*I am headed into the house I live in, with my parents, after a successful band practice in my friend Will’s garage. It was awesome! We are totally gonna kill it at the Battle of the Bands at the local college. I play guitar and Will is one hell of a singer. At least, judging by the females that come up and talk to him, what I overhear is complimentary. But..with his blonde hair and muscles, I can’t say I blame them. Not that I’d draw any female fans. I am scrawny. Hell, they probably think I am 12 years old or something, despite I graduated high school 2 years ago. I am planning on continuing my college classes, but I am hoping to also be accepted into a training program. THE training program, as far as I am concerned. The one for the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Not that any of my friends know anything about that. I have been working, mainly giving guitar lessons, either private or in music stores, and on occasion helping people by repairing their computers. I have loved any kind of gadgets since I was a young. I open the door, and I am surprised to see the household all in a celebratory mood. I set the bag I was carrying down on the floor and smile, shake my head. I wonder what this is about. A doggen tells me that my parents request that I join them for a special dinner in the dining room. I quickly glance down at my phone, to check the date. I haven’t missed a birthday, or their anniversary of mating or anything. We aren’t expecting company. I am usually pretty good about keeping track of those things. I thank the doggen, especially as he takes my bag and tells me they will bring it up to my room for me. I walk to

the kitchen and open the door, meet my parent’s eyes, as I walk over to give my mahmen a hug. They immediately start making a fuss over me. My father comes over to hug me, even. He’s a great father, but not the hugging sort. I can’t help but to grin at their excitement, in bewilderment. What could this be about? Then my father makes it clear, as he puts a letter in my hands and tells me to read it. My brain finally comes back online. I open the envelope, as I wonder, if this is it. Could this be the moment I have been waiting for? I pull out piece of paper. Sure enough, I have been accepted into the Brotherhood Training Program! My face seriously feels like it is gonna break, I am grinning so hard, as I begin to celebrate with my parents. I have been waiting for this moment for so long. I have even already been taking Tae Kwon Do classes, even though I suck, to maybe help prepare me. I have the worst coordination in the class and I am the smallest, but I don’t care. We sit down and eat the dinner, talking about the future, as the doggen serve us. It is a great evening. As the dinner winds down my parents mention wanting to celebrate my acceptance into the Training Program, with a nice dinner in Caldwell, and my mahmen insists on dragging my father and I to see some theater. I respectfully agree, and we set a date. I get up to leave the table. My father stops me just as I am about to walk out of the room to leave. He goes to shake my hand and places a box in my palm. I am stunned. What is this? Everything seems to freeze, and all eyes are on me, as I open the box, and I find my father’s signet ring. He is passing it down to me! It is way too huge for my fingers now, but he tells me that he is proud of me, and couldn’t be happier for how my future is looking. We all talk until the sun has almost risen, and then I head up to my bedroom. My head is buzzing with happiness and warmth. I couldn’t be more content. I place the ornate black box on my bedside table stand, by my alarm clock. I crawl into bed. I really can’t wait my future to start. Just a matter of weeks until I begin the Brotherhood Training program. With a yawn I set a widget on my phone to begin the countdown of days. I probably fall asleep, still grinning.* #Accepted