Does your hair growth seem stunted no matter what you use? Are you struggling to keep your scalp moisturized and itch-free? Long, shiny and beautiful hair starts at the scalp! This video will show you my All-Natural Hair & Scalp Cleansing Regimen to help keep your scalp healthy and in turn help your hair retain moisture, length, fullness and shine. This 4-step beauty regimen will leave your hair looking lush and amazing almost immediately! You just need Unrefined Coconut Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, the White Camellia conditioner by Aubrey Organics and the Anti-Breakage Yucca Masque by Shea Moisture. Interested in hearing how and why? Watch the tutorial for more information!

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New Video || DIY All-Natural, Raw & Organic Hair Butter For Winter

The temperatures have officially dropped! That means it’s time to pull out the thicker hair butters and creams to protect our natural strands from harsh winds. An even cooler idea would be to make our own at home, using all-natural ingredients and a blender! No stove. No heat. No fuss. And you’ll be finished in 5-minutes, tops!

This recipe focuses on hair growth, dry, itchy scalp, moisture and sealing.

I hope you love it! Let me know!

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Shea Moisture recently released a Manuka Honey & Mafura line (as well as a Jamaican Black Castor Oil line) that I’m sincerely in love with.

Manuka benefits for hair: aids in the regrowth of thinning hair, prevents dry scalp and build up and dope for shine and combatting frizz.

Mafura benefits for hair: Contains essential fatty acids that are known to strengthen, deeply moisturize and soften dry hair. Also has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties for a healthier scalp.

In other words? Your hair health, scalp health and growth are about to be on 10! I’ve been using the conditioner and deep conditioner once a week followed by the Alikay Naturals Lemongrass leave-in (finger raked into freshly washed, soaking wet hair) and then a layer of their Shea Yogurt Moisturizer on top, to seal it all in (Discussed this organic brand a few months back. Here)

Both lines were purchased at Target! The weather is changing up so this is my go-to healthy hair regimen for the cooler temps.

P.S. ALL of these smell like absolute heaven on earth. Seriously.

Have any of you tried these products? Thoughts?


Are you struggling to retain moisture in your hair? Is your hair growth “stunted”? Can’t seem to find the right combination of products to give you that long-lasting softness, definition and shine? This video shows you my 4-step wash & go regimen to help you achieve that beautiful lush hair you’re looking for! 3 super healthy, affordable and easily accessible products. Watch the video above for the explanation and step-by-step tutorial! Hope it’s helpful <3

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6 Ways To Use Apple Cider Vinegar On Natural Hair

BGLH writes:

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has long been used as a natural hair care product to promote healthy hair in both men and women. The acidity is close to that of natural hair, it’s a good conditioner, cleansing agent and an effective germ killer.

As a result, apple cider vinegar uses and benefits for the hair include:

  1. Vinegar hair rinse
  2. Hair Herbal rinse
  3. Essential oil vinegar hair rinse
  4. Dandruff and itchy scalp relief
  5. Natural hair loss treatment
  6. Home Remedy for head Lice

Find the 6 all-natural rinse recipes here.


Natural Hair || DIY Leave-In Detangler

My Natural Sistas writes:

I LOVE this easy Do It Yourself detangler! It gives my natural hair lots of slip, shine, and a slight hold. I also love that all of the ingredients are natural! Hope you enjoy the video & recipe!

Let me know if it works for you if you decide to give it a try :)


Are you struggling with a super dry and itchy scalp? Or dandruff? Can’t seem to find any relief or long-lasting moisture no matter what you use? Try this all-natural DIY scalp treatment using 3 ingredients! Super clean, quick and easy to make! All you need: Oatmeal, Nutmeg and 2 Bananas. Interested in hearing why and how? Watch the video for more information! Remember, your hair can’t grow properly without a healthy scalp! I hope you love it <3

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3-Easy To Make Homemade Deep Conditioners For Natural Hair

"For some of us, going natural did not stop with our hair.  It continued with a move towards mixing our own “natural” products.  While numerous recipes exist on the internet, few are actually both simple AND effective in meeting the needs of our natural hair.  If you are new to making your own products or are a current mixtress searching for an easy-to-make recipe that actually works, you can start with these homemade conditioners, which are my three favorites"

Read more here.

