"There wasn’t anything for me in the Enchanted Forest. Why would I stay?” (3x12)



So I know everyone goes between “GARRY IS THE PERFECT GUY SO HAWT SWEET LOVES MACARONS YAY! :3” and “Anyone notice how violent Garry is? And how he’s only nice to Ib? And-*negative suppositions here*” But can we all think about this a moment and see that Garry is just a human being: angry and upset about being stuck in the gallery thus prone to overreact to it, comforted by Ib’s presence as a companion (and shipping is just a whole different debate), and not necessarily a knight in shining armor. After all, he’s terrified of everything in the gallery more than Ib. Though he’s polite and sweet, his general manner is not very knight-like. AND in Promise of Reunion and Memories’ Crannies, he does help you kill Mary.
I present to you: GARRY. THE HUMAN BEING.


Monday typography quotes 26

Let your love grow tall! That’s the quote of this week. Do things with passion, believe in yourself and wherever you go go with your heart. If you do so you will have success. Other people will be attracted of your happiness and your friendly character tells them you catch the things rather than critisize them. The monday quotes give you a good start in the week, to have a design inspiration and a philosophical inspiration. Enjoy them!

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Merry Christmas to Milly! I hope you had a great year and I’m wishing you all the best for the next one. 

And to all of my followers, Happy Holidays! Thanks for all the love, guys.

The Secret to Making Friends
  • Interviewer:[What is Seungri's secret in making so many friends?]
  • Taeyang:If you want, you can be his friend too!
  • G-Dragon:Yes! Yes! You can be his friend too!
  • Interviewer:[Seungri], do you have our numbers too?
  • Taeyang:Just be honest. Keep it real. He is really an active, extroverted boy.
  • Interviewer:[So are you saying that Seungri really is the PR guy of the group?]
  • Taeyang:Yes, that's right! He is genius in making friends.
  • Seungri:An open mind is the secret to making friends.

Jomo admitted there is a tension between Klaus and Hayley, a romantic tension since the question was specifically about romance

Phoebe admitted Klaus and Hayley love each other, as family for now but that’s the strongest kinda love and really the only kinda love Klaus has to give right now so it says a lot that they feel that way about each other

remember at the beginning of the season when all they talked about was mentor/mentee and brother sister and downplayed any and all affection and feelings they could have at the moment or eventually get for each other?  

look how far we’ve come you guys!

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips on revamping your wardrobe? As in, creating a new style? Also, do you know any Korean sites that ship to Australia? Thank you!~ ♡

depends on how drastic or subtle of a style change you’re going for… are you aiming for a polar opposite? or are you simply gravitating towards a new color palate? etc. personally, i feel like there are general tips that may help guide you in whichever direction you choose or want to go in:

  • find or purchase basics. basics are a staple no matter what style you’re trying to rock.
  • mix and match basics with something you already have in your closet, like a nice graphic tee or statement pants.
  • donate and/or swap clothes with friends and family. you save sooo much money this way, and i cannot tell you how many times i’ve found hidden gems that i wouldn’t have been able to buy in any store.
  • find inspiration for the new look you want to try out. flip through magazines, scroll through tumblr, go people watching in the park, whatever floats your boat!!

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