West End Phantom deformities. 

By some held as the most “natural looking” deformity, by others not at all because of the very present brain-like area. Whatever the case, this one has a very prominent pale “muscle” running from the cracked skull to the lip, and the eye on the bad side has darker makeup to make it look more hollow. There’s also the prominent “dots” on the nose. 

1. David Shannon. 
2. Craig Nicholls. 
3. Stephen John Davies. 
4. Simon Shorten. 
5. Earl Carpenter or Nich Greenshields, the jury is still out on that. 
6. Ramin Karimloo (RAH, subdued but largely the same)
7. Brian McCann. 
8. Ramin Karimloo. 
9. Scott Davies. 

anonymous asked:

Nichole since you and Geoff got into The Glist does mean we will get more mchayward in our lives??? Also congrats XD

There’s certainly a possibility it could happen! Geoff and I are going to see where it goes in this roleplay, and I plan to take Jane in plenty of directions. But you’ll definitely get some McHayward, I’m sure. Thank you so much, cute anon!!