When the boys are on break:
*reblogs the same fan pic of Harry twelve times*
*continues to pray for Niall to turn on his location*
*waits for zayn to post a new selfie*

When the boys start touring again:
*forgets how to function*
*loses all chill*
*hits post limit in 3.5 minutes*
*cries uncontrollably for days*

i love how different shippers in the 1d fandom will never associate with each other, like larries don’t talk to narries and ziams don’t talk to zouises but then some amazing person creates something like a picture of the boys or an acapella version of a song and suddenly those things don’t matter at all, it’s just the boys and this amazing perfect thing that represents them beautifully

Kiss The Dirt - Niam Smut
A/N: this is a continuation of a smut I did last year called “Kiss The Flame.” So, if you don’t understand what’s going on in this one then I strongly recommend you read Kiss The Flame first. Parts of this are inspired by the Thriller Short Film.

WARNING: Explicit language, sexual content, horror themes

Zayn’s car rolled up upon the curb, a few miles back into town he’d told Harry that he was almost out of gas. But Harry wouldn’t believe him. He’d been told this many times before when going on dates with high school hotties as the likes of Zayn Malik. The car would stop on half full and the boy would lean over saying “Mind if we park?” Harry would put a hand in his face and get out. “Yeah, I mind. Good night.” He’d say walking down the warm street. But this time was different. Zayn’s car was actually running on empty. It puttered and stalled. He flipped the gear stick back to Park. Harry looked at the dial. E for Empty. Zayn pulled a smile. “Honestly, we’re outta gas.” He said. Harry batted his eyes a few times, looking as innocent as a puppy.
“So, what are we gonna do now?” He asked.


