NHS, The Bigger Picture: What a downgraded A&E really means

Since coming to power, the Coalition has closed or downgraded more than 30 NHS maternity and A&E units. Many more are at risk if Jeremy Hunt is returned as Health Secretary.


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anonymous asked:

I’m a trans woman and I am really unhappy with my voice. However, I can’t afford speech therapy, and I have no clue how to go about self vocal training. Does you have any resources or suggestions on how to voice train for a feminine voice?

Chrissi says:

I’m kinda lucky in the fact that my natural voice isn’t too low (In fact before I came out I used to lower it… don’t ask..)
I just used to listen to girls talking in films and IRL and try and imitate them, then I’d read books aloud whilst recording them and self critique.
However, I used these resources to help;

These are both a series of videos, but i’ll link you too the first in the series and you can find the rest from there…

Finding your female voice by DeepStealth, these are a series of older videos that you used to have to buy in VHS (I no rite?) format, that have been uploaded for free on youtube, and where even featured at the start of “transamerica”(I dislike that film, but was good for trans media coverage)
These are very intensive videos, but the whole series is very good, and comprehensive.

Transgender Voice by CandiFLA, these are less intensive and and less professional, but better if you are just going to be voice training casually.

Alternatively, if you live in the UK, voice coaching is now available on the NHS, just ask your gender therapist about it.

Hope this helps! <3

Hey! My names Rosy and I’m 19 ❤️. I suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Sadly, I can’t get treatment on the nhs, so my only choice was to go private. I’m seeing someone on the 2nd of April, but it’s going to cost a lot of money. My family had run out of money, so I’m asking if you could make a small donation to help. £5 could make a huge difference, so if you could, please go to anything big or small will help ❤️.
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That is why no amount of cajolery, and no attempts at ethical or social seduction, can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory Party that inflicted those bitter experiences on me. So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin. They condemned millions of first-class people to semi-starvation. Now the Tories are pouring out money in propaganda of all sorts and are hoping by this organised sustained mass suggestion to eradicate from our minds all memory of what we went through. But, I warn you young men and women, do not listen to what they are saying now. Do not listen to the seductions of Lord Woolton. He is a very good salesman. If you are selling shoddy stuff you have to be a good salesman. But I warn you they have not changed, or if they have they are worse than they were

Aneurin ‘Nye’ Bevan, Health Minister, in a speech in 1948, two days before the National Health Service came into being at Park Hospital in Manchester.

True then, true now. 

On the nature of gender identity, and societal misunderstanding

Transgender identity is a much louder topic in the media recently. We are seeing stories in major newspapers about nonbinary young adults coming out and taking on the world, we’re reading about the discrimination that trans people face, and in the past week or so in particular we are hearing about transgender children.

Yesterday Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4 hosted a “debate” about whether medical treatment for children who are transgender is appropriate. It was in many ways intentionally misinforming and harmful, and things have been said by CN Lester on Twitter and in a blog post on that subject I’m going to talk about that debate here; for some context, here’s the programme on iPlayer, and here’s the transcript.

This debate made many common mistakes that I would like to make very clear now.

Transgender people, including children, are not just people rejecting gender norms and gender roles. The BBC and radical feminist Mackay seemed to be assuming that trans kids are just boys who want to wear pink and girls who want to wear dungarees. The presenter literally said that in the introduction. When you take away gender roles and gendered language and gendered power imbalance, what’s left is who we are - and we are not all agender. In a society where nothing is gendered at all, not even pronouns, people with what we currently call “gender dysphoria” will still exist because it may look different and feel different but gender will probably still exist.

An uncomfortable condition entirely created by society should still be treated medically to the best of everyone’s ability. Mackay argued during the Woman’s Hour debate that blame for trans identities lies not with nature but with society’s imposing of strict gender norms on young children. This was framed in opposition to Bridgman’s view as a psychologist that many trans children need medical treatment. Regardless of the cause of any discomfort, refraining from treating a condition in the most effective way possible is deeply unethical. To do so for political reasons is harmfully selfish. 

Puberty blockers are not permanent and irreversible. They slow puberty to give trans children time to consider their identity and how they fit into the world. When the child is ready, the most suitable puberty can continue unaffected.

Puberty blockers are not easily prescribed. You can’t just walk into a clinic for the first time and say “my child is/might be transgender” and walk out with puberty blockers. A child must live in-role for a minimum amount of time (usually at least a year), and have the full support of the parent(s) and/or guardian(s). Doctors here in the UK are very reluctant to prescribe hormonal drugs to minors, and it’s only done in severe cases.

