//THINGS FALL APART// full-length by MARTIAL coming this winter


Saves The Day cover

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Check out this teaser for Love, Robot’s brand new song and video - “Light”.

Song/video drops January 31st!


Love, Robot - Cucha live 11/8/14

“You’re not alone”

Welcome to the Dreamer’s Disease tour. Do you feel the eyes on you? They’re keeping a close watch. They find the bad things you’ve done. They ruin you with gossip and force you to confess, or else they will confess for you. Will you fly high and achieve everything you’ve hoped for? Or become just another victim of the rotten disease?

Dreamer’s Disease is requesting Love, Robot.

Alexa San Roman
Anthony Rega
Nicholas Starrantino
Dane Petersen

Main | Plot | Gossip | Confessional

I seriously cant get over the new Love, Robot album though. Like shit. Every song is powerful, they have amazing lyrics and rhythm. its an album I can relate to, and I just ….. i don’t know, it hits me right there you know. It’s just that good. And if I ever get to meet the band I think I might die. Just putting that out there.