​DA Headcanons for the Childfree Among Us

Childfree!Leliana and Cassandra playing with Josephine’s daughter and then grinning at each other when she goes home, now they can pour a drink and talk blood and politics, now they can get to what really interests them. 

Childfree!Cullen and his Inquisitor exchanging a look of pure understanding at the sound of a screaming baby and retreating to the tower to read in delicious peaceful silence, arms and legs draped over each other, door locked for a few hours. 

Childfree!Morrigan flashing her mother a triumphant smile, ‘I won this time, mother, I chose my own happiness, I made my own freedom.’ 

Childfree!Dorian telling his mother she’ll have a grandchild when all the slaves of Minrathous are freed and house Pavus adopts one of them. 

Childfree!Zevran patting Alistair’s son on the head, thinking uncle suits him nicely, doesn’t clip his wings at all. 

Childfree!Anders biting his tongue at Merrill’s daughter’s teenaged angst, silently thanking the maker that somehow the universe understood that when he said ‘someday our children will be free!’ he meant ‘your children,’ really.

Childfree!Fenris waking up a little more hungover than usual next to Hawke, and thinking that if his head weren’t pounding, the world, his little part of it anyhow, would be just about perfect. 

Childfree!Isabela strolling the deck of her ship, the sky is blue and wide and free, and she sparkles as much as the water.