Harry and Zayn started walking back to town, toward a gas station that was just through the woods. Harry felt bad that he almost called Zayn a liar. He was just so frigid when it came to guys trying to take advantage of him. I should apologise, he thought. He put a hand on Zayn’s shirt. “I’m sorry I didn’t believe you.” He said. Zayn turned in toward Harry. The Holmes Chapel angel had a look of embarrassment on his face.
“Can I ask you somethin’?” Zayn asked.
“You know I like you, don’t you?” Zayn asked.
“And I hope you like me the way I like you.”
“Yes, Zayn.” Harry replied. The woods went silent. All that was left was crickets chirping. Zayn put his hands in his jacket pocket.
“I was just wondering…if you’d be my boy.” He said, revealing a varsity ring that Zayn had earned from being on the high school football team.
Harry smiled widely, “Oh, Zayn.” He said leaning in to hug the boy who’d just courted him. Zayn slipped the ring on his left wedding finger. “It’s beautiful.” And it was. It was engraved and had a small ruby in the middle of it. Maybe ‘small’ was an understatement.
“Now, it’s official.” Zayn smiled. He looked up at the sky. The moon full and peaking through the clouds. “I have something I wanna tell you.”
“Yes, Zayn?” Harry asked. Zayn went serious, this must be big. Maybe he has a disease, maybe he’s a woman, maybe this is a prank! Calm down Harry.. He thought.
“I’m not like other guys.” Zayn muttered. Harry smiled,
“Of course not, that’s why I love you.”
“No, I mean I’m different…”
“What are you talking about?” Harry said still smiling. Zayn looked back up at the moon, he didn’t realise he had made a miscalculation in the timing. Now Harry would see him for what he was. He shuttered and shivered. In pain he winced and got to his feet, groaning.
“Are you alright?” Harry said, putting a hand on Zayn’s shoulder. He pulled back and Harry now saw him for what he was.
“GET AWAY!” Zayn demanded as his eyes and teeth became different. Harry let out a shrill. Zayn got up screaming in pain, his voice lower than usual. He kept screaming as did Harry as he metamorphosized into another being with claws and the face of a wild dog. Zayn looked at his hands, screaming as they grew. Harry took of screaming through the woods. “HELP ME!” He shrieked. Zayn stood there, where he first started changing. But, now he wasn’t Zayn. He was a full grown wolf-man. He could smell young blood. And it was panicking, he could smell the fear. He ran into the green land, after Harry who was hiding behind a tree to catch his breath. He continued running once he heard footsteps approach. Zayn followed, sniffing into the air. He let out a howl louder than the average domestic house pet. He threw his arm out, knocking down the tree in which Harry was hiding behind only seconds before. He kept running, his heart was beating faster and faster, as though it could pop out of his chest. Zayn jumped from behind him, Harry fell to the ground. He looked up at the monster who was seconds away from eating his still beating heart. Zayn lashed at the boy, killing him almost instantly with one bite to the neck, blood gushed from his throat and his veins bled while pumping red nectar. The copper taste of blood swept through Zayn’s mouth. But, meanwhile as this was playing on the movie theatre screen. Niall was hid behind Liam’s shoulder. Trying not to look at the gory details.
“Can we get out of here?” He asked scared shitless. Liam munched on his popcorn, the buttery powder slipped through his fingers.
“No, I’m enjoying this.” He replied, pointing the screen in which the wolf-man was being shot by the sheriff. Niall looked away and then toward the doorway.
“Well, I can’t watch.” He said, getting up and squeezing through rows of people. With a few “excuse me“‘s here and there. Liam smiled at the screen and then realised his date had left, he put his popcorn down and got up, squeezing through like his date did. Niall had made it past the lobby and onto the esplanade before standing outside. Liam followed steps behind, he smiled and threw his arms out. “It’s only a movie!” He said, jokingly. Niall folded his arms, looking at his boy.
“It’s not funny.” He replied.
“You were scared, weren’t you?” Liam asked, widening his eyes like a mad monster. Niall shook his head, starting for the street.
“I wasn’t that scared.” He said. Liam giggled and watched him walk off.
“Yeah, you were scared.” He followed Niall down the dark street. Philton was not far from where they were. Niall wasn’t scared of walking home, just the part where you had to walk through Beverley County Cemetery to pass from Angel Hill to Philton Falls. Cemeteries were the worst and Niall shivered at the thought of going through alone. Thank god Liam wasn’t far behind. “You wanna hold my hand, baby?” He asked. Niall pulled his arm away.
“I can manage.” Niall announced, he stood at the gates. Liam stood next to him, the icy wind shook Niall to the core. Liam could see this and decided to take his coat off, placing it over Niall’s shoulders. He smiled gently, putting his hand out for Liam to grab. If he felt one touch that wasn’t Liam’s he was legging it home. Fuck walking, running was boss in this situation.
“Don’t be scared, if you want just close your eyes and I’ll guide you.” Liam insisted. Niall shook his head swallowing hard.
“No, it’s okay. I’ll be fine.” He added, Liam squeezed the Irish kid’s hand, walking past the iron gates into hallowed ground. This would keep Disney witches away, but what about zombies, werewolfs and other disgusting creatures? Niall read headstones as they past each one. Simon Fisher, Cheryl Bishop, Louis Lancanshire. All names Niall never heard. Most of the headstones date back to the 18th century. And, most of them probably died during the Black Plague. Niall knew one name, Harry Styles, the boy who he knew for a short while, a ghost who befriended him before his body was found by the Beverley County police department. He could still remember the news story, her only just gotten home and his mother strangely enough cared where he had been. Liam cleared the path of overgrown shrub. He pointed to a newly built mausoleum. “Look, we should check it out.” He said. Niall looked back at the hunk. “What are you, chicken?” Liam teased. Niall shook his head and started toward the crypt. He pushed the cement door open slowly. It ground against the cement floor until it dropped into the dirt landing. The room was lit with candles. It was most likely being reserved, it connected to the chapel on the other side of the cemetery office. Liam led Niall in, holding him while holding out his arm just incase of any spider webs. Once Niall had made his way in, Liam pulled the door shut. He could see the lights of the chapel, no one home, but the candles on the altar still stay lit, perhaps for mass tomorrow morning Liam thought. He turned to Niall, pulling him in. He kissed him gently while biting his lip back. “When you do that, my whole body tingles.” Niall said. Liam smiled, holding onto his face and smooching him again.
