BBC Radio 4’s Unabridged Adaptation of Good Omens Released Today!

Hold on to your hellhounds! Dirk Magg’s BBC Radio 4 adaptation of the apocalyptically hilarious Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agness Nutter, Witch by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett has been released on CD today with additional 50 minutes of content.

The radio adaptation stars Peter Serafinowicz as Crowley and Mark Heap as Aziraphale, and was broadcast in six episodes.

Exo Theory (long post ahead)

So i’m doing this all from the very start (teasers - current 2015 coming soon teaser). In this long post you’ll see a very detailed theory I came up with (remember that plagiarizing isn’t nice and won’t make you look good and i will most certainly call you out and it won’t be pretty ^^)

Now that - that’s out of the way, let’s start. 

Ok so we see Sehun standing on a clock (literally).  

By the end of the teaser we see Sehun on the bottom along with what appears to be a “lunar eclipse” while the rest of the members who are on top are shown with a “solar eclipse”. This is where you can tell that Sehun disrupted the flow of time in their universe to change something. 

This is where this part of the narration of the Mama intro comes to play “time is over-turned and space turns askew”. 

Over turn = tip (something) over so that it is on its side or upside down.
Askew = wrong; awry

In teaser 8, since time was over turned we get to see Sehun standing upside down and the rest of the boys the other way around.

Before time was over turned

After time was over turned

Which explains why only one of the other clocks that pointed to 12 o’ clock sharp was 3 seconds behind or it completely stopped because it didn’t look like it was ticking too and why the sand clock has no sand…

Therefore trapping Sehun in a different time flow than the others, and him asking for help.

Once more let’s go back to the lyrics of Two Moons and how they play and important role in this teaser even though it’s not the song for the teaser.

Lyrics of Two Moons

"Two different space-times – don’t know
Hurry, hurry, the parallel way into 4 dimension only opens today “

The 4th dimension (as said here) is time, but, more to the point, it’s space-time.

There are two different space times. The one the legends are in and the one that Sehun’s stuck in. 

Two Moons = Sun & moon. The solar and lunar eclipses, this can also apply to the whole see the same sky but stand on different grounds intro.
Moving on let’s go to this part of the Mama intro,
"The legends shall now see the same sky but shall stand on different grounds, shall stand on the same ground but shall see different skies."
The “shall now see the same sky but shall stand on different grounds” is for K.

Now this “shall stand on the same ground but shall see different skies.” is for M.

We keep wondering why Sehun was in a desert. 

Desert : Emptiness and lonelineness.

Now wonder why Jongin was teleporting everywhere? let me explain a bit more about the 4th dimension. Sehun is stuck in time therefore leaving him lonely and in a different time than the rest of the legends. The 4th dimension can be simply explained a bit like this

3D = points, except that in 3D you can find them by terms like (x, y, z)
Now’s the good part

4D = time, for one point to change positions you need a change in time (t) —> (x, y, z, t). 

Let’s say that point is a person you want to meet, you would have to be told where in space (x,y,z) they will be and when (t) they will be there in order to find them.

This is where it gets interesting. 

Sehun changed time (t) but is now stuck so there’s your point (x). Jongin has teleportation therefore can travel to where others (y = k, z = m) are. 

Let’s go back to some lyrics of Two Moons.

"See those two full moons, you’re the chosen knight
go and spread good news, cuz we got no time”

Jongin is probably the chosen knight because he’s teleporting everywhere and gathering all the legends. He’s been spreading good news by teleporting to almost all the members, all but one. The dragon. He wasn’t shown to teleport to the dragon in the official Mama mv. He managed to teleport to one of the two red forces aka Luhan. Jongin is K’s bridge to M and Luhan is M’s bridge to K. That’s how the forces also used to get along before the dragon was influenced by the red force who also influenced Luhan.

We see Tao and Sehun exchange a Monarch Butterfly which represents the “butterfly effect” that has been caused by Sehun who changed the flow of time and sealed (in a way) himself along too.

Butterfly effect :The scientific theory that a single occurrence, no matter how small, can change the course of the universe forever.

Sehun changed the flow of time and that change could’ve brought the destruction of the tree of life or will bring something positive (the 12 forces are all purified and reunited into one perfect root again).

How do we know it’s the butterfly effect? simple. The symbolism. Sehun disrupted the flow of time (Tao was shown) and that caused an irreversible change to their planet (butterfly effect) and that’s why there’s a butterfly shown.
Now let’s bring in the sun.

