30 Day NHL Challenge - Day 5

Day 5. Your opinion of Sidney Crosby


Sorry, I’m too distracted by James Neal’s face. His ridiculously, absurdly nice face.

Really though. I have no opinion on him. Other than mild bewilderment that when he talks about refs, the entire hockey fandom folds up in rage, but when JT talks about refs during DET-CHI, BEST CAPTAIN IN LEAGUE YEAH. By “talk”, I mean comment. By “comment”, I mean complain.

So I’m still a bit bitter.

Okay, well, actually I dislike the guy solely because he turns me into a SJW. Dammit, NHL.com commenters, stop that. Not saying the guy is gay, but if he were, who would care and why would that be insulting? And seriously? Cindy? Because being a girl sucks so much and is insulting as fuck. I mean, this type of heckling will go on forever, but it’s still vaguely irritating.

But for the most part, he’s the best offensive forward in the world. But I’d still rather watch Malkin play. And Neal’s face. But Pittsburgh isn’t high up on my list of teams that I enjoy watching on the reg. I like watching the WC teams.

Anyway, this was my last draft that I’m posting early. Now I can sit pretty for a couple of days, hahaha. JFC, I had a lot of feels for actually not having any feels at all. My life is a lie.

30 Day NHL Challenge - Day 4

Day 4. Who is going to win the Stanley Cup this year?

Uh, hopefully the Wings. Hopefully not Chi-town. I don’t think DRW are a full-on cup contender, BUT if they can’t, I’ve got my heart set on NYR-VAN because HELLO WIFE COACH SWAP! And either/or team could win and I wouldn’t REALLY care, but I’d prefer NYR. I’d be okay with the Sens winning it too. The whole season ticket holders returning their tickets made me all depressed and shit because I can’t imagine how I’d feel if Z up and signed with a different team! :(

(Fuck it, posting all of the drafts I had typed up now because I can and I’m lazy and fuck doing daily challenges. i am horrible at schedules, hahaha.)

30 Day NHL Challenge - Day 1

Day 1. Which team is your absolute favorite?

The Red Wings. Obviously. Or maybe not, haha. But no, really. My parents were both born and bred in Detroit and hockey was just what they (well, okay, mostly my dad) did. Of course, when they moved here and found out Kalamazoo had their own team, it was done and done.

But yeah. I will be a die-hard DRW fan until the day I die.