Puberty blockers save lives. Transgender children have much higher rates of self-harm and suicide attempts, many of which are successful. Puberty for transgender people is traumatic, and the trauma doesn’t go away. It’s like being slowly crushed by a steamroller for 5 years, and being surrounded by trusted friends and family telling you you’ll get used to it, everyone feels this way, etc.

Puberty blockers save money. Top surgery costs the NHS about £6,000, carries all the expected risks, can lead to loss of chest sensation, and is preventable with blockers. The voice dropping is permanent, and voice therapy is specialist, insufficiently available, and expensive - also preventable with blockers. Laser treatment for facial hair costs thousands of pounds and takes many painful sessions over a long period of time - also preventable with blockers. Gendered bone structure is permanent and irreversible - and preventable with blockers. Some surgeries, like genital and reproductive surgeries, cannot be prevented with blockers - but a lot of other things can.


But this is not a debate about the practical or the effective.

When we are trans children, people say we are too young to know for sure; when we are trans teens, people say we’re just going through a phase; when we are trans adults, people say we can’t be unless we were stereotypically trans when we were children.

This is a message from a society that does not believe we have a right to the treatment we need. We are required to live through irreversible hell to deserve treatment (unlike any other condition), which must be approved by people who do not fully understand us. When we have done everything we can to live authentically we stand before a panel of judges and pay for the privilege of being told whether they think we are who we know we are.

This must change.

Today I got inducted into the National Honors Society at my school, and had to put the rose somewhere.

Where better to put it than on this magazine dedicated to Leonard Nimoy?

There are only a few people that have REALLY made a mark with me, and he was probably the person who has impacted me the most out of anyone.

He’s inspired my photography, art, and love of science. But when it comes to academics, I’m not a rocket scientist by any means, but I wouldn’t have been able to motivate myself and turn everything around without inspiration from him

I started watching Star Trek a few years ago and related to Spock in the sense that he felt (yes, felt) like an outsider no matter what planet he inhabited. He wasn’t fully Vulcan and wasn’t fully human. But, as Leonard has written, instead of focusing on popularity he made himself useful. He tried to make the best version of himself that he could, and that helped turned my academic career around so that I could not only join NHS, but also get recognized for a substantial jump in my GPA.

So thank you Grandpa Neems. None of this would have been possible without you, even if I never had the chance to know you in person. LLAP.

Important - A request for all UK followers

I don’t believe in using OhMyBritain to promote my own agenda, political beliefs or otherwise as I started it solely with the intention for it to become a tumblr where people could find nice images of different parts of England, Wales and Scotland. However this is incredibly important, if Britain loses the NHS and our health care becomes privatised it will be a colossal mistake. The US’ private health care has failed millions of Americans who need access to healthcare but cannot afford it or their insurance won’t cover it, this could be the future for the UK if we don’t act. I feel very strongly about this issue and if you live in Britain and can’t afford private health care, you should too.

Please sign the petition. You will need to put in your postcode, therefore only those with UK residency can sign it but every signature counts. If you can’t sign the petition, a reblog would help just as much. Thank you.

UK Gender Identity Clinic Referral Tips

ok so i’ve had kind of a nightmare trying to get myself referred to a GIC these past five months, and yesterday i once again visited my GP and i think that i finally have sorted out a successful referral

and i thought, since it’s been such a confusing and frustrating process for me, that i would outline a few tips i’ve gathered and worked out that can help ensure a smooth referral for other UK trans people

research where you want to go

this might sound obvious, but actually it’s not always the easiest thing to find out everything you need to know, due to out of date information and uncertainty about where you can or would want to be referred

  • look into all your options - any clinic that you could viably get to is worth looking into, so you can see what’s right for you (this page is good for a quick overview of them all and links to all their websites). and remember that it’s patient choice, so you get to choose where you get referred!
  • don’t rule out ones that are further away - sometimes the ones that are closest aren’t always the best for you, for any number of factors. for example, the clinic i initially wanted to be referred to was the Leeds GIC because it was the closest to me, but, when i was chasing up a referral (which turned out to be unsuccessful due to mistakes made by my GP) i was told by someone who worked there that the waiting list was three times longer than it said on the website, and so have now opted for one that’s more out of the way but that has a far more reasonable waiting time
  • which brings me onto my next point, checking the waiting times - which i very highly recommend that you do. this page has a good table (on page 2, table 2) with estimates of how long the waiting lists are, and most if not all GICs will have the times on their websites. HOWEVER, i wholeheartedly recommend calling up the clinic(s) of your choice and checking the most recent wait times, because out of the three i contacted, all of them were longer than outlined on their websites

educate yourself on the protocol

this is because a lot of the time, because of a fairly recent change in protocol, GPs don’t know how to refer you. i have been to three appointments in which my referral was unsuccessful, and ended up being referred for a mental health assessment instead, so it’s good to know what your rights are and have everything straight in your head so you can guide your GP 

