calvizzles asked:

Lilac, Beige, Purpleeeeee, Cray, Gold c:

hey look everyone! its claxon!!!

lilac- dream vacation: um some small town tropical island. i love island life. or france. or new york.

beige- favorite dream: honestly i never remember my good ones :’S

purple- last kiss: heh not tellin’. but you know. so, yeah.

CRAY?? im going to go with gray because cray isn’t on the list sooo

gray- share a relationship story: one time with my ex boyfriend, we had nothing to do, so we were just wandering around town, and we went and bought cap'n crunch berries, and sat on peat moss bags outside of the store and ate a bunch of cereal while it was raining 

gold- a story that makes you smile: so one time last year after homecoming, we were sitting around in my friend sydneys room eating noodles. then lokahi starts choking, and says ‘i have a noodle in my throat’. i find that funny and accidentally projectile spit my noodles on the floor. sydney finds this all so funny she pees herself. she goes and cleans herslef up, comes back, we talk about what just happened, she finds it so funny she pees herself again.