They say unexpected moments are surely memorable and I would definitely agree on that. Pau texted me and she said that she wants to go out badly so yeah I invited her to the Cubao Expo. We were there at around 6:00 pm

We strolled first and showed her that some of the finest vintage stuffs are sold here like the old school cameras and vinyl discs.

Brand New World Shop- a view from outside below. Anyways, this shop mostly offers dope clothes for guys.Do not forget to check it out when you visit Expo

We killed the time at the Manila Collective- it is just beside Bellini’s restaurant.Those bulbs are from the Manila Collective which reminds me of Hayley William’s microphone on her Ignorance music video

Finally my Liberica coffee arrived and I cannot wait to taste it. Not really a fan of coffee but I actually liked its taste.  

This is us enjoying our Liberica and Kenyan drink. The girl in the Manila Collective was very accommodating and kind enough to shoot this. Thanks Camille :)

I also met Pau’s “FRIEND” Cedie. We ended our night by dropping by at the THE shop. Their store have this amazing graffiti wall that we absolutely love from the very first sight. 

Some of the photos here are from

Disclaimer: For those who are not pleased with this post because they are against it, I totally respect your opinion. But here in the Philippines, being circumcised is already part of our culture and every boy here is encouraged to  underwent circumcision. Yes it is such a traumatic event for some but at the end of the day, people here believed that circumcision is part of the sanitation.

Operation Tuli 2011

Tis a late post but I’d like to share to you my experience last Summer 2011. My groupmates and I assisted the free circumcision in Quezon City where 200+ boys lined up for the said medical operation in just a single day.

It was a tiring yet fun day. Imagine standing up for whole 11 hours and all you see was blood everywhere. I also witnessed different types of those kids’ reaction- some are like really panicking as hell, some were confident and there’s one kid that really caught my attention. He was like there since 7 in the morning and every time he would lie down to the operating table he would say that he is not ready  yet. He keeps doing that the entire day and the funny thing was he was actually circumcised around 3 in the afternoon. Brave kid yeah?


A and I ate dinner at the Big Oli in SM North earlier after watching the Green Lantern. As for the movie’s rating, I think it’ll be 55 percent. Why? It is because of the semi poor story line plus the scientist villain lacks something that would make him some bad ass anti hero- I mean I was expecting him to lash out some chaos HIMSELF but he wasn’t really able to deliver it. I sound really vague aren’t I? haha :) Just watch the movie to see what I am trying to point out! :)

Anyways, going back to the Big Oli story, boyf and I ate there and we were so full and what makes it more awesome to eat there is that their servings won’t make you bitin and the prices?=really affordable :) You can check them out at the Second Floor of the SM Annex North Edsa.

Last Summer Day x Beauty Shot

Do you sometimes feel that you are just too lazy to function? Well today I skipped school and met up with my dear friend Anna. We’ve been good friends since highschool and when we went up to college, we make it sure that we still see each other once in a while. I had fun chatting with her non- stop! haha seems like nothing changed since we were on our freshmen year.

We were craving for some froyos so we went at the Red Mango first.

This was taken from her cam-AND speaking of her cam, I must say that her camera is like 956284967973529 times way better than mine :|

To kill time, we had our mini photo walk at the Greenbelt 5 after eating.

Forgive my pacute face here.Anyways, I love this shot but my foot socks is such a total fail! haha 

Most of the photos here are from Anna Domingo.

Meet my Childhood Best-est Friend

I’ve met Pauline on the 1st day of my kindergarten years. We were on the same class during that time and up until the 5th grade.We were inseparable during those years though sometimes we would fight over the shallowest things- you know how kids fight right?

So there, we kind of drifted apart during high school because we both transferred to different schools. Anyhow, we were able to reunite back when we were both on our third year in college and after that, the hanging out never stopped.

We partied, shopped, blogged, ate out and everything in between. Ever since we reunited, we made sure to see each other frequently cause she will be leaving real soon.

To be honest, I kind of regret the fact that I wasn’t able to spend that much time with her back in highschool. I’m really gonna miss my childhood bestfriend so much by the time she leaves but I guess everything has a reason. We are like Blair and Serena minus the catfights and I’m going to miss that.

