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*touches your ear* ◕▽◕ mmm Thehunnie ith great! Thehunnie ith offithically a graduted man! ⊙ε⊙ *shows you the diploma* Thee! Thehunnie wath a good thudent! ٩(◕ε◕)۶ *plays with your ear lobe* Hehe how about noona? Noona didn't have too much fun without Thehunnie right? (╯ε╰)

i know omgh i’ve seen the graduation pictures of you sehunnie u,u
and nghdgng i’m so proud of you Q u Q
you looked really cute and happy!
ahh, that’s true ´ ~ `
 i’ve been hanging around with my friends these days but in my head i was always with you and deer hyung uvu<3

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((0: height)) already answered this one whoops lol im about 5’2

((1: virgin?)) nope

((2: shoe size)) got this one again lmao, about a 5 or 6 in womens

((3: smoke?)) aaaaah not recently

((4: drink?)) i dont drink but this one time when i was 10 i drank half a wine cooler and acted like i was completely wasted with my 5th grade frnds

((5: drugs?)) ngngng not recently