By @naturalhairdoescare “What you say is what you’ll see. Speak positively about your day, your family, your future, your health, etc. Share a positive statement with us if you’d like, but most importantly, share it with yourself! Great morning dear ones! #naturalhairdoescare #nhdcmorning #werkingitwednesday #rp #encourageyourself #affirmyourself” via @PhotoRepost_app

By @naturalhairdoescare “Oh it’s that serious. And when it happens, when you recognize His intervening mercy for the RESCUE MISSION that it truly is, you ought to go ahead on, stay out of your feelings of disappointment for what you designed or intended, and make the intellectual decision to praise Him for Deliverance! But let me stop, I didn’t come to preach. On behalf of the NHDC team: Great morning dear ones! #naturalhairdoescare #nhdcmorning #werkingitwednesday #haveThineownwayLord #Jeremiah29verse11 #rp” #RealTalk

Chile… Lesson learned. Anybody else a sensitive soul like me?Spotted this in my FB feed, don’t know the original source but it resonated with me and rattled my cages lol! So….yeah, this is something I am challenged with so I’m speaking as an overcomer. I used to be knocked off center by the behavior of others in my “civilian life” even though in my career I’m trained to not be surprised at anything people do especially to children. Catch that tea, smh. See, on the job I have a chart, data, and training for reference. In life…not so much. Some of us then go to the other extreme and get sooooo hard because of how people have hurt us. But here’s another way: take responsibility for and manage your own expectations. See people for who they are and respect how they operate. No one ‘has to’ act the way you think they ‘should,’ free yourself from that notion. How YOU do things is how YOU do things. Take care. Great morning dear ones! ~> @drskdenham #naturalhairdoescare #nhdcmorning #tameyourtresstuesday

@doc_smartin says: “In my line of work I’m often seeing the generational collateral damage of people’s choices. When I saw this statement I did a double take. I’m still digesting why it resonates so much with my truth meter. Thought I’d share it, see what y’all think. Great morning dear ones!” #naturalhairdoescare #nhdcmorning #tameyourtresstuesday