Via Black Girl Long Hair

Everyone with natural hair knows that top pic very well. The ashy bun struggle. My new video shows you how I went from that to the picture below in a matter of minutes. And using only a quarter-sized amount of product. So now we’ve discussed a healthy way to cleanse your hair & scalp, my 4-step moisture retention routine and now how to maintain the fresh haired look throughout the week! Let me know how it all works out for you. That bottom pic is 7th day hair for me, by the way! So this method can stretch your wash & go for awhile! Did you watch yet? Watch the new video here.

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4 Scientific Reasons To Try Tea Rinses For Natural Hair

"Tea rinses are growing in popularity within the natural hair community. Green tea and black tea are generally widely available and therefore are also the most frequently discussed. Could there be some science to tea rinsing? I decided to investigate and discovered some interesting reasons as to why a final rinse with tea after washing hair may possibly be beneficial.”

Read more here.

Via Black Girl With Long Hair

My new healthy hair obsession is this Alikay Naturals line. 100% natural and 90% organic 😍 Every single product smells fresh and summery! Perfect for all hair types. I met the owner, Black Onyx, and we were discussing how cool it is to see more and more healthy beauty brands on store shelves. Her line is now at Target and you can also check them out at She didn’t ask me to post about it but I just had to because my hair responded so well! I used her Lemongrass Leave-In on freshly washed and soaking wet hair, followed by her Shea Yogurt Moisturizer. During my wash process, I used her Honey & Sage Deep Conditioner and my hair felt like butter. (Watch my Healthy Wash & Go Regimen to see my exact styling process). These ingredients are all so clean and rich, continuous use will most definitely strengthen and lengthen your hair. Check them out if you’re looking for new healthy products to try! Support brands that care about your health!

Have any of you tried the line?

Healthy Beauty | My Top 5 Hair Butters

I should probably title this post, “My Top 5 Hair Butters…of 2012” because lord knows I have a new rotation every few weeks years. I’ve actually narrowed it down this time, though, and I think i’m going to stick to these all-natural gems (Unless someone comes out with another dope healthy brand. I’m weak.). This doesn’t mean I use all of these at once. When a jar is done, I order one of these 5. I like keeping my hair challenged with different nutrients/products every few months so it doesn’t get dull. What sells me on a product? The ingredients, scent and how many days I can go without having to re-apply it. With that being said, here are the 5 all-natural butters i’m currently in lust with:


Unyevu Butter - Belle Butters

Ingredients: shea butter, raw pressed mango butter, avocado butter, apricot kernel oil, neem oil, sunflower oil, fragrance, optiphen (preservative)

Price: 4 oz -$13 | 16 oz - $26

I rave about this butter all the time, so this isn’t new for most of you. Aside from the incredible ingredients, the biggest plus for this product is the scent. When I sit down next to someone on the train, they ALWAYS turn (not exaggerating) and tell me I smell so good. It’s this light mixture of ginger, amber and vanilla. I also love that I can apply it to both my skin and hair. Being able to do that let’s me know i’ve picked a dope and clean product <3 I buy this for these colder months, since it’s rich and thick. It gives me some serious moisture on my skin and hair for days and a little goes a long way.


Curlaide Moisture Butter - Camille Rose Naturals

Ingredients: Rice milk, distilled water, aloe vera, btms, shea butter, olive oil, coconut, sesame oil, avocado, macadamia, castor, jojoba, vitamin c + e,  marshmellow root, rice oil, green algae, amla, optiphen, natural fragrance and LOVE!

Price: 8 oz - $16

If you’re looking for a butter that has a little bit of hold, for more defined twists/braids or slicked back styles/updos, this is the one. I remember being a little confused when I first tried it because most butters give me tons of moisture but no curl definition; which is fine since I use butters for protective styles and not for wash & gos. This one is special, though. You can use it for both styles. I can’t think of another butter that does that! A definite must-have in the textured hair beauty arsenal.The creamy and vegan ingredients also allow for days and days of moisture without having to reapply. Major plus!


Bee Hold Curly Butter - Bee Mine

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Aloe Vera Gel, Essential Oil Blend, Vegetable Glycerin, Rosemary Leaf & Chamomile Extract, Silk Powder, Paraben & Formaldehyde Free Preservative

Price:16 oz - $23

This is my go-to butter all year round. If you like the deep moisture butters give without your hair being too weighed down (especially for those with fine natural hair) this one is perfect for you. It’s light and creamy without sacrificing long-lasting moisture. The perfect product. And the coconut scent is yum! I used it in this video to show how I twist my hair.


