Yesterday, we mention names of some of the best Justice League members, and the same shall be done with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers. Thanks to a more potent super-soldier serum, Sentry has the power of a million exploding suns. The brother of Thanos, Starfox can manipulate cosmic energies, but perhaps his most impressive ability is making any woman fall in lust with him. Empowered by ionic energy, Wonder Man could emit blasts of devastating force. The god of war, Ares is basically a more unstable version of “Goldilocks.” As god of strength, Hercules has enough physical power to hold his own against the Green Goliath, and he, too, is a professional womanizer. Equipped with vibranium, Falcon has wings that absorb the explosive power of a bomb. With him literally armed with a machine gun and rocklet launcher, you better stay away from War Machine. This mutant has no place on any team, but Wolverine still serves on a number of them, mostly when a sales boost is required. A lawyer by day and vigilante by night, Daredevil is a righteous hero with a strong sense of justice. The Man Without Fear objects to violence, but does have a dark side. Who’s got the power? Luke Cage! Don’t ever shoot at Jessica Jones; it would only ruin her $400 leather jacket. By summoning chi, Iron Fist can draw upon the energy derived from the heart of Shou-Lao and make his punch inhumanly powerful. A master of Judo, Aikido, Shaolinquan, and Kunlunquan, he possesses infinite ways to kill someone. Able to run at supersonic speeds of Mach 4, Quicksilver can dodge arrows, lightning, and anything you can possibly toss at him. As Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange can banish anything to other realms and even freeze time. His mystic prowess is amplified by the numerous artifacts in his possession. The Cloak of Levitation is a “third set of hands” that attacks foes when his body’s been incapacitated. The Eye of Agamotto is a valued relic that has many functions: Strange can see through any lie or illusion, send it out at light speed to intercept and absorb any type of energy, or telekinetically lift beings weighing thousands of pounds. When used offensively, no one could withstand its lethal light, which is used as a weapon of last resort. She has been through a lot, but always bounces back; Wasp may be small, but her presence is ever so big. Vision; ‘cause androids are awesome. Although human, Black Widow utilizes her skills and stingers to maximum potential, ensuring she is always formidable. Given a chance to be a hero, Hawkeye has been killin’ it ever since as the world’s deadliest archer. Who just loves to smash? Hulk! Another founding member, Hank Pym has been everyone, from Ant-Man to Yellowjacket to Giant Man. Unfortunately, he’s most remembered for creating Ultron. Any team needs the OP Scarlet Witch; it’s a no-brainer. Black Panther; eh, too many good qualities to name. Spider-Man! Because, well, he does whatever a spider can! Captain Marvel; ‘nuff said. If anyone is worthy, it has to be Thor and that mighty Mjolnir of his. Take away his suit, and what’s Iron Man? Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist; duh. He might not have been there from the very beginning, but Captain America is the first Avenger, the leader of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Avengers Assembled, by Rahzzah.

Imagine Nick Fury asking somebody out on a date though-

Nick running into Sam again and bringing up how he could STILL use a man like him…

To which Sam replies, “Thanks, but I’m still not much of a spy-”
Nick:  Who says that’s what I need a man like you for?

Sam: I… oh.   o h…..
Nick:  What are you doing tonight?

Sam: Literally whatever you want.


Avengers bad lip reading! Omg This was funny!


Captain America: The Winter Soldier:- Marvel Movie Character Posters Art.

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“I’m here to talk to you about the Avengers Initiative.”

“The what?” you choked on your drink.

“A group of select individuals brought together to protect the Earth,” he said calmly, as though this were normal everyday chit-chat. Like, “Oh nice hat,” “Thanks I like your eyepatch,” kind of talk.

“What…like Iron Man and, and Captain America and stuff?”

“Exactly. We could use someone with your particular set of skills.”