Taking a Tumble - Newt Imagine - Maze Runner

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Hey, I really love your blog! Most of your reblogging belongs to my fandom, as well :D. Loved the last Maze Runner Imagine you have written! May I ask you to write another one? Maybe the plot could be something like (y/n) gets seriously hurt in the maze and doesn’t know whether she is going to make it and he (maybe my favourite Newt) finds her and has to carry her back so she’s got a chance to survive? (Keep reassuring her, not to close her eyes, etc.)Very dramatical, but sweet… :D. Thanks!

Character: Newt

Word Count: 1234

Warnings: N/A

A/N: Sorry it’s taken me so long to get this up. I broke my wrist two days ago and so real life things have gotten in the way (plus typing is really difficult at the moment). But I hope you enjoy the fic! Feel free to send in more requests and I’ll get to them as soon as possible!

Upon turning the corner you expect another long stretch of concrete on which to run. What you get instead is a crumbled slope of jagged stone, and you end up launched through the air, cascading down until you land with a resounding crack. You scream out, clutching at your leg, which is jutting in a direction it shouldn’t be capable of going. You wouldn’t be running, let alone walking, anytime soon.

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Wake Up Call

Reader x Newt

Warning: Sexual theme

"Could you possibly do a Newt smut where you make him moan and scream your name so loud he ends up waking up half of the glade and they tease him about it the next morning? And i just want to say you are very good at writing love :) x"


You hesitated, looking around to make sure everyone in the homestead was asleep before sneaking out, creeping over chuck and to the door. The sun barely lit your path, only just peeking up as you crept over to where Newt had been sleeping lately, just barely inside the forest. Making your way over to his sleeping area you noticed he wasn’t there. His blanket and pillows were sprawled out but Newt was no where to be seen.

A cold set of hands found their way to your hips as you turned to see him standing behind you with a smirk. “Hey love, what are you doing around here at this buggin’ hour?” He asked, in almost a whisper. His lips brushed your neck. “A beautiful little thing like you shouldn’t be walking around alone”

"But Daddy" You whimpered playfully, "I had a terrible nightmare". You turned to fully face him, wrapping your arms around his neck. You could feel the sexual tension rise at ‘Daddy’ one of Newts favorite nicknames. "So I though maybe you could help me take my mind off things" You smiled as Newt licked his lips.

"I’d say we have a little time to mess around before everyone wakes up" He groaned, leaning in to kiss you. You pulled away playfully, moving your hand square to his chest. He raised an eyebrow questioningly at you as you motioned for him to lay down.

He did so, propping himself up with his elbows. You put one leg on either side of him, straddling him as you leaned down. “Bloody hell” He choked, blushing furiously as you felt him under you. You pulled your left hand to the collar of his shirt, tugging at it desperately and grinding yourself on him. You bit your lip, looking at him pleadingly without a word. Newt oblige, pulling his shirt over his head.

You felt his breath hitch slightly as you traced your fingers along the line of his pants, dancing them across the muscles on his stomach and up to his head. You rested your hand in his hair, twirling it between your fingers lightly. “God Newt, sometimes I forget how much I love the absence of your shirt” You giggle, looking him in the eye.

"Well hey, I bloody love the absence of your top too, how about it?" He replied eagerly. You rolled your eyes, pulling off your shirt slowly. You heard Newt let out a deep groan as you pulled it over your head, discarding it on top of his shirt. “I swear you get more and more perfect every time I see you” He muttered, licking his lips and staring at your chest. You swatted his shoulder, blushing as you continued to tease him, having full control over him.

You clasped your hand to frame his jaw, kissing him passionately as you continued your slow grinding pattern, moving your hand slowly up his thigh. You heard him mutter shuck as your hand felt its destination. You palmed him though his pants, arching your back as you sat over him. All you could think about was his length inside you, making you wet. You watched Newts face in satisfaction as it twisted with every moment. His eyes were tight shut as his mouth started to gape open. “Got you’re such a shucking tease” He sputtered, falling his hands into clenched fists. Without warning him you slid your hand under his boxers, grabbing his member with your hand. He let out a loud moan, quickly biting down his lip.

"Awe, have you missed me down here" You teased, slowly pulling his pants and boxers, down. He grumbled as you took your hand away, unbuttoning your own pants, getting up and shimmying them off before resuming your position on top of him.

You grabbed his man-hood in one hand rubbing it along your folds, teasing yourself and letting out a small moan.

"Oh shuck, (y/n) what are you doing" You heard Newt strain to speak as you continued. "(y/n)" He moaned, rolling his head back as you continued to rub him along your folds. You lined him up with you’re core. With a small gasp you lowered yourself onto him, sitting on his torso now as his full length dug inside you. Newt moaned your name loudly, letting out some glader curses as you began to move yourself on top of him. You knew you were going much slower then he’d like and it was driving him to insanity.

You picked up your pace, placing your hands on his bare chest for support as he pulsed inside you. You could feel your hips tightening around him not much longer. You wouldn’t last much more. Panting you lowered yourself onto him faster as you felt your orgasm coming on.