01152011 Sunday Lunch Out with Family

Mom, Granma, Sissy and I went to S&R for lunch. We got some roasted chicken, my favorite pizza  and chicken caesar salad. Define Food Coma! :)





after s&r, we headed out to SB for some frappe.




Top from Just G, Shorts from Aeropostale, Fedora from SM department store, Leaf Necklace from Forever21 and Bag from Thrift Shop.

Confessions of a Young Lady Who Lost a Mother

January 27, 2014 it was a usual Monday for me. That morning mom and I made plans to take Daenerys to their house until the afternoon. I was suppose to pick Daenerys around 5pm but my body couldn’t get up so I asked Jane (the babysitter) to pick Daenerys instead in my mom’s house. Little did I know that it was mom’s last day here on earth.

Tuesday, January 28,2014- I left work at 5:30 in the morning and to my surprise I got almost 30++ texts and 20++ missed calls from my cousin and aunt. I knew something was up and my hands were shaking as I browsed their messages. Their texts progressed from “Where are you? We took your mom to the E.R ” to ” Your mom passed away.” . After I read their messages, that’s when my world finally stopped. I didn’t even realized how I got to the hospital in 5 minutes.

I was hoping to see mom inside the emergency room but alas, I was routed to the morgue. That was the time my tears started to fall and cried even harder to see her lifeless. I never knew that last week which was Wednesday was the last day we had quality time together and probably the last day I would see her beautiful smiling face. I even brought her breakfasts that time and had a couple of talks and now she’s literally gone.

And until now, my heart still breaks and long for you mom. Sure we had bad times together but damn, I miss you every single day since you left us. I know this time will come but I never realized that it’s too soon. I want to spend more time with you but I can’t do that anymore. I even have plans to take you, Yanyan, Daenerys and Nanay out for a lunch but it’s too late. Everytime I’m outside and go to the places we’ve been to, I still search for your face that maybe I can see you there waiting for us. Just maybe. It really hurts mommy. I wish you could take all my pain away and wake me up to tell me everything right now is just a bad dream. Sure people might think I’m starting to recover since I cry less and less in public but I truth is, I’m just too tired to show off people how I really feel. Seems like you took a huge part of my heart with you. But in the end at least you’re not in pain anymore mommy and that is what’s more important. Deep inside I hate to see you go through your treatments and sufferings and I wish I am super rich so that I’ll be the one to pay for your transplant and maintenance medicines and we’ll go back to our normal lives.




Back in 2011, I asked God why out of all the young girls out there, you picked me to be a mother at an early age ( I was 20 that time and gave birth at 21 in 2012. ) Now I finally know your answer. It is true that you never question God’s timing. You gave me Daenerys so that we won’t be too sad when the time comes that you’ll be taking mom with you. And throughout this pregnancy and motherhood, you made me appreciate Mommy Nanette even more like what she went through when I was still a baby- all the sacrifices and everything. Thank you God for letting this happen to me.


Like what I have said on my previous instagram post, I wish I could by a time machine and repeat all our happy memories. Maybe I’ll just dream of you tonight and the following nights. I love you so much Mommy Nanette and till we meet again.





Today I was rummaging my cabinet cause I was searching for my Seminar Certificates and look what I found! A photo of me when I was a kid. Look at how vintage the photo is- looks kinda faded and has some discoloration spots. So yea, This is me 1.8 decades ago. Oh God look at those THICK BUSHY almost hairless eyebrows! Haha :)  What I remember in this photo was mom took me at the  Photo Shop near in our old house. Mom told me that I was the one who posed that way and I was not really paying attention to the photographer cause this photographer is suggesting another pose for me-talking about vanity for a very young age :D  

08232012 The Day when the Two Letters appeared in my Name

So today, I found out that I passed the June-July 2012 NLE. All the hardworks and prayers are really worth it. So long pile of reviewers! :) I never thought that I would pass for the reason that I am not confident with my answers during the second part of the exams but here I am, the 273rd person on the list of passers in the June-July 2012 NLE. It is true that prayers can move mountain. Next up, School of Medicine 2013