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And another time Ian was really upset, not sure why, but he just got off the phone and you could tell something was upsetting him. So Nina put his head between her hands and kept pecking him on the lips and then hugged him after he explained what happened(I'm assuming that's what he did, I couldn't hear) and she rubbed his back while he was kissing her cheek and temple. It was a sweet moment.

ohMygOD. They are life ruiners. Sobs. That is the cutest thing I have ever heard. Not fien.

Thank you so much <3333 Making my day better and better. Xo.

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OK IM NOT DNOE: "ive met both of them, and I can honestly say they’re a genuine couple. They don’t sugarcoat their romance for the cameras at all. Rumors of engagement have swirled around, but were quickly squashed. Someday they’d like to get married, but for now, Dobrev is focused on her career" THE LAST PART THE LAST PART but also "dont sugarcoat their romance for the cameras at all" cough ian and nikki cough