David Cameron stood up in an NHS “super-practice”, and championed a seven-day NHS. There are inevitably aspects of the NHS that need changing to meet the presence of new technology and new ways of treating patients. But again, you’ve thought with your “good election headlines” cap on, not your “living in reality” one.

Let me put it this way. Despite what those who work in the NHS tell you and your business friends - that there is no profit to be made in providing public healthcare - you still seem to think it can be run like any other business. Let’s talk about your business Mr Cameron. It’s not doing well. It’s on rocky ground. It’s currently open five days a week for routine care, but 24/7 for emergencies. Every department and branch is in the red. Demand is high. You don’t have the staff or resources to meet this. Money is tight. Recruitment has failed, so much so that some branches have closed completely. You are being warned by shop-floor workers that your product is putting customers at risk. It is increasingly unsafe. Morale is at rock bottom. People are leaving right, left and centre. Your reputation is going down the pan.

So you do the sensible thing - you invest in staff, you focus on the core service your customers really need, you renegotiate expensive contracts with private companies, you restore pride in the business. Yes? Well apparently, no.

What you have done is decide to push your staff further. You are going to open up seven days a week (even though you already do this and suggesting you don’t shows a disconnect and contempt to those staff who work these hours. It also means you waste money on duplicating a service you already provide). Instead you plan to remove overtime payments and unsocial hours pay from those staff. You decide to cut corners; water down the skill mix with cheaper roles with less training - shortening consultant training to get more doctors quickly, against the advice of the Royal Colleges; introducing physician assistants who have trained for two years to replace those damn expensive, properly qualified doctors. As insurance costs rise to cover all this seven-day care, you make doctors pay their own which costs them up to £30,000 a year and is an excellent way of driving them away. You ignore the concerns of your staff, staying isolated or only listening to those that agree with you. You don’t take up repeated offers to spend time on the shop floor and see the reality. You impose unilateral contract changes and ignore the independent pay body recommendations. You plough on regardless. You fail to stabilise the current workforce and care model before making these changes, putting customers at risk.

I’m no expert Mr Cameron, but I think your business plan is shocking. It is going to fail. It is going to push the NHS to collapse, and we are already teetering dangerously on the brink. Push it into the hands of private providers. Which the cynic in me says is your endgame.

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I don’t know if anyone’s aware but there are currently protests happening in England over the Tories being elected due to the ridiculous first past the post system that doesn’t represent what the people want. The Conservatives are using their power to exploit the poor, the disabled (physically and mentally) and they’re selling off the NHS (National Health Service) so it becomes privatised. 


Why I Can Never Respect David Cameron

Do you know what really pisses me off?

In 2009, the year before David Cameron became Prime Minister for the first time, his six-year-old son, Ivan - who suffered from epilepsy and cerebral palsy - was taken ill and tragically died. The Camerons claimed to be “hugely grateful” to the NHS care workers who helped them every day during Ivan’s life. 

David and Samantha Cameron experienced the worst thing any parent could even think of going through, and the one constant that managed to help them, and their family, through it was the NHS. Knowing this, you’d have thought that Cameron would now be fighting his absolute, goddamn hardest to keep the NHS free for all and to improve it’s standards, right? 


Now, the Conservatives want to slowly privatise the NHS because, apparently, we can’t afford to keep it free, which is a fact that I could potentially accept if I didn’t already know that the National Health Service was set up just after the Second World War, when we could most definitely “not afford it”.

The man who was responsible for the formation of the NHS was a Labour politician (make of that what you will) called Aneurin Beven who, without going into too much detail, argued that medical care should be free to all. When he was told that the formation of such a medical service would be too costly, he said that “the nation had to afford it and could afford it”, so to all the people who say that the NHS is costing us too much money, you can take that opinion and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine because you can’t tell me that our economical state is far worse than it was on the 5th July 1948, when the NHS was introduced.

What I’m trying to say is that, a man who went through Hell, a man who will forever be indebted to the NHS, a man who should be on the side of every last person who has ever needed access to free medical care, is now wanting to turn our National Health Service into a private, money-making scheme that will deprive so many people of so much that is essential to life. 

I hope that makes you angry, because that makes me so bloody angry.

Get the Tories out. Now.


They are not ever going to be in favour for the people.

The BBC is not covering the protests (NOT riots).

This government is is favour for the privatisation of schools/NHS, to remove the UK from the Human Rights Act, increased surveillance, cuts that specifically effect disabled people…need I go on?

A 39% majority does not equal a fair government.



Cassetteboy - Cameron’s Conference Rap


What Have We Done?

