As promised here is the first one of two cover songs we decided to do for you guys while we finish up the final touches on our upcoming record “B.A.D.” - This is our rendition of “Waiting Game” originally by BANKS 

Let us know what you think and share the video if you like it!

Download it for free here

Drop 10 and Punt (single)
  • Drop 10 and Punt (single)
  • Drop 10 and Punt

I’m so bent on silly things
They bother me
Like how nothing ‘round here seems to go my way
It’s the only thing I think of when I’m lonely

I am trapped in my own skin
And there’s no way out
I feel confined to a lifetime of perpetual doubt
Cause I am always told to cease when I open my mouth
Once lifted but as we grew I was let down

Now I stand tall for who I am
Despite the world
I may even try forever to win that girl
Cause I will never be alone, till I’m alone for good

So don’t push it away
The ends coming as bad as it seems
None plays forever
Nothing stays together

The world was feeling fine the day I found my mind
I thought I had lost my head and it never came back
Cause your beautiful storm on that sunny warm afternoon
Was far too composed, no room for control, no matter what I do

And I know this year will be hard cause I’ll be missing you
More than I ever dreamt or wanted to
But there’s no need for the chance to say bye
Act like I was never here

Drop 10 and Punt

Artwork by Allie Galiardo


//THINGS FALL APART// full-length by MARTIAL coming this winter


Love, Robot - Fire Escape Live


Saves The Day cover


Love, Robot - Cucha live 11/8/14

"You’re not alone"

Fire Escape
  • Fire Escape
  • Love, Robot
  • B.A.D.

Fire Escape - Love, Robot

Sometimes we fall for someone, where goodbyes come with the sun.

I wish we could spend the night, underneath the moonlight.

And we could drift out to sea, as we explore each others bodies. 

You’re just so, you’re just so far away