“I just needed to get you alone.” He replied. Niall smiled and put a hand on Liam’s heart. Sitting down, Liam continued to kiss the snowflake kid as though he had an apatite for kisses. Niall held him back, “hold on boy.” He finished. Liam cocked his brow. “There’s some things you need to know… about me that is.”
“Okay, you’re a virgin?” Liam asked. Niall laughed, holding his chest like a jolly old Hollywood Santa Claus. “What’s so funny?” Liam asked.
“I’m not a virgin…”
“But, you’ve never dated anyone but me.” Li snapped. Niall shook his head.
“That’s not entirely true.”
Niall licked his lips and took a deep breath. “My first time was last spring. I was in love with a boy and he was great.” Niall started, “But he had to leave. He went to do bigger things.”
“Who is he, I’ll kill him.” Liam snapped once more. Niall shook his hand, buttoning Liam’s shirt up.
“Well, see. That’s the thing, Li… He’s already dead. And for me to actually become serious with someone again, I feel as though you would have to understand that if you hurt me, he will kill you.” Niall finished. Liam crossed his legs,
“Who?” He asked.
“Harry Styles.”
“Harry, the dead boy who was murdered last year? He’s gonna kill me, eh…”
“Liam, have you ever wondered why this place is called Angel Hill?” Niall asked, Liam shook his head. “This town… When people die, they don’t usually pass on. Harry, is an angel.”
Liam bursted into laughter, Niall didn’t. Liam stopped to see the seriousness on Niall’s face.
“Are you serious?”
“Do I have your word?”
“Huh?” Liam asked.
“Are you gonna hurt me?” Niall asked, Liam looked down and shook his head. “Good.” Niall said, he ripped Liam’s shirt off and started kissing his chest rapidly. Liam watched and moaned as the boy bit into his nipple. He unbuckled his trousers, pulling them down to his ankles. He revealed his long boyhood that was hidden away under a thin layer of cotton. Niall licked his lips before putting his lips around the shaft and sucking hard on the glans. Liam moaned, pulling at Niall’s jeans. He couldn’t believe the conversation that happened seconds before. As though an angel could cause harm to someone, get a grip Liam! He thought. He was pulling Niall’s foreskin back and forth while watching him suckle on his cock. He was at a high in pleasure. Flicking his tongue and breathing profusely. Niall looked deeply into Liam’s eyes with absolute tease, gently biting on the head of Liam’s penis. He groaned pulling Niall’s head back and forth, his teeth dragging with it, which created a more intense feeling of euphoria. Perhaps Niall likes being the bottom bitch and all that trash talk in the locker room paid off. Li would joke about fucking Niall to his buddies and they’d tell him he was dreaming, and how much of a prude Niall was when it came to fertilising his flower. Liam could now say it broke the walls between his and Niall’s relationship. Niall got up from Liam’s crotch, squatting over his cock. Liam was ready, bucking his hips slightly. His glans exposed, he was gonna fuck this boy.
“You’ll make love to me.” Niall said as though he could read Liam’s dirty fucking mind. Niall sat down, sliding Liam’s cock inside. The hunk winced, the tightness gripped around his shaft and it was magical. This creepy night turned into a good one. Even though rotting corpses were just feet away and a chapel which would find this an abomination only a stone throw away. Niall moaned and he started jumping up and down. He felt good, his prostate being jabbed by a prick that seemed about nine to nine and a half incessant long and two and a half inches thick. That was quite large for Liam’s age, even Niall knew that. But, he didn’t care, he bopped up and down on Liam’s penis while his own cock smacked against his stomach with each bounce. He could feel the intense sensitivity from his ass to the very top of his penis. It was a good feeling that he hoped beer went away. Liam grunted, thrusting in rhythm with Niall’s bouncing.
“Oh, fuck Niall. Your so tight.” He said, Niall smiled.
“Your so big.” He replied. This was true, he was ripping Niall’s ass, tearing him a little, if he bled that would be okay. Liam wouldn’t mind. His glans were throbbing against Niall’s mushy insides, they were soft and wet. Although he went in dry this conducted heat between them, granted that Liam had saliva on his prick before Niall sat on it. His frenulum was being gripped from inside. Niall clenched his hole as he came on Liam’s chest, some shooting into the air and onto Liam’s face. He licked it up and continued to fuck the boy. He was thrusting quite hard, and Niall was quite loud.
“OH FUCK, OH FUCK. OH GOD, FUCK MY ASS LIAM, LOVE MY ASS, LIAM BABY.” He moaned, Liam grunted and thrusted faster with encouragement.
“AH!!” Niall let out a loud cry, it was pain, well - seemed like it. But Liam knew that it meant he was getting the job done. “Cum for me, baby. Cum inside this hole, you know you wanna.” Niall encouraged. Liam shut his eyes, drawing breath as he continued to thrust jets of semen in Niall’s body. The hot liquid filled Niall’s ass like no one ever has. Liam gave in and laid in the floor panting like a dirty dog. “The best I’ve had.” Niall said. “You’re no angel, but you fuck like your life depends on it.” He finished. Liam smiled and laughed through his breath. Niall laid against Liam’s chest, he could hear his heart beat. He couldn’t believe what he’d done. He let a senior make love to him him in a cemetery…well…if he’s willing they’ll have round two. He just laid there listening to Liam’s heart beat. He was actually in love. But, it wasn’t the love he had for Harry. It wasn’t that special like Harry, either.
But it was something. And at least he felt it unlike the times he’d been numb since Harry left to help those who need it when they cross over. Niall was at peace now, and that’s all that mattered…Harry would want this and he would be happy with who Niall had chosen to go with. He could feel the dead boys presence…he was around somewhere.