There’s a pattern, that’s how they appeared in the Mama MV
Jongin / Luhan
Kyungsoo / Jongdae
Suho / Xiumin
Baekhyun / Yixing
Chanyeol / Yifan
Sehun / Tao

Which is already old news but as you see the white lines is something that you’ve probably missed. The order goes,


This can be the only way to purify the remaining force. This was also seen in one of the pages of Chanyeol’s book.

If you already know who the story of Hati and Skoll then i’m sure you’ll start noticing these details, if you don’t please don’t search it online because you’ll get confused and won’t know what i’m talking about since i’m going step by step.

As tale goes Hati and Skoll both chased after the Sun (Sol) and Moon (Mani) as they wanted to devour them and they did.

We’re now entering the Ragnarök, it’s said that “the world will resurface anew and fertile, the surviving and returning dudes will meet, and the world will be repopulated by two human survivors.” Sounds a bit familiar right? The Mama intro says “The day the grounds be kept a single file before one sky in two worlds that seem alike, the legends will greet each other. The day the red force is purified, the twelve forces will reunite into one perfect root, a new world shall open up.”

These two are similar in a way of how a new world will open up but there has to be an encounter between people in order for this to happen as well. “Two human survivors” which is basically like the “two legends”. Had all 12 been purified a new world would have opened up as the two legends would have greeted each other once more.

In Two Moons one of the lyrics said “1+1 is not 2” which makes sense because for now there are two forces they both belong to the same root but they’re not the “perfect root” because there’s evil in one of the forces. The day the dragon is purified will be the day that the two legends that were once one will reunite as one again to form 1 therefore 1+1 = 1.

Now here’s the good part. Hati and Skoll were both, wolves.

Here’s a small stanza of one of the Poetic Edda, the Völuspá.

"Brothers will fight
and kill each other
a wind age, a wolf age—
before the world goes headlong.
No man will have
mercy on another.”

The two legends are brothers but are fighting one of their own, the dragon. The age of the wolf interesting huh? Exo had both Wolf and Growl as their Wolf era aside from that they still haven’t shed they concepts and now we’re entering “The New Age of Exo”..

Now we move onto the Wolf comeback.

I remember seeing people mentioning that Lone Wolf 1988 is related to it somehow and after seeing the gorey trailer it is 99.9% true (aside from exo appearing in all of the videos as suggestions) Both have a lot of things in common like

- A love interest (that girl who acts like kristen stewart who was curiously the only female in the whole school)
- A highschool
- A group of guy friends (exo)
- The new kid who joins that group (luhan)
- A love triangle (jongin, luhan, korea’s kristen stewart)
- A student who’s secretly a werewolf (luhan)
- The number 88
- The group’s a boy band
- A fighting scene between rival groups (exo vs dudes with motorcycles)

The Lone Wolf was released on 1988, remember when i mentioned this date on MY previous theory? 

"This was back when the codes and everything were flying around. This date is one of them, the year 1988.

EXO’s teaser was released on May 16, If the date was brought back to the year 1988
1+6+5+1+9+8+8 =3+8=11 a missing member from EXO.

So this brings back the theory of Kris being the missing one. He’s not been purified yet.

Or, back in teaser 8, when Sehun reached his hand out. He was stuck in time. He reset the time on the clock. That’s why two moons are seen. He adjusted the clock’s time. Sehun could probably be the missing member. He could still be caught in time.” 

This is from MY previous theory. I say mine because someone aka cora gin claimed it as theirs but the one who busted their ass for 3+ hours was yours truly ^^

They’re all wolves the difference is that K and most of M are part of the purifying force but Krishan were influenced by the red force.

Notice how Yifan was the only one who showed red eyes out of all the other wolves in the Wolf MV?

Beginning of MV

Half way the MV

Now look back at the Wolf Teaser, only Kris and Luhan had red eyes. That’s what set them apart from the other wolves. Let’s take a look
Krishan’s eyes and symbols:



The rest of the boys are also wolves as their symbols lit up as well, this indicates they’re wolves but the difference is that they’re purified and it shows through their eyes. Their eyes aren’t red, they’re brown as shown with Jongin.

