBIAN EXPRESSES HER SEXUALITY. PERIOD. And being an “artist” myself I shall express that ANYWHERE I CAN. If Kara Walker wants to come at me about it fine. But you two would be better served lecturing to a class at Smith then [sic] trying to match wits with any free thinker… Especially me. Oh and grow a fucking sense of humor #iamnittheenemy

damn. and by this logic it’s always feminist even if a white slave mistress rapes an enslaved black woman. it’s not a feminist issue to defend Black Women, in fact misogynoir is a recycled rhetoric. and this all proves you’re not the enemy, then who is?