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Niall imagine: (request) First Kiss

Hii! This is my first imagine and I really hope everybody that reads this enjoys it.
Request for anastasia-j-horan

"Whoa." You said to yourself as you looked out the window to see all of the snow. Everything looked so peaceful outside. Your phone started ringing a few minutes later; Niall. You two chatted about how much you both enjoyed your dinner date from the other night.
“Well I was wondering, this might sound totally crazy since it’s so cold, but would you like to go on a walk with me? Maybe we could go and get some hot coco or somethin’.” He asked, sounding hopeful.
“Yeah that sounds lovely!”
“Great! I’ll be there in 30 mins if that’s good for you.”
“See ya in a bit!” You said smiling.

You got ready as quick as you could, excitement running through your body. Before you knew it there was a knock on the door. You eagerly opened it to a rosy cheeked Niall.
“Hey you ready?” He asked.
“Yeah I’m almost done, I just gotta put a few things on. Come on in!” You opened the door more for him to enter and ran off to grab your scarf, gloves, and hat. When you came back you saw him looking out your window. He turned and saw your hands full.
“Here let me help you.” He offered, taking your scarf and hat while you were trying to put on your gloves.
“Ya know when Greg and I were little, we used to build snowmen all around the house.”, He explained as he finished with your scarf and started putting on your hat.
“Then when he got older he didn’t want to anymore because he was ‘too cool’,” he dramatically air quoted and made a silly face causing you to giggle.
“And that was the last time I made a snowman.” He sighed looking forlornly out the window. You saw how much that memory meant to him and you didn’t want him to be sad.
“We’re gonna build a snowman.” You said smiling. His eyes got big with excitement.
“You heard me,” you grabbed his hand smiling.
“cmon lets go make a snowman!”
“Okay!” He ran and led you both outside.

Niall was on the other side of the yard looking for branches and rocks for the snowman when you saw an opportunity and took it. You bent down and quickly tried to make a snowball.
“Whatcha doing Y/n?” He asked suspiciously. You tensed and turned around quickly hiding the snowball behind your back.
“Nothing.” You smiled innocently.
“Oh really?” He smirked
“What’s behind your back Y/n?” He pointed, his smirk growing.
“Uh, nothing.” You giggled
“Hmm, well alrighty then.” He turned back around with a slightly devilish look on his face. You waited a minute and then threw the snowball as best you could, hitting him right in the back of his neck. You gasped covering your mouth and tried to hold in your laughter. He turned around smiling in shock and started laughing.
“You little liar!” And started running after you. You yelped, laughing trying to run away from him when you felt a whack and fell down in surprise.
“YES! Gotcha!” He ran catching up to you. You were laughing too hard to get yourself up and far enough from him. You felt his strong arms grab you and you both fell to the ground, him on top of you. You both laughed, breathing hard from the adrenaline, when you made eye contact.
It was like the whole world around you stopped and you two were the only things that mattered. You looked at his lips and he looked at yours. You both leaned in and your lips tenderly connected. You could have sworn you felt magic running through you. When you both pulled back you both blushed and giggled, standing back up. When you tried to grab his hand to lead him back towards the snowman he grabbed the back of your head and pulled you back for another kiss with more passion. When you pulled back you two held each other for a while and ended up making snow angels.

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You Hack His Twitter - 5/5 Preference







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Preference: Cuddling (5/5)






Imagine #3 it's complicated with Niall Horan (short)

You have just changed your Facebook status to “It’s complicated with Niall Horan”. A single tear falling down your face. Your relationship was definitely far from perfect. Between all the skype dates, late night phone calls, letters and text messages, you had expended every resource when it came to long-distance relationships. None of which were leaving you feeling confident about the future. The emotional toll was growing unbearable so you called him on the phone.

You slide the lock, the background, a cute picture of him you took nine months ago. You breathe heavily into the receiver as the phone rang.

" Hi-i Niall. Can you talk?" You had trained yourself to ask first.

