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First Kiss- Newt Imagine

Request: ‘Can you do a first kiss Newt imagine?’ By Anon

Thank you so much for the request, I hope you like it!
Warning: fluff! :3 

'Hey, (Y/N)! What are you thinking about?’ Newt called. You looked up, seeing him a meter or two away from you. 'Nothing, really.’ you stood up and walked closer to him. He had been your best friend since you arrived in the Glade, and he’d been the best best friend you could have. Sweet, caring, funny.. your heart skipped a beat when you looked into his beautiful dark brown eyes. You’ve had a crush on him for as long as you could remember, but you were one hundred percent sure he didn’t like you back. Sure, he gave you lots of attention, gave you nicknames and such.. But that’s what he’d do to any girl, right? 'Hello? You there?’ you blinked, blushing when you noticed you were staring at him. Not like you could help it.. 'You’ve been a bit distant for a while, are you alright?’ Newt asked, looking at you, worried. 'I’m fine!’ you snapped, looking away. No way you were going to admit what you were thinking about all the time. 'Okay, okay! No need to be angry.’ he said, calm as always. 'C'mon, maybe you’ll be a bit happier when you have something in your belly.’ you shrugged and followed him to the kitchen. 'Frypan! Do you have some spare food?’ Newt asked when we entered the kitchen. 'Not much. You can have some sandwiches, but not too much. We’ll need it later on.’ Frypan put some sandwiches on a plate and handed them to Newt. Newt thanked him and walked out of the kitchen, straight to the deadheads. You followed him again, and sat down next to him, leaning against a thick tree trunk. Newt have you one of the sandwiches, and you ate it as fast as you could. You overslept that day, so you missed breakfast; you hadn’t eaten anything that day. When you both finished your meal, Newt turned to you. ’(Y/N), there’s something I want to tell you.’ he took a deep breath. 'I love the way you smile when someone makes a joke. I love how your eyes brighten when you talk about something you love. I love how you can be the most sarcastic person in the world one second, and a sweet, serious person the other. I love everything about you.’ he admitted. Your jaw practically dropped when he said this. Newt’s cheeks turned red and he looked down. You laid your hand on his shoulder and, without thinking, attached your lips to his. Newt immediately kissed back, pulling you closer to him. Your lips moved in sync, you grabbed his dirty blond hair and messed it up a little. He pulled back, both of you panting. 'I love you too.’ you said, and you kissed him again, feeling him smile in the kiss. 




i was sat with Tommy beside the bonfire he looked strange like he was debating something in his head “you al right Tommy” i ask

“yeah just thinking” he sighs 

“what about” i ask but he doesnt answer he just looks of towards the fire behind us i turn to see Teresa stood talking to some of the guys “oh” i say

“slim it newt” he replys 

“someone likes the greenie” i laugh

“so what you have y/n” he says

“true i do, but you want to be with her like im with y/n you have to talk to her i didn't get anywhere with y/n till i actually spoke to her” i tell him 

“really that's not what minho said happened” he laughs

“well i believe minho’s memory of the event was different from mine he says she saved me after getting kicked in the nuts i remember it as i went to help her” i explain

“yeah minho says you and gally where debating something and he kneed you in the nuts then y/n helped you out nursing you back to health again and she saw your junk right there and then” he explains

“i don't recall it that way” i reply drinking 

“yeah minho also said you had had alot to drink that day too” he smirks

“but no enough about me and y/n back to you and Teresa, go talk to her” i say getting him of that topic  

“No” he says

“why not” i ask

“because i have no reason to talk to her” he says 

“you don't need a reason just talk to her” i tell him

“talk to who” i hear a voice say with in seconds y/n sat with me cuddling me so i just wrap my arms around her and give her a kiss 

“hi love, we where just discussing how Tommy needs to talk to his little crush” i tell her

“newt don't tell her” he says

“why not she wont tell will you love” i say

“no i wont its adorable Thomas”she giggles

“go and talk to her” i tell him

“what have you got to lose Thomas” she says

“my dignity and a shot with the only girl here” he says “that i can date” he adds 

“yeah cause you have no chance with y/n” i say 

time skip a week later still newts pov: 

i was working in the gardens like normal when someone taps my shoulder nervously i turn to see Tommy stood looking very worried

 “hi Tommy” i say 

“hi newt, can i ask you something” he says nervously

“sure shoot” i say

“i just uh, well i asked Teresa out” he explains

“finally Tommy what are you two love birds gonna do” i ask

“well that's what i came to ask about i don't know and you have y/n so uh maybe a little help” he asks

“well i would suggest maybe just spend the evening together have dinner together walk around the glade that sort of thing when is this date then” i ask

