I’ll do it right this time.

M: What is your sexual orientation?


E: Do you smoke?

Nope. I have asthma and the smell of smoke makes me gag.

L: Would you ever date someone of another race?

As long as they had a penis I don’t see what the problem would be

I: 5 turn ons


  1. funny
  2. nice smile
  3. nice ass
  4. laughing at my (horrible) jokes
  5. boys that smell good

S: Do looks matter to you?

Not really. Looks fade. It’s all about what’s inside. I prefer a full set of teeth and combed hair, but i don’t judge based on appearance.

S: Do looks matter to you?

Already answered :)

A: Are you a virgin?

Nope. That ship has sailed.

melissa wants me to sing her some fucking eminem lyrics because shes from detroit basically and shes used to hearing it all the time from the block so here it goes: two trailer park girls go round me outside round me outside round me outside chick chick bock chicka chicka chick chick bock. thats all i got.