video of “Rivers N2N Ocean” from the Eye Design show at Radio the other night.  thanks to Big Big Buck Ian Gustafson ( for taking and posting these!


2 minutes of goats yelling like humans.  this is basically what the band sounds like, but like 5 or 6 minutes instead of 2.

some press from Deli Magazine

In order to pull off a name like Never Give a Goat the High Ground, you had better back it up with some good music. NGAGTHG’s new EP “T.I.N.A.” (short for There is No Alternative) is definitely not background music.  It’s noisy. It’s harsh. It’s aggressive.  It makes your want to ditch all of your possessions and leave all the insanity behind; everything a good “punk” band should do! Bassist and Vocalist Jeff Ausura’s socio-political spoken word rants and raspy screams, give some serious meaning and legitimate anger behind the noisy guitars and punchy drums. NGAGTHG’s sound has a bit of Post-Punk legends Big Black mixed with Sleep and Refused, which is a delicious combination. Give them a listen on their Bandcamp, and like them on Facebook. – Paul Jordan Talbot

T.I.N.A. EP Review from Room Thirteen (UK)
Style and Substance

Never give a goat the high ground. Sage advice. The Massachusetts three-piece, having ditched the art-punk shenanigans of previous band The High Seas, are this time opting for an ultra-spiky mix of indie-laced noise rock that’s as listenable as it is eclectic.

Taking props from The Jesus Lizard while reigning in the weird and adopting a more accessible sound, NGAGTHG are a loud, boisterous trio with anger issues. Frontman and bassist Jeff Ausura’s screams are delightfully alluring, packed with an edginess that matches the clamour of the instruments. The music is so quirky and full of life that it’s easy to embrace the indignation vented in staccato noise of T.I.N.A.Our Hearts Can’t Bear The Language launches a less fitful attack but soon gets into the swing of things, matching the energy and gall of its sister track.

Never Give A Goat The High Ground’s debut release is the kind of fresh-faced, accessible noise rock that’ll make you want to throw a box of flour over the next neighbour who rings your doorbell for a moan, while you jump up and down in fits of maniacal laughter. Full of incense and awash with energy and character, the T.I.N.A. EP is well worth ten minutes of your life.