A groggy voice responds “Uhh I’m a little busy right now but, yeah babe what’s up?”

The response sent anger into your heart.

"Niall! What is it that you’re doing?" You interrogate him and it perks him up.

"I’m gettin’ ma work done, what do ya think I’m doin’?" His Irish accent gets thicker when he’s mad.

"You never have any time for me anymore. You’re constantly surrounded by women. I can’t even remember the last time I held you in my arms! With this distance I feel like I’m in a relationship with myself!" you cut.

"I’m not gonna apologize for bein’ who I am, you eithder love me enough to deal or you don’t. You’re wastin’ my time, I have a lot of things ta get done. If you want to be alone then you can." He’s practically yelling back.

By now you couldn’t hold back the tears in anymore, they were streaming down.

"How can you be so insensitive? Are you really breaking up with me over the phone? How do you expect me throw away, like, an entire year and half of my life?" You whine.

"Your life? No,I’m done. I didn’t answer the phone for this." He said and hung up.

You throw the phone at the wall and fall back into your bed in a mess of heartbreak. 

"I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have such a great guy like Niall Horan but nobody knows what its really like to be his girlfriend." You think to yourself the pain now aching in your chest. You lie in covers for 30 minutes crying. The mascara staining your pillow case. Until you get a call back.

You immediately answer the call.

"Hey babe, I’m sorry, I really am. I bought a flight and I’ll be there tomorrow." Niall says. You really are the luckiest girl in the world.

C1: The Call.

( A/N: maybe I should have made mention that, the prologue was suppose to be around the time the two of them were about 18/19, so this is now.. and like - yeah.)

 I remember that day, just about the worst day of my life, so I thought. About half way into her freshman year, we started to lose contact, I missed her. That was until, I received a phone call about 11:45 last night, no 11:47 to be exact. I usually don’t answer unknown calls but, something in me said I should, and I’m glad I did. It was McKenzie! Though an odd time for reuniting, I didn’t hesitate to spend about 5 hours on the phone with her, since the boys and I are already in America, I’m suppose to be meeting her today.


“Slow down mate! You aren’t suppose to be seeing her until about 7, right? It’s only noon.”

Louis said as he watched pick out the perfect thing to where when I see her, which is odd, because she’s my best friend, she’s seen me look like a complete mess. But, it’s different now, kind of I guess. We’re older, and its been so long since I’ve actually seen her. I miss her… a lot.

“Yeah, I know. But, I just gotta make sure I look right, ya’know? Its been so long.”

“Well, we can’t wait to meet her!” Liam chimed in.

“Absolutely, any girl who makes are little Niall run around like a headless chicken is someone we surely want to know.” Louis said, pinching at my cheeks, I fanned him away.

I wonder if she still looks the same, if she smells the same, I’m sure she’s still the same height… and what about her smile? Oh God, her smile was one of my favorite things about her. Ever since we were kids, all she had to is smile and my bad day was completely better. She’s just amazing.

“So, what’s she like?” Harry asked while he took a seat on the black couch in my living room. Boy… what is she like? Where do I began?

“Wow.. um, she’s pretty great ya’know? She’s like… she’s really smart and she’s funny. She’s always been a tad quiet though, a little shy. She’s just, I don’t know. She’s amazing basically. You’ll see, I bet you’ll get on really well.”

Harry smiled, and nodded. “She sounds… interesting.” He chuckled. And, she was, I can’t believe I actually get to be face to face with her, my best friend, after so long.

After completely wrecking my room, I found the right thing to wear.

"So, how’d the two of you meet anyway? You’ve never said a whole lot about beside the fact she’s your best friend, which you said about 90 times so far." Zayn said. Had I really said it so much?

"She was my neighbor when I was little. I don’t exactly remember the day she moved in, but I remember our mums got on really well… at first. And her old brother and Bobby became really good mates." "What did you mean at first? They stopped speaking?" Liam asked. Maybe I said a little too much. "Yeah, sort of. Some things happened with Kennie and her house and my mum was furious so she went to her mum about it and it just was a big mess. Her mum for the longest told her not to speak to me, but she never listened."

