Imagine the way Newt looks at you on the first night you get to the glade. 

Newt couldn’t help but smile when he say you for the first time. And ever since then, his smile hadn’t faded. You were different from all the other greenies that came up through the box. Obviously because you were a girl but, he knew there was another reason. You were happy. You weren’t scared or angry. You were laughing along with everyone else. Newt knew there would be a rule against dating you and that rule would be the end of him. He watched as you drank moonshine for the first time and laughed as you abruptly spit it out. When you made eye contact, his gaze didn’t falter. You blushed and gave him a small smile and he knew. He was in love.

Someday when I die,

If I die before you do;

I promise you if I see the Creator

I will ask Him for a little favor.

Which is, one day

When your blood stops running

And your nails and hair stop

I want Him to never let

your skin and bones,

and your veins and heart

Turns to dust and dirt;

But I want Him to turn

Your remains to diamonds and stars.
—  You’re strong as titanium and beautiful as thousands flowers in spring, I can’t let you turn to something that’s not you. | (c.s)

Y/N:*bolts after being lifted from the box*

Gladers: “WE’VE GOT A RUNNER! ” “Look at her go! “

Minho: *comes around the maze’s corner and sees you. Quickly catches you and pulls you out of the maze* “Trust don’t want to be in there right now, greenie..”


Newt: ” Alright..Let’s make it official..Starting tomorrow, greenie, you’re a bloody runner.”

we just fool you | newt

1446 words

This idea came while showering:you’re like 8 girls in the glade and you were the first one for a year and you’re pretty good with all of the girls, and they knew that you like Newt and try to help you.I JUST THOUGHT OF SOME NAMES; THEY HAVE NO MEANING OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT.EXCEPT TERESA AND BRENDA;HEHE.

Just another usual dinner in the Glade.You ate your meal, sitting with the other girls around, talking , joking ; enjoying the small things in life.It didn’t change the fact that you hated the place, hated this life but it made it easier for you.”So alright girls .”,you said and stood up.”I’ll go to bed now.”

”No, wait!”,Teresa said and held you back.”Why?”,you asked confused.”You still haven’t talked to him yet?”,Brenda asked with big eyes.”To who?Why you didn’t tell us?”,Samantha asked you.”Newt of course!”,Teresa almost shouted but you shut her with putting your hand on her mouth.”Do you want him to hear it?!”,you asked angry.

”Yes!”,she said and you rolled your eyes.”How do you want me to do it?”,you took a deep breath out.”He doesn’t like me, so I don’t want to blame myself.”,you told them.”I’m sure he likes you!I mean I saw him staring at you everytime and you’re so good friends since ages.You were the first girl here, he spends a lot of time with you!”,Brenda tried to cheer you up with a small smile.”I’ll really go to bed now, and don’t do anything in the back of me!I swear, I’d throw you into the maze”,you warned them and left head shaking.

You just got into your bed, you were really tired but you couldn’t sleep immediatly.Then you suddenly heard two voices, they got closer.You kept your eyes closed and turned.It was Newt and Teresa.”Newt, I wanted to ask you one last thing?”,you heard Teresas voice.Your heart skipped a beat, you knew what was coming.

”Yeah?”,he asked.”Well , uhm , I was wondering what you think about Y/N, ehm, because I don’t know but I think you’d make a cute couple.”,she stuttered.She knew she was dead, so.”W-Well , she’s okay , I guess..”,he mumbled.Your heart dropped.You always told yourself that he didn’t like you, but you always had a little bit hope , but now it also was dead.

”Oh, … I thought she liked you, so , uhm , just forget it, sorry.I’ll better sleep now.”,Teresa said disappointed and you heard her leaving.With a single tear falling down to your pillow, you fell asleep.

You felt bad as you woke up; you had a nightmare.You sweated a lot and just felt horrible.But you had to get up, so you did and went to the wash your face, the most of the gladers already woke up and were doing their jobs, some were still eating their breakfast.You felt a bit better after making yourself fresh and then got to eat breakfast.

”Also decided to