"Shuck (y/n)" Newt screamed, his cum jetting into you, sending you over the edge and leading to your own orgasm.

You laid down to him panting as he looked down checking his watch. “Oh god, we took a little longer then I would have thought” Newt puffed, still exhausted as his shifted, grabbing his clothing. You did the same, pulling all your clothes back on before anyone came looking for the both of you. “I bet Frypn has something good for breakfast today” Newt groaned, patting his stomach as you giggled, leaning on his shoulder as you walked over to get breakfast before going off and doing your own job, separated from Newt.

"Hey Newt" Chuck yelled as you walked past him.

"Newt, nice to see you up"

"Hey (y/n), Have a nice morning?"

"Newt, heard from Gally you had quiet the morning"

You looked up at Newt questioningly and he shrugged, walking over towards a group of boys with Gally in the middle. “And here the shank comes now” Gally laughed. Everyone else joined in as you tugged at Newt’s sleeve, hiding behind him slightly.

"We could hear everything" Zart chuckled as he walked past, slapping Newt on the back. You blushed furiously realizing what they were talking about.

"Oh (y/n)" Gally screamed, making obscene gestures with him body, teasing Newt. The group erupted with laughter. "Maybe try toning down the fun time" Gally laughed as Newt pulled you away, leaving the group.

"Are they ever going to forget this" You grumbled, looking back at Gally’s group one more time as they burst into laughter again.

"I doubt it" Newt croaked. "I have a pretty good feeling they’ll be teasing me all buggin day. But I don’t really mind, S’long as they don’t mess with you I can handle a good joke"


It got a little sloppy at the end :/  I’m just terrible at wrapping up imagines.

Have a good idea for my next imagine? Leave me a request in my inbox, its that simple!


Denied Jealousy - Newt Imagine

Today was a day like any other. It was lunch time and you were sat at your regular table, along with your best friend, Newt.

Frypan, like always, had managed to cook another amazing meal and you and Newt couldn’t help but marvel over it.

As you both chatted about regular things, frequently laughing as he cracked his regular oh-so-cringe-worthy jokes, Thomas sat directly in front of you, greeting you both with a warm smile.

The three of you continued to chat whilst raving over Frypan’s existence.

"Oh my god, no shucking way!" You laughed as Thomas continued to tell stories about his incidents in the maze.

"Not even kidding, funniest thing ever," He laughed back.

You began to notice that Newt had become a little more shy and distant as you and Thomas continued to talk.

"Are you alright, Newt?" You whispered to him, instantly snapping him out of his daydream.

"Oh-Um, yeah, fine. I’m just-I’m gonna go back to work," He replied, not able to make eye contact with you.

"What’s up with him?" Thomas asked as soon Newt had walked away.

"Not sure, maybe he’s just not feeling well. I should probably go check on him. Catch you later," You explained to Thomas before making your way over to where Newt had gone.

You spotted him and walked over, he was chopping up wood with a few of the other boys

"Hey, Newt, are you alright? You seemed pretty quick to get away from lunch," You asked.

"Oh, yeah, I’m okay. Just wasn’t hungry is all." He shrugged, continuing to chop wood.

"Newt, you know I can tell when you’re lying. Come on, tell me, you can trust me, remember?" You sincerely smiled.

For the first time in the past ten or so minutes, he finally met your gaze and smiled back.

"I guess I-I don’t really know how to put it, to be honest," he said.

"Come on, Newt, just say it," you huffed, not knowing what the big deal was.

"Okay-ugh, um, can I tell you something?" He asked, nervously rubbing the back of his neck.

"Of course, ask away,"

"Alright, Y/N, uh.. I kind of, maybe, kinda, like you a lot?" Newt shuffled awkwardly as he barely managed to stutter out his words.

Wait a minute, Newt? Liking me? Your heart fluttered at the thought, you never thought Newt would be the type to say something like that.

"Y/N? Oh god, I’ve messed it up, haven’t I?" He stuttered "Look, just forget I said anything-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make it awk-"

"Newt," You interrupted him, giggling.


"I may also kind of, maybe, kinda, like you a lot too?" You laughed, looking at him with hopeful eyes. You watched as his eyes lit up like a child on Christmas.

"You do? Holy shuck," he replied, seemingly in disbelief.

"Yes, shank face." You laughed, pulling him into a hug.

Hugging Newt always felt so safe and comfortable, it was when you felt most happy and content with yourself, you wished that you could stay in his arms forever. He tightly pulled you into himself, struggling to find the strength to let go.

"Hang on, Newt, were you.. jealous before?” You questioned, raising an eyebrow as you came to meet his gaze again.

"Uh, maybe? Kind of-yes," he chuckled.

"Aww," you cooed, pinching his already rosy cheeks, smiling.

That moment..

When your girl friend never stopped fangirling over Minho.


And you just..


She was talking nonstopped about his hot body

his biceps

his triceps

his hot every muscle

and his oh so hotness!

but inside you felt like…







Because in your life, you’d know it very well..

When look at this body


This is hotness

And this smile..


you could die for

This is what is called ‘perfection’





And at the end we came to an agreement

that we will just..




This is what really happened to me after watched the maze runner