"Nikolai is relatively quiet and reserved most of the time. He’s a brilliant and warm guy with lots to say, but he’s not the kind of person to hog the limelight. Every once in a while on tour, he’d really cut loose and get rowdy. The fact that is was such a rare occurrence made it so much more of a treat to witness"

Photo by Justin Jay

List of Strokes songs written or co-written by Nick Valensi:

  • Machu Picchu
  • Under Cover of Darkness
  • Taken for a Fool
  • Games
  • Call Me Back
  • Gratisfaction
  • Metabolism
  • Tap Out
  • Welcome to Japan
  • 80s Comedown Machine
  • 50/50
  • Slow/Fast Animals
  • Partners in Crime
  • Happy Ending
  • Call It Fate, Call It Karma

List of Strokes with solo/side projects:

  • Julian
  • Nikolai
  • Albert
  • Fab


A few bits of Strokes and Strokes related news

UPDATE: The band’s manager, Ryan Gentles, recently posted a link to the band’s new mailing list which is hosted by Cult Records, suggesting that this is now the band’s new home!! :)

ORIGINAL POST: Okay, so after Albert’s gig in Manchester on Wednesday night, me, my mate and a few others waited behind to see if we could get a photo, have a chat etc. Here are a few of the things he mentioned. Things in bold are only possibilities as I may have misheard.

  • Julian hasn’t finished his solo record yet, hence the reason the rumoured release dates keep changing
  • Julian is working on new Strokes material
  • Albert answers press and publicly viewable questions (such as Twitter Qs) differently to those asked in person because he doesn’t like the press that much (I’m pretty certain he was hinting to when he’s asked questions regarding the Strokes on Twitter he always seems to say nothing is happening or he ‘doesn’t know’…)
  • The Strokes will release future material on Cult, Julian’s label (see the top of the post!!).  They are now free from RCA.
  • Albert is working on material for a new solo album which will likely include most or all of the tracks from AHJ.
  • The likelihood of new Strokes material being played at the Governors’ Ball is slim, if there is anything, it might only be one track.
  • Albert wrote One Way Trigger, which is why he’s been playing it live - he also seemed to suggest that this was because it isn’t part of the Strokes’ plans for the GBall gig.
  • Laughed when somebody asked if the Strokes will play (or headline, unsure which) Glastonbury next year (but didn’t necessarily laugh off the idea..).
  • Finally, as he mentioned in a recent interview, The Strokes will not tour until they have material to promote.

There you go. Apologies for the uncertain bits, but I thought I’d post my findings for the other fans, especially with the random things posted on their social media accounts today potentially suggesting a switchover to Cult has now happened :)