niallerofficial said:

Hi! Have fun answering these :) 1. Have a quiet night in with Harry or party with Louis? 2. Go out for dinner with Niall or have lunch with Zayn? 3. Learn to dance with Liam or learn to ski with Harry? 3. Be Louis' or Zayn's best friend? 4. Niall's eyes or Harry's smile? 5. Zayn's hair or Louis' hair? 6. Liam's straight hair or Liam's curly hair? 7. A bear hug from Niall or a piggy-back from Louis? 8. Take a video with or get pictures with 1D? 9. Play footie with Niall or bake with Harry?

1. Quiet night with Harry

2. Lunch with Zayn :D

3. Learn to ski with Harry because I’ve never seen snow

4. Louis’ best friend, so he can introduce me to Zayn

5. Niall’s eyesss

6. Zayn’s hair!

7. Curly hair, it makes him look hotter and older, the older hair was too Bieberish. In a bad way.

8. Bear hug from Nialler

9. Video because I can take screencaps ;)

10. Footie with Niall!

Thank you!