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The Official Playstation Mobile App Available Now

Sony has just launched the new Playstation mobile app to both the iTunes App Store and Google Play in North America.

The app integrates numerous social features from the Playstation Network, such as: friends lists, messages, videos, trophies, game invitations, remote purchasing, and more.

While you can connect your PSN account now, the official PlayStation App will be able to synchronize with your PlayStation 4 on day one, immediately opening up Sony’s new, expanded social interface.

Download the app on iTunes here, and from Google Play here.


Rainbow Six Siege E3 2014 Gameplay World Premiere

Excitement for No Man’s Sky

There’s a new game developer that people need to be aware of! Say hello to Hello Games! They are in the midst of creating a game called No Man’s Sky. This game is supposedly going to be massive. I’m talking an uncountable number of worlds to explore, no one ever really likely to start on the same planet kind of massive. Watch the video above and take a good look at all that brightly colored fauna, odd looking animals, and even space combat.

They have a website all about it, found here, that states No Man’s Sky is ‘a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated universe.’  Each world will be unique in its own way, with different, equally unique, fauna, animals, and scenery. The information you gather on one planet can be shared with other players, which is nice, but is not the main attraction. This game is unique. It offers a open universe type game play. You can choose to attempt to uncover every species on a planet, discover every ocean and landmark, fight intergalactic space battles, find ancient artifacts, or just go around collecting resources from planet to planet as a scavenger to improve your space suit, craft, and gear. The latter statement does mean that this game is in a way a survival game. There will be an emphasis on gathering resources from planets to help make your character and his/her gear and spacecraft better. This makes the game more challenging, but does not in any way damper my excitement.

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