Not sure why this wont embed properly, but you can click HERE to watch the re-run of the spot i did on TheGonzoVapingShow with VST on ElixirTV.  

Good times, VST is a badass, we chatted about vaping, Vapercon, and career gambling. 

Thanks so much to VST and for having me over! 

And don’t forget, this Friday May 6th, TheVapeBabe and myself will be on VapeTVLive at 8:00 EST (that’s 5:00 for the west coast people) Come hang out and win some juice!

The sale and manufacturing of electronic cigarettes is about to be banned in Canada as of April 12th, i’m not sure if this pettition will accomplish much, but at least it’s a starting point. 

Many vendors, including  are based out of Canada, this is really unfortunate, if anyone gets anymore information regarding what people can do to take action please email me, or post it in the comments on this page. 


Peachwood / Cherywood Tobacco juice From

Free juice, you know how this works by now, This was actually a Christmas gift from VaporSThompson, but i like these juices so much i figured i would share.
Remember everyone that taste is a very subjective thing, flavors will change over time, and will change based on how you are vaping it,

with that said

Both these bottles of juice are almost gone, the peachwood is nice and light, slightly peachy sweet tobacco

and the Cherry wood is amazing, a bit “heavier” feeling, more like a cigar or pipe, no cough syrup flavor at all, it actually reminds me of smoking those cherry flavored prime time cigars. delicious