As promised here is the first one of two cover songs we decided to do for you guys while we finish up the final touches on our upcoming record “B.A.D.” - This is our rendition of “Waiting Game” originally by BANKS 

Let us know what you think and share the video if you like it!

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//THINGS FALL APART// full-length by MARTIAL coming this winter


Love, Robot - Fire Escape Live


Saves The Day cover


Love, Robot - Cucha live 11/8/14

“You’re not alone”

Time is Now
  • Time is Now
  • Martial
  • Things Fall Apart

I’m in love with the sky and the ground
With silence and sound
Solitude or people around me I’ve got

My sights set on the sun
They aim low for no one
This is the most fun I’m thinking that

I have had in years
It feels so nice to feel, again

To think just from sitting here
Each blade’s touch is so real
The world is holding me, coddling
From the tips of my toes to heels

It’s so warm snuggled in space
The hug from the day
Masked in the winds embrace, it carries me dumb

Founded smile on my face
To that nameless place
I can see it radiating oh how

All light feels like home
But darkness feels cool
I guess

It’s when I’m most alone
I feel closest to you
And every other thing or being
Contribute to the whole

That’s all I wanna do

It’s right behind us
Can you feel the shift?
Are you in love with it?
Do you follow the twists?
And go through with the flow of it?

om ah hum vajra guru padma siddhi hum


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I seriously cant get over the new Love, Robot album though. Like shit. Every song is powerful, they have amazing lyrics and rhythm. its an album I can relate to, and I just ….. i don’t know, it hits me right there you know. It’s just that good. And if I ever get to meet the band I think I might die. Just putting that out there.