First day with the first graders was a success! The principal took me out to lunch, I’m already receiving hugs from the kiddos, and I’m getting thoroughly aquatinted with the curriculum. But some of the best parts of my day— receiving texts & fb messages from the awesome people at my previous elem school, wanting to wish me all the best here 😊💗

just gotta bitch....

FUCK this new teacher. fuck the fact that my grades in both of her classes went down to C’s. fuck brown for leaving in the dead center of the semester. fuck gpa. and you know what fuck exam week.

now to studying.

Humans can speak 300 words a minute, but they can only understand 120

Everything we do, we try to do better, but we just end up doing it faster

Leaving one another scrambling to close the edges

Tie up the stragglers of their anxieties and insecurities

And then I left class.

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U know its wayyyyyyy to early to be this excited but I jus can’t help it. This is my “They going back to school dance” Lmaooo my child screamed stop mommyyyyyy the whole way to school. Lmaooo #backtoschool #haveagreatday #newfriends #newadventures #newteachers. Good morning #ig #fb #TUMBLR