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one of the things that kind of peaves me on tumblr

there are a lot of bloggers out there nowadays, whether it be an original blog with original posts, or something as simple as tumblr where most people just reblog each other. so the only thing that really bothers me about tumblr is when people delete the text that actually describes the photo their reblogging. the fact of the matter is the majority of the people on tumblr cannot take credit for the photos they post, as defined by copyright law, trying to take credit for a photo would constitute as copyright infringement as you cannot take one’s original work and call it your own unless you somehow altered it and generated an entirely new image and that’s just a whole other gray area.

for me personally, when I see a runway shot that I really really love (that’s usually accompanied by one of those annoying self-promotion links/descriptions rather than which season and which designer it’s by) I want to know at least the designer’s name. I haven’t posted anything that I save, myself, onto my computer, then attach it to post onto tumblr, but I’ve been noticing more and more with a couple of my photos that have been continuously getting more and more notes, that people are taking off the description. don’t do that. I’m not sitting here trying to take credit for the actual photos posted, but for the sake of those of us who do want to know, if there’s text that includes actual information, just leave it. because there’s really absolutely no point taking it off, because it makes no sense to do that.