this is my take of the chevalier bowie knife i was commissioned to make

its a beast of a knife being half inch thick at the spine

o1 tool steel around 18 inch long full tang . the blade is 11.5 inch long 2.5 inch wide and half inch thick . with distal taper and the biggest fullers ive ever seen to lighten the blade up

the handle is ivory micarta with nickel silver fittings and inlayed symbols . the guard is sterling silver cast from scrap . it weighs just over 3lb

thank you for looking and a merry Christmas to you all  


this is a smaller old style trade knife .

the blade is bearing steel , 7 inch long by 40mm at its widest and 5.5 mm thick 

full tang construction with nickel silver guard and pins , blackwood scales done in a slight kephart stile 

i was going to etch the blade in ferick acid but decided the buff finish would age and patina better on its own 

please excuse the pics there not the best 

Fox CVC Bassoon Bocals, CVC-3

Introduced in 1992, the CVC bocal gives a focused and full tone with excellent stability and control.
Fox CVC Bassoon Bocals, CVC-3 Being developed specifically for the Fox 601 and 660 bassoons, this bocal works especially well with bassoons using a thick-wall design, but will enhance any bassoon requiring more solid attacks and dynamic control. Made of a nickel-plated nickel silver tube.