“tonight” he answers

“tonight and you didn't think to ask me a bit earlier” i tell him

“good point” he sighs “well what should i do” 

“talk then walking around the glade after dinner do that” i tell him “But no no condition go up the watch tower with Teresa” i tell him sternly

“why” he asks

“because its me and y/n date night tonight so no coming to bother al right ive told you the rules before Tommy me and y/n’s date night is our privet time to be a couple” i explain to him

“when arnt you two being coupleish” he asks

“well right now” i say sarcasticly 


i was stood working in the medjack hut till i hear a voice behind me 

“hey y/n can i talk to you” i turn to see Teresa stood looking a bit worried 

“uh sure teresa what’s on your mind” i ask her 

“well me and tom are going on a date tonight” she says

“well good,” i say

“and well im nervous” she says

“what about” i ask

“about messing stuff up with him i really like tom i don't want to screw stuff up with him and i though since you have newt maybe some advice” she asks

“sure what exactly on” i ask

“like what to do and stuff” she answers

“oh, well always be nice to him, if you run out of things to say just let him ramble, and if you want him to kiss you drop a few hints” i tell her 

“okay thanks” she says walking out again


“it’s gonna be fine” i tell him as we both shower 

“i hope so, what if i like mess up” he asks

“how” i ask

“like if while we are walking i fall over or like tread on her feet” he says

“well then say sorry and have a laugh about it” i tell him 

“so how did it all go down with you and y/n” he asks

“none of your business Tommy” i say to him 

“seriously newt, what happened” he asks

“fine” i sigh “i was arguing with gally about y/n as he wanted to ask her out and so did i and he kicked me in the nuts al right” i explain 

“ more detail newt recall the story to me” Thomas laughs i then just sigh and begin the story :


i was sat with gally at the bonfire as y/n walked past us “hey boys” she says giving me a smile

“she was so smiling at me i should so ask her out” gally says

“sorry to tell you gal but she was smiling at me and im gonna ask her out tonight” i say

“what no way newt would she like you” he says

“she so does, i have more of a shot then you do” i tell him 

“no way” he says standing up we both then stand and debate about who y/n likes best till we both rush over to talk to her  

“hi y/n” he says

“hey love” i say

“hey boy’s” she says to me defiantly 

“i wanted to ask you y/n-” i start to say till gally clamps his hands over my mouth 

“you see i came here to ask y/n- “ he begins till i lick his hand “ew” he says

“so love i thought i could talk to you in private” i say 

“no i need a word with you urgently about one of the med-jacks before newt talks to you” he says

“NO y/n i need to talk to you i have a private message from alby and i need to say it right now” i say

“no way he’s lieing y/n” he says trying to push me out the way “he’s just trying to get in your pants y/n, im here to talk to you as a friend” gally says the bastard

“if anyone is trying to get in her pants is you gal” i say to him “sorry y/n but i have got a message from alby and if i don't talk to you i will forget it” i say pushing gally out the way 

“okay come on newt, deadheads” she says with a smile 

“sure thing love” i say as i walk with her towards the deadheads turning back to gally a second he looks like he may kill me till we get into the cover of tree’s “so what was all that about” she asks

“well okay  lied i don't have a message from alby BUT i have been meaning to talk to you y/n” i explain 

“go on then” she says

“well i wanted to know if its true you have a day off tomorrow” i ask

“yeah why” she giggles

“i wanted to know if maybe you would i don't know like to maybe spend the day with me” i ask nervously 

“are you trying to ask me on a date newt” she giggles

“well not exactly a date but sort of” i reply 

“okay” she says hugging me YES i emmediatly hug her tightly back turning into cuddling till she pulls away slightly taking my hand as we both walk back to bonfire hand in hand i see gally looking very angry till we both stop “so i’ll see you tomorrow newt” she says happily “yeah, meet me in the gardens love” i tell her 

“bye” she says giving me another hug and a tiny kiss on the nose before walking off to her room so i walk over to a very angry gally “and that is how its done, i now have a date with the girl glader” i say cockily 

“you shuckface” he says  before kicking me in the nuts 

i immediately drop to the floor in pain as the med jacks come around me and take me to the medjack hut when i woke up a bit more i was sat in nothing but my vest in my bed with an ice pack only just covering what was important good as y/n sat at the end of my bed “HI” i say in a panic

“hi newt, you missed our date” she says sadly 

“i did , sorry love i didn't mean to” i explain

“i know you didn't” she says moving to be stood beside my bed “so hows your injury” she asks

“FINE” i say in a panic 

“newt i know about what happened the guys told me im the one that brought you up here” she explains

“you did that” i ask

“yeah i thought you would be happier in your own bed” she smiles

“well thanks but, i don't recall Clint or Jeff taking my clothes off” i say as i remember Clint and Jeff gave me and ice pack and pain meds 

“they didn't” she replys with a smirk 

“so you-” i say 

“yep” she giggles 

“why” i ask nervously 

“i had an opportunity i didn't want to waste it” she giggles 

“well you shouldn’t have y/n” i say to her

“why not i am your girlfriend arnt i” she ask

“you are” i ask

“well i should hope so” she laughs

“well if you wanna be” i reply

“of course i do” she says giving me a kiss on the check “Now put some pants on newt so we can still have the rest of our day together” she says i then quickly get my pants and boxers putting them back on as soon as im dressed again she lays in bed with me and we kiss and cuddle all day.


