216. When Scorpius was little he would ask Draco to tell him a story about Hogwarts. Draco, who could never deny his sweet little boy anything, told Scorpius about the great adventures of a certain trio. Scorpius would always ask his father if the stories were true and could he ever be as great as the heroes. Draco would reply the same way each time, "Yes, Scorpius, they are very true. You can be anything you can imagine and never let anyone hold you back."


i beg you - i beg you - to please please please please let the new gen have their own wicked and unique jutsus and abilities and personalities. please dont let them be carbon copies of the past. sure, they can learn their parents jutsus, like the ino-shika-cho legendary combination, but please tweak it, let the kids add something to make the jutsu their own.

please don’t let the kids act like one specific parent. please let them act like both of their parents or have a personality solely their own.

just please dont make them carbon copies.

please let them be unique in order to surpass the previous generation.



harry potter next generation + magazine spread [insp by x x]
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 next gen + social media pt. 2;

robert sheehan as james potter. logan lerman as albus potter. hailee steinfeld as lily potter. luke newberry as teddy lupin. isabella peshardt as rose weasley. dudley o’shaunessy as hugo weasley. sophie turner as victorie weasley. elle fanning as dominique weasley. evan peters as louis weasley. kaya scodelario as molly weasley. maisie williams as lucy weasley. cykeem white as freddie weasley. malaika firth as roxanne weasley. miles mcmillan as lysander and lorcan scamander. lucky blue smith as scorpius malfoy. pyper america smith as lyra malfoy. matt hitt as frank longbottom. taissa farmiga as alice longbottom.

Harry and Ginny would be those parents who would embarrass their kids with how into each other they are. Ginny would make sure Harry danced with her at every single party but of course it would just end in the two of them giggling like idiots because Harry can’t dance. They would greet each other with kisses and Harry would buy things for her (mostly chocolate) all the time.

All of the kids’ friends would think it was adorable and they would be the couple that they would look up to as their relationship goal and would laugh when the Potter kids told them that “they don’t have to live with them”. But the kids would just get really flustered and be like “YOU’VE NEVER WALKED INTO THE KITCHEN WANTING A GLASS OF MILK TO FIND YOUR PARENTS MAKING OUT AGAINST THE COUNTER BECAUSE THEY HAD TOO MUCH WINE AT THE MINISTRY BALL." 

The sad truth of the Potter kids’ life is that Harry and Ginny are like teenagers but instead of being caught making out behind the shed by their parents they keep getting caught in compromising positions by their kids and needless to say the Potter children (including Teddy) got the Talk rather early in life