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Tuxedo Panty-Kamen? Oh man, why didn’t we get to see that too? That sounds HILARIOUS.

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Minako likes to cover Crystal Tokyo with large posters of this from time to time. Just to keep Mamoru on his toes.

(The site this is from doesn’t seem to be around anymore or I would link to it, but I guess this forum post will have to do.)

Alright, I was keeping it moderately classy, but apparently people are curious and want to see this, so here are additional images from the game. Remember—you asked for it, it’s not my fault if you can’t unsee this stuff afterward…

We have Tuxedo Kamen with panty mask (I consider his name to be Pantsu Kamen, but there we are) who appears inbetween stages to sell you power ups for your next round; also scenes from the ending (with text for those who can read Japanese), including Dominatrix Rei abusing Pantsu Kamen and Ami teaching some characters who don’t otherwise appear in the game.


Character designs from Mahjong Sailor Wars, one of Nichibitsu’s many less-than-savory offerings in 1993. I skip over most mahjong games as I move through arcade history because they are often distressingly similar (and repugnantly sexist) and indeed, this game, like so many others, is all about beating women at mahjong so they’ll strip down to wearing nothing. But I couldn’t pass up commenting on how blatant this mimicking of the inner senshi from Sailor Moon is  The game does everything it can to make sure you know exactly who they’re ripping off—even going so far as to put the appropriate zodiacal symbol for each of the inners on the back of the mahjong tiles in play when you face their counterparts here.

If you were expecting the look-alike of Sailor Moon herself to play some important role here, you’re wrong—she’s relegated to a standard third-level position, with Sailor Mars up first and Sailor Venus taking on the role of penultimate sub-boss (even appearing on the title screen.) I’m sure in my wife’s headcanon, Minako would probably laugh her fool head off at this game and never hesitate to remind Rei that Rei was the first one to be eliminated and Minako was the special one of the group—because you know placement in a strip mahjong game is something to brag about.

Not pictured here: the Tuxedo Mask knock-off who actually wears a pair of panties stretched over his fask as a mask, the cutscene image of a dominatrix “Rei” whipping him and dripping wax on his back from a candle, and the silver-haired final boss of the game who appears to have nothing to do with Sailor Moon at all, appearing more at place in a Satoshi Urushihara anime.


I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Nichibitsu’s Mahjong the Lady Hunter (1990) is not actually a licensed Batman product although it’s quite clear they were playing on the popularity of the 1989 movie featuring Michael Keaton as Batman. I mean, it could be a legitimate Batman product based on a real story. Does anyone have an issue where Batman bursts into a woman’s shower and hits her in the face with a batarang to see if she’s carrying any stolen jewels? (No, I didn’t make that up or exaggerate.)

I think the third image here is mild enough to avoid a NSFW tag. It’s the tamest picture I could grab which also clearly shows the Bat Signal.