  • your GP should refer you directly to the clinic of your choice - your referral should be a simple referral letter that your GP should either fax or mail directly to the clinic, and the GIC deals with it from there. this pdf has a flow chart (page 7) that very clearly states the up to date protocol, and many GPs will need to be told that that is the case
  • you do NOT need a mental health assessment! - a lot of the confusion with my referral arose because i thought my GP had contacted the GIC when in fact they had contacted the local mental health services. when i went back to clear up this mistake i was told that, since i now had the referral to a mental health assessment, that that would be the quickest pathway. that is FALSE. some, if not all, GICs can ONLY take referrals from a GP, and mental health assessments have not been a requirement in a gender identity referral for well over a year now

make sure you have all the information you (and your GP) might need

once you have done the above, make sure you equip yourself with the relevant information you will need for your GP appointment

  • make sure to let your GP know which clinic you wish to be referred to
  • make notes! - for my most recent appointment, i made a few basic notes of the clinic of my choice (which included the name, the address, and the phone number of the clinic) which i gave to my GP. you can also note down things to say (because it can be hard to know where to start!), which can just be something like “i’m transgender, and i wish to be referred to a gender identity clinic in […]”, and reminders to tell your doctor that you do not need a mental health assessment, and that referrals should be made directly to the clinic of your choice
  • take a copy of the protocol with you - i had a link to it on my phone and a screenshot of the flowchart that i was planning on showing my GP if anymore confusion arose. this could be a good idea, as many GPs are unfamiliar with the up-to-date protocol 
  • you don’t have to know everything - i had one appointment in which my doctor asked me questions about what treatments i wanted, what my chosen name was, and other questions that were unnecessary and borderline invasive. these are questions that you do not need to answer until you get to the GIC, and in fact you don’t need to know what exactly you want out of the process just yet! the whole point of the GIC is to help you figure out which direction you want to go in and what is right for you

after you’ve seen the GP

there’s not much to do at this point but wait until you hear back, but there are just a couple things you should be aware of

  • you might not get a letter back very quickly - i have heard it can be anywhere between a month and a year before your chosen GIC gets in contact with you to acknowledge your referral and give you your appointment date (which will be the stated amount of time from after they receive the letter from your GP, so don’t worry if you get your letter late). this all completely depends on how your chosen clinic does things, so i suggest calling up and asking how long it will be before you’ll hear back
  • call up after a month - i strongly recommend calling up your chosen clinic after about a month or so from when you had your GP appointment. this way, you can check that they received your referral successfully, and then if they haven’t you can make further arrangements with your GP or another doctor at your practice

best of luck!

i know this post is quite long winded, but it’s all stuff i wish i had known for my first GP appointment, because then i could have maybe avoided all the frustration and confusion 

i hope this helps, and if anyone has any other questions feel free to direct them to me, either on this (my main blog) or, if you feel more comfortable, my gender specific blog

good luck to everyone getting a referral, i hope it goes as smoothly as possible for you all

Petition that the NHS and World Health Organisation Shouldn't Class Female Genital Piercings As FGM

This is the link to the petition against female genital piercings being recorded as FGM by the WHO (World Health Organisation) and by the NHS.

Not only will this hopefully mean that women with genital piercings won’t be labed victims and reduces the risk of piercers being charged with an act of FGM, but it means the true victims of FGM won’t be lost in a data base full of women who consented to genital piercings. That way the database will only record the true victims of FGM so we can start to try and help those who have suffered as a result.


Satisfaction with the NHS has grown year on year.

George Osborne, during his budget speech, 18/03/2015.

Except that public satisfaction with the NHS fell from 70% to 58% in the first year of this parliament, rose to 60% the next year, stayed at 60% the following year and is currently at 65%, still 5% lower than when the Tories took office. [source][source]

So, more blatant lies from George Osborne today.

Normally, I can ignore Katie Hopkins when I read yet another of her tired rants about things that she has absolutely no knowledge about, as I don’t want her to get the publicity and ‘fame’ that she so desires.

But how dare she attack people who have a horrific, debilitating and terrifying disease that are completely unable to fight back to what she is saying. How dare she spout absolute nonsense about a disease which she clearly has no experience with. How dare she insinuate that people with dementia have no feelings, no awareness and no quality of life.