A popular health manual from the 15th century, the Tacuinum Sanitatis, shows many examples of women taking part in daily activities.

Here are a few examples:

1. Collecting honey (fol. 82)
2. Collecting pyrethrum (fol. 21)
3. Cooking tripe (fol. 74v)
4. Salting fish (fol. 79)
5. Harvesting olives (fol. 14v)
6. Harvesting dates (fol. 17v),
7. Making silk clothing (fol. 95)
8. Making wool clothing (fol. 94v)
9. Selling pigeons (fol. 69v)
10. Selling poultry (fol. 68v)

Shelfmark: BNF Nouvelle acquisition latine 1673, c.1390-1400 CE.

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