Whipped Butter Creme - Belle Amour Blends

Ingredients: Aloe butter, Avocado butter, Mango butter, Shea butter, Coconut oil, Grapeseed oil, Jamaican Black Castor oil, Macadamia Nut oil, Olive oil, Sweet Almond oil, Argan oil, Black Currant oil, various essential and fragrance oils*

Price:4 oz - $6

You guys know I have to big up my favorite indie brands, too! Not only because she’s a sweet kid who focuses on health but because I know a lot of you college kids are side-eyeing me for the prices of the other butters…lol. Here’s an affordable, all-natural, extremely moisturizing skin AND hair jar of butter. With 10+ different scents to choose from, too. She can even customize the scent for you or swap out ingredients you may not be fond of. Love her <3

And last…but not least


How about making your own hair and skin butter from scratch? That’s always my favorite healthy option :)

Watch here to learn how quick, easy and affordable it is.

So there you have it, my end of the year beauty round-up for butters. I made sure to include something for every hair type, desired style and price range. And ALL healthy! I hope this list helps <3

Do you use any of these already?

Shea Moisture came out with these co-washing products that are absolutely everything! For those who are new to the concept, co-washing (conditioner washing) means cleansing your hair with just conditioner as opposed to shampoo, which can be very drying for natural hair. When I cleanse with conditioner, my hair retains way more moisture, definition and shine. I tried both of these and the knots literally melted in between my fingers. Shea Moisture added tons of herbs for that extra nutrition and deep cleanse. New staples, for sure! They need to bring these to CVS (in bigger bottles, too, cause my hair laughed at these 8 little ounces). Available at Target and Walgreens, for now.

Have any of you tried them?


NEW VIDEO: My Entire Healthy Hair Regimen & Favorite Products

This video is for those of you who don’t have the resources or time to make your own beauty products! I explain step-by-step of my hair regimen and every single one of my favorite (online and store-bought) all-natural hair products. There are tons of awesome and trustworthy brands for all textures and lengths!

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Finally back home so today was a much needed wash day! Here are the store-bought all-natural options for those of you not into DIY/kitchen beauty projects and those who aren’t fans of online shopping for hair products. I used the Aubrey Organics “White Camellia” set of shampoo (I personally cleanse with apple cider vinegar but this product is a great non-drying option for those who feel they need a shampoo from the store!) and conditioner. Both sold at Target and Whole Foods. I then used the Camille Rose Naturals Algae Renew Deep Conditioner, also sold at Target. Once my hair was cleansed and deep conditioned, I applied the Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love Moisture Milk (Target) followed by a finger-raked layer of Aubrey Organics Pure Aloe Vera Juice (Target, Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe) to add some shine, definition and to seal in moisture! All natural and healthy goodness! Don’t forget to keep the Aloe refrigerated. No filter on the pic so you can see my results! Now I’ll let it air dry in pigtails. Sleep on a satin pillowcase to avoid dryness and frizz. Tomorrow I’ll take down the pigtails and puff my hair out. Those were my exact steps to achieve the big hair in my 2 previous STL pics. I do all of this once a week. What are you using to cleanse and style your hair and where do you buy/order?


NEW VIDEO - DIY Winter Hair Care

Raw & Organic Hair Smoothie (Deep Conditioning Treatment) + Moisturizing Hair Butter

Hope it’s helpful! Don’t forget to subscribe and leave feedback <3


DIY Strawberry-Yogurt Hair & Facial Mask


10 Strawberries (or as many as needed, depending on hair length/density)

1 carton of plain Greek Yogurt (or 2, depending on hair length/density)


Strawberries provide omega-3 fatty acids that fortify your strands and help your skin retain moisture. They’re also rich in B vitamins which help stimulate hair growth and promote elasticity for skin. The Greek Yogurt is a rich source of protein which helps your strands heal from the inside out and keeps your skin clear and glowing.


In a bowl, mash up the 10 strawberries (or blend them for a creamier consistency) and then pour the greek yogurt on top to create a strawberry-yogurt paste. Apply liberally from root to tip (on hair) and massage onto face until fully covered. Leave on hair and skin for 30 min. Rinse (both) with warm water followed by a cold water splash (closes cuticles on hair, reduces pores on face).

Nothing cooler than killing two birds with one stone! And using all-natural ingredients, too! Enjoy your glowing summery face and shiny, moisturized hair! <3 (and try not to eat it all)