"Oh wow, sounds pretty deep" Louis added, putting his feet on my table.

"Yeah, I guess so."

She and I had been through so many things together, I just can’t believe I finally get to see her after all these years.

Niall Horan Imagine

Your boyfriend Niall texts you to meet him at the store where you first met. It’s pouring rain outside and the sky is a sickening grey, but you still decide to go. You grab your red umbrella and walk out the door. You get to the store and there stands Niall soaking wet. You run over and cover him with the umbrella. “No,” he whispers and pushes the umbrella down. You look at him curiously and open your mouth to protest, but he stops you by pressing his soft lips to yours. Even though you’re confused, you kiss him back. You then realize what he’s doing. You’re kissing in the rain. It’s been on your bucket list since you were twelve. You break the kiss and start laughing. He laughs as well. “I love you,” he murmurs. “I love you too Niall,” you say kissing your angel of a boyfriend.


I watch her slowly tear open the letter, biting her bottom lip so hard I swore she drew blood. The anticipation was heavy, so many emotions rushing around. Watching her amber eyes light up, my mind shoots back to that day in the playground when we were 7.


“Ahh! Niall!”

She said laugh and squealing and the same time, as I chased her around the playground with one of the two matching water guns. Running after her through the jungle gym,

“I got ya’ now!”

Squirting her with streams of water. I loved being with her, my very best friend. Never could I imagine us apart, joined at the hip we were, all the time and I wouldn’t ask for it to be any other way.

After about two hours of playing, we were on our way to my Mum who was in the kitchen, for a sit down, she falls. I run, with no hesitation, I run to her.

“Are ya’ okay Kennie? Don’t cry, please.”

Stiffening up so that tears don’t dare escape because she wouldn’t ever cry, not when people can actually see her.

“I’m fine, NJ, it’s just a little scrape.

She always called me NJ.

“Are you sure? I have to make sure ya’ aren’t hurt.”

Looking at me with the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen, she smiles.

“Are we going to be best friends forever?”

“Of course, how could we not be?”

She sticks out her pinky to me.

“Together forever, you promise?”

I wrap my pinky around hers.

“I promise.”


“Ni, did ya’ hear me? I got in!” Her excited cries interrupted my nostalgia. “Tha’ts great Kennie! I’m so happy for you!” In which, I was, don’t get me wrong. She’s finally going to America, for school, something she’s always wanted, to see the rest of the world, what’s outside of Ireland. But, she’s going to America. She won’t be here for me to greet when I come back home on the rare days the boys and I get a break, it won’t be the same, it won’t feel the same. My best friend of 12 years, is leaving me. Listen to me, I sound so selfish, but I can’t help it.

“This is going to be amazing! Now, I get to see what you and the boys are always raving about, and I get to live it! Now, you can come visit ME in America, oh my gosh this is amazing. I have to tell your mum!” She took off, running from my bedroom to the kitchen where my mother was, their bond was unbelievable, you would think she’s my sister. My Mum & I were always there for her, when she didn’t have her own mother to run to, since that’s who she was usually running from.

“Niall, can you believe it? America! I always knew you could do it McKenzie, you’re a brilliant girl.” My proud mother spoke as I joined them in the kitchen. Made my heart glad to see the both of them so happy, so I had no choice but to force a smile myself because, who am I to bring this joy from her? Something I know she hadn’t felt in years. “We have to go shopping now, I can’t go there with the same ol’ clothes I’ve always been wearing!” She beamed with excitement. “Come with me, would ya’ Niall? I’ll need your opinion.” No is the first response that pops in my mind, I refuse to help you out of my life. “Sure, we can go today if ya’ like.” I can’t believe I’m letting her slip away like this, watching her fall out of my grasp in a way, I’ve always protected her, always held her close, always loved her when she couldn’t love herself… Now what’s going to become of this?