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Cuba’s retro rides

The streets of Havana are still filled with cars that predate the 1959 communist revolution, having rolled off the assembly line decades before the U.S. auto industry’s current crisis of steep losses in reputation and market share. They hark back to a time when Detroit’s Big Three automakers were the envy of the world and a symbol of American economic power. (Reuters)

Photography by Desmond Boylan/Reuters

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Bloody heck. Poor Shaniqua.

So this happened this morning.

As I was backing out of my driveway.

While it was snowing.

On my way to work.

Le Sigh.

I would swear to you the guy wasn’t there. His car had a flat and minor damage on the back bumper quarter panel. We’re both fine. I really don’t want to buy a new car. Shaniqua has 215k on her but she runs well and it has been paid for since 2008. I’d rather not be making a car payment, if it’s all the same. My brother has a bumper that will fit it and that he can install. Fingers crossed that there isn’t more damage than what meets the eye.

Not exactly the best start to my Thursday.