Free! grab bag + Free! chibi keychains, Comiket 84

Free! grab bag included a notebook, a small cushion (damn it’s cute), a SUICA pass case, an A3 material poster with poles for display and a Iwatobi Club carry bag.

The key chains were seperate and they’re damn cute too okay.

DRAMAtical Murder re:connect - Summer Side Stories set, Comiket 84

The DMMd Summer Side stories includes a clear file, a book containing CG sketches/production, character design information as well as background CG and the like, Virus and Trip bit keychains, DMMd pass/phone case and DMMd filing case.

And there’s two since I grabbed a second set for Whisper.


Fate Extra CCC Labyrinth Box, Comiket 84

I bought this and just thought it was the production bits for the opening video for CCC right? Well after opening it, first of all like 50 sakura blossom petals fell out and gave me a heart attack, secondly like wow there is a TON of stuff in this box.

Production book, Storyboard book, Character design, a large A3 double sided poster, three A4 posters, plus two production flip books from the op.

Oh and by the way this only cost about $80 USD.


Fate/Zero Cafe Summer grab bag + Fate Extra CCC giant buttons, Comiket 84

Fate/Zero Cafe Summer grab bag which has a plastic/beach bag, book filled with F/Z C comics, a button set and an Assassin blow up mini beach ball.

There were also some giant button thingies that I grabbed from another place because hell giant Gilgamesh and Archer buttons why not.

And there are two copies of the F/Z Cafe grab bag (and giant Gil button) for Amenia!