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"Hello anyone there?" *From the look of this place, it was no Niceland, the room looked dark & unwelcoming & smelled of rusted metal. Even Hero's Duty looked more welcoming.

>>[The Hybrid-Animatronic Rabbit poked its head out from around the corner.]
>>[It heard a voice… But it was an unfamiliar voice.]
>>[It was not Phone Guy. Or Phone Dude.]
>>[It was someone who did not belong to the game.]
>>[It followed.]


((Sending this out on the rounds agains since it was brought up and I just found the reply post affter being gone for a while.

And see? Push the envelope with his looks makes him look like a better boss which is why I like the Turbo-color scheme over the original. Plus I made sure to keep the cheeks. Even as a big, building crushing monster, a Nicelander is nothing without their cheek and nose blush.

And….belly button blush?

Yeah, that’s there for laughs mostly.))

Headcanon #4002 - Brewing 101.

It took a little while and some research, but Sugar Rush and Tappers have(Or possibly ‘will’) eventually come to a very useful business relationship.

The reason?

Well, with so much honey, sugar-fruits and the like around the ‘country’, meads, ciders, rums, and wines(To say nothing of simpler juices) are now a real possibility for regular/semi-regular creation and consumption rather than having to save up, for instance a whole bunch of random fruits from Pac-Man for the sake of one bottle.

It can be said that the Nicelanders and Ralph agree fully on their disapproval-’kids shouldn’t be messing with alcohol, let alone brewing the stuff’.

Way Back When

(( This will be series of ficlets exploring Felix and Pauline’s past relationship, set 20 years before the events in ‘Wreck-It Ralph.’ )) 

Felix waited on the penthouse balcony just as Gene instructed him to. Sighing, he shook his head, replaying the antics that led up to this in his head. Tonight was his game’s 10th anniversary, and lots of characters had come to join in the celebration, including a certain character that Gene and the others were dying for Felix to meet. They had never done anything like this before, and while he felt set up, he couldn’t help but be a little curious as to whom the Nicelanders were getting to meet him outside.

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Headcanon #4004 - Trashin' tha camp, I mean APARTMENTS

In essence to the Wrecking Party as seen in the after-movie comic Ralph and Felix invite the Nicelanders to their own version of a wrecking party after arcade hours. The two invited the little characters to finish wrecking the entire apartments before the final clean up and to say the least, the Nicelanders….


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  • Felix:Hey guys! I just found out someone made a fan game based on us! A FIGHTING ONE!
  • Ralph:Really?
  • Felix:Yeah, it has ALL of us! Even the Nicelanders!
  • Vanellope:This I GOTTA see!
  • Gene:Really? Really? Such violence coming from us? What could they POSSIBLY do with-
  • Ralph:*ashen*……I…..I don’t know what to say.
  • Calhoun:Wow. I didn’t think they could animate a Nicelander slicing someone in half. Or setting them on fire. Or crushing them. Or-
  • Gene:Did…did Nel just stab someone in the heart with PINS?
  • Norwood:*snickering* Well, her outfit ain’t bad.
  • *Nolan kicks Norwood in the stomach*
  • Don:*laughing loudly* Oh gracious! They gave me the power to kill people with SHARKS!
  • Roy:Why are you laughing as if that’s a good thing?
  • Vanellope:*crying* I didn’t wanna see that with CATS!
  • Deanna:……Yes. Of course. Give me THAT animation. Haha, I get the joke guys.
  • Lucy:Where’s Felix?
  • Pearl:I think he’s still vomiting in the bathroom.
  • Mary:OKAY! TIME TO TURN THE COMPUTER OFF! *throws it out the window*
Pildipostitus vol 1

Eile sõitsime pisut lääne poole, sellest tulevad pildid hiljem, kui olen maja pealt oma mälukaardi üles leidnud.

Täna jalutasime mere äärde. Tunniajane jalutuskäik Reykjaviki kesklinnast viis meid väikesesse rannakesse, kus oli koht ujumiseks ja Islandile kohane väline kuumaveevann. Unustasin oma ujukad koju, nii et seekord sulistada ei saanud, aga läheme sinna kindlasti veel tagasi. 

Veidi teistmoodi rannatoolid. 

Mets on siin selline väike ja nummi. :) 

Kesklinna vaade (järgmised pildid on kvaliteetsemad, hetkel oli jama kaameraga)

Teised vabatahtlikud, kes jäävad pisut lühemaks ajaks. Hallgrímskirkja kiriku ees.

Minul ja äärmiselt nummil Saksa neiul Madeline’il on jalutades uus hobi tekkinud. Nimelt üritame veidrate sümbolitega 20-tähelisi tänavanimesid õigesti hääldada. Nalja saab :) 

Esmaspäeval liigume uude linna koolitusele, seal saan tasuta minna kuumaveeallikasse ja muid lahedaid asju teha ja see pidi ikka väga äge olema.

Täna jalutasin kogu päeva talvejopes ringi aga sain ikka päikest näkku - vist võimalik ainult siin. :) 

Muidu on kõik super ja varsti saan juba tööga ka pihta hakata.