It has now sunk in that the British public seriously re-elected this guy… with even more support than last time. 

Mr. David Cameron - the man who’s family built it’s fortune in tax havens - is a man of the people. He say’s reassuring things like; ‘we’re all in this together’. Time and time again he has pledged his allegiance to the “hard working families” of the U.K; quite the contrast to age-old accusations that his is a party for the rich. But look, even without the constant criticism, David has a tough job; imagine having to oversee the economic recovery of an entire nation! Obviously, hard decisions need to be made, and belts must be tightened; remember: “we’re all in this together”.

So, when he took over in 2010, in came the cuts. You see, when an economic crash comes around, governments normally start looking for ways to spend less. And that’s what Cameron did. He looked up and down and all around and concluded that we needed to cut back on our expenses. Those of us with a conscience might say; ‘times are hard, we need to protect the most vulnerable in our society’, but not David.

He must know something the rest of us don’t, so he does the opposite, because that’s what’s best for the country. His government tripled tuition fees, and made plans of £83bn in cuts. Naturally, this lowered living standards; with those with severe disabilities (1/3 of which were already in poverty)  hit 19 times harder. In fact, the U.K was (and maybe still is) being investigated by the UN for systematic violations of disability rights. Under Cameron, Britain’s healthcare system continues to deteriorate more and more everyday. In his first 3 years, the number of people receiving social care went down by 25%, we now have 5,000 fewer nurses and last year there were 900 incidents of police having to drive people to hospitals because ambulances couldn’t. By December 2014; 60 people had committed suicide over inconsolable worries about benefits/ healthcare cuts. Though, to be fair, since the gap in the life expectancy of the rich and poor is widening; may as well bow out early, right?

Before he was PM, around 26 thousand people were using food banks. Now that number is at over 1 million. At present; 13 million people are in poverty - which is at a 30 year high - despite most living in working households. Turns out it’s not easy living on minimum wage, especially if you don’t know when the next shift might be (like the 700,000 people currently on zero hours contracts). Still, there’s no rest for the wicked: less than a week after being re-elected to govern (by themselves this time; God help us) the Conservative government is already eyeing up another £12bn in cuts to social security. Why make cuts when you can sell arms to the worst human rights abusers on the planet, like last time?

Anyway, at this point, those with a conscience and sense of morality - the ones who previously made that silly remark about helping people in need - might say; ‘can’t we take money from somewhere other than where it is most desperately needed?’… He can’t hear you, he’s too busy scrapping the human rights act. Besides, don’t hold your breath: while he was doing all those wonderful things for Britain’s most oppressed people, him and his buddies were doing something else for the most privileged. Nothing too big, you know, just boasting on camera about lowering corporate tax. Or ensuring millionaires are “£107k richer each year” by cutting the top rate of income tax. Yeah, little things, like using £200k of the public’s money to campaign against putting a cap on banker bonuses. A cap.

Let’s get this straight; a group of wealthy men knowingly crash the world economy; then the British tax payer gives £1.162 trillion towards bailing them out; but instead of asking for some of that back, the chancellor uses some more money to try and help them secure even larger bonuses. Call me crazy but I thought a bonus was something you received for doing well, not for crashing the planet’s economic system. But I’m no economist. 

Having said that, if you needed to find some money; the royal family costs £300 million to maintain, start with that. The top 5 banks in the U.K. recorded profits of over £20bn, why not take from them? Bankers are expected to receive £5bn in bonuses this year. Why not take that? I’m sure some of that so-called ‘defense’ budget of £36bn is being spent on slaughtering children somewhere in the middle east, how about cutting that? Or what about fixing the tax loopholes which has seen the U.K lose over £70bn in the last 2 years? The 1% have more than doubled their wealth since this government took power, but we cannot take from them, no, no, no, that would be too unfair. So instead; the students, the elderly, the poor, the disabled and single parents have to suffer… ‘we’re all in it together’? Give me a break.

Why do the Tories never trumpet about the great achievement that our NHS is the best, most cost effective healthcare system in the world? Why do they not pat themselves on the back as they do with the economy?

Why do they instead feed the opposite “NHS too expensive” propaganda to the right wing press? - Article posted 6.10 am, 8th May 2015

Could it be because there is no profit to be made out of an efficient health service run solely for patient need? And if there is no profit, there are no backhanders going to Tory party funds? 

The Tories now have the power to replace our NHS with a worse money wasting market-led system, just so a few rich people can get even richer while the rest of us suffer from the consequences.

This is the mentality of our elected Conservative ‘One Nation’ Government.