Moving onto the Growl MV/Comeback

We see the girl with this red umbrella

Ok now this is the same umbrella that she had when she came into Luhan’s apartment to take care of him. Now here’s Luhan,

Now remember this scene?

This is when Kris walked in to Luhan’s apartment. Kris feels that something’s off and comes across something

Yes! once more it’s the red umbrella. Kris knows that it doesn’t belong to Luhan since he perceives a different scent (the girl’s). Meanwhile,




Upon this it feels like Kris sensed that something happened to him and it’s not that Luhan’s purified, he’s just no longer under the control of the red force which infuriates Kris to the point of breaking Lu’s photo of both of them since he felt betrayed.

I think that this story finishes off right there. “To be continued”, there are many stories and movies that end up in cliffhangers and this is one of them. With Lu and Kris gone there won’t be a final so we can only assume what the ending is. The more logical ending is that, there’s one beast out there that still needs to be purified.

Now i’m gonna have to combine both Overdose and the Exo comeback 2015 teaser together because it wouldn’t work otherwise. Exo has shed the Wolf/Alien concept and are embracing a concept between dreamers.

My theory is that Exo is now doing INCEPTION (aside that there’s the comeback of the number 88). Here’s why.

We see the number 12 and 12 spinning tops which we’ll call totems. There’s a totem in the movie that has a number 12, the dice.

There are five roles in dreams/space

  • The Dreamer: The Dreamer creates and maintains the dream space.
  • The Subject: The Subject populates the dream space with projections of his/her subconscious.
  • The Sleepers: Sleepers can manipulate reality within dreams, but not the fundamental structure of the dream.
  • The Extractor: A person who extracts people’s secrets through their dreams.
  • Finally, the Architect: The Architect is the designer of the dream space into which a dreamer brings a subject.

How do we know what the boys are?
The Dreamers are Jongin and Luhan (it’s not that hard to figure out).

The Subjects are Suho, Xiumin, Sehun and Tao (they kept running into walls, those walls were like projections of themselves. 

The Sleepers are Jongdae, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun (they were the ones who came in touch with real objects examples are lights and picture frames)

The Extractors are Kris, Kyungsoo, and Yixing (box of secrets)

We’ll find out later who the Architect is.

Now let’s see how it fits in. I’m going to use lyrics from Love, Love, Love.
"Reality doesn’t come. Why isn’t this a dream?"

Now in Inception, Cobb’s totem (the spinning top, which is something that constantly appeared in the comeback teaser) doesn’t stop spinning when he’s dreaming. Which is why the all the tops never stopped spinning, all of the boys are stuck in a dream and not reality.

Dreaming (Inception)

Dreaming (Exo teaser)

Reality (Inception)

The top starts to wobble and comes to a complete stop, this is how Cobb knows he’s not dreaming anymore. All of the tops never stopped spinning in the Exo teaser meaning that they’re still dreaming and not in reality.

Now in the teasers we can see all the levels that appeared in Inception. In symbolism (elements) but not physically. 

Reality = Before Lukai entered the maze 
Van Chase = Water in the comeback teaser
The Hotel = The balls running downwards
Snow Fortress = Frost in comeback teaser
Limbo = End of teaser

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Final level. Limbo. 

Limbo: Raw, infinite subconscious. Nothing is down there. Except for whatever that might have been left behind by whoever’s sharing the dream who was trapped down there before.

Wonder who the Architect is? Simple. It’s the person building the maze which is where the boys will be trapped in and live out dreams and not the actual reality. 

Building the maze

This is the Architect, he’s in charge of designing the dream space (the maze) into where dreamers (Luhan and Kai) bring subjects (Suho, Xiumin, Sehun and Tao), etc.

Inception: The time at which something begins.

Exo: The New Age of Exo.

The boys already shed their wolf/alien/school boys concept off and are starting fresh. Meaning there’s no more purified red force and all. They will keep their powers though. that’s the only thing they’ll most likely keep as most of their concepts depend on things moving according to their powers and them using those powers for personal use.

The upcoming comeback will most likely be about illusions, reality after escaping the maze, and may involve masks. Two couldn’t make it out of the maze and i think it’s a way of symbolism that Krishan’s journey ended and only 10 will continue. Krishan are still dreaming will the other boys escaped and made it to reality. 

On a side note, i’ve been working on this theory for more than a month and to finally be able to post it lifts off a weight off my shoulders. To that cute anon who asked for the theory, i hope i didn’t let you down!