“and that’s what happened” i tell him

“really, wow” he laughs

“shut up and get ready for your date” i tell him as i hear him get out the shower “what are you doing” i ask

“getting out the shower” he says

“yeah but your going on a date you have to wash three times” i tell him

“why” he asks

“because girls like it when your clean” i say like it was the most obvious thing in the world 

“as if you have to do this once a week” he says getting back into his shower 

“not just once a week, sometimes twice or even three times depending on how we are, and you wash at least five times if you plan for sex” i tell him 

“how many times have you washed now” he asks 

“im on six” i tell him

“oh newts planning for sex” he laughs

“shut up, one yes i am two y/n likes a clean smelling guy so im washing and i have all new clean clothes for tonight” i explain

“dating hard work” he complains

“yep but it has good rewards at the end of the night” i tell him


i was walking with teresa to go and meet the boys we had both been getting ready together so we could meet the boys together when we get to the centre of the glade i see to figures one looking very venous i give teresa one last bit of good advice before running towards them i see newt and jump hug him so he hugs me lifting me of the floor and spinning me around then putting me back on the ground “hi newtie” i giggle

“hi love” he says as we meet and kiss both of us turning it into snogging till we both pull away and laugh i then turn to teresa and Thomas they both look nervous they both then bid us goodbye and we walk off to the watch tower our normal date night place and we sit cuddled together looking out at the glade our attention only removing from the glade to kiss till a few hours into the night newt looks a bit distracted he’s looking down at the ground and looks a bit confused then a bit annoyed and he sighs pulling away from our cuddle “sorry love Tommy needs me a second” he says sadly

“okay go help Thomas” i say sadly newt then kisses me sweetly but we both turn it into a snog till i pull away “go help Thomas” i tell him newt then sighs again and stands up walking over to the ladder “im gonna kill Tommy for disturbing us he knows the rule” newt mumbles more to him self as he claims down the ladder after a few seconds of being alone teresa comes up the ladder and sits beside me “so hows it going” i ask her

“brilliant” she says happily 

“i got my first kiss today” she says 

“awe cute, i remember me and newts first kiss it was such a nice moment , newts just gone to talk to Thomas “i say

“yeah i know , look y/n i know that me and Thomas have only just began dating but , do you think that me and him our gunna work” she asks

“of course you will he loves you and you must like him you’ll be perfect” i tell her

“not as perfect as you and newt” she says

“i don't think anyone, no offence can ever be as perfect as me and newt are” i say happily  good luck with tom” i tell her we then hug and see leaves 


as i get to the bottom of the watch tower Thomas is stood there looking existed “OKAY TOMMY WHAT THE SHUCK DO YOU WANT, HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU NOT TO DISTURB ME AND Y/N ON DATE NIGHT” i say 

“sorry newt just, i need urgent info” he says

“what” i ask

“how do you, you know” he asks

“what” i repeat 

“how do you do it” he asks

“do what” i ask 

“like uh- - - - -shuck” he says

“way way wow your gunna shuck her tonight” i ask in surprise 

“well she’s hinting and flirting and ive flirted a bit just what do i do to get it going” he asks

“well how much do you know” i ask

“i know how to shuck her and foreplay and such but how do i actually start the thing” he asks

“what thing do you mean, her’s yours or-”

“now start the actual shucking” he asks

“oh, uh i cant really explain it” i tell him “how bout you watch me and y/n a sec” i say after a long thought he then nods and i go back to y/n on the watch tower and sit beside her “y/n just as a heads up Tommy’s watching us” i tell her

“why” she asks

“because he wants to know how to start sex so im just gonna us and example because i can explain it” i tell her 

“okay” she sighs before we meet in a deep kiss our tongues battling for dominance till we fall back still making out me on top of her till i pull away slightly but y/n still kissing me “Tommy” i shout down to him then emmediatly returning to kissing y/n “what” he shouts back

“shuck off” i tell him as me and y/n continue our very lust filler make out session till we both pull away 

“room” i ask

“room” she says as we both get up and go to our room for the night.