Playlist: Top 100 Songs of 2014.

According to me.

It’s impossible to listen to everything, so this is just the stuff that crossed my path and — because it’s my list — it’s going to be heavier on R&B, indie rock, and pop than other folks’ lists.

100. Nick Jonas “Chains (Just A Gent Remix)”
This remix hits all the sweet spots his singles JUST missed.

99. Nicki Minaj “The Crying Game” feat. Jessie Ware
Probably the best featured appearance Nicki had on The Pinkprint.

98. Tinashe “2 On”
The current Queen of SleepytimeJasmineTea R&B made the Cassie followup nobody expected.

97. Julian Casablancas “Where No Eagles Fly”
JC left The Strokes behind and got in touch with his experimental side.

96. Mariah Carey “Meteorite”
I’m all for Mimi dabbling closer to dance and further away from big ballads at this stage in her career.

95. Weezer “Cleopatra”
That hiccup in the meter took this single from merely enjoyable to quirky.

94. EXID “Up & Down”
South Korea is still doing dance-pop better than anyone else, even with a fake saxophone.

93. St. Vincent “Regret”
Still restlessly creative and making pop on her own terms.

92. Calvin Harris “Blame”
Another arena-sized dancefloor banger from Calvin Harris.

91. Miranda Lambert “Little Red Wagon”
Playfully brash like no one else in country music.

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Through The Storm (A Sam Wilkinson Imagine)

Through the Storm is a story about two high school sweethearts but was unfortunately cut short due to them being born on opposite sides of tracks. (Y/N) was born into a family that was considered well bred and upper crust but she goes under her parents wishes and starts seeing a boy named Sam Wilkinson who has a rather bad background with his family being in and out of prison and are always looking for trouble. Will their love surpass the Storm that is coming their way?
Yes this is like The Best Of Me but I love that movie so much I decided to make a story about it. I’m crediting Nicholas Sparks for half the storyline😊 this story will be different from the movie of course.
This will be coming soon depending on whether you guys want to read this or not. Message me if you do, if this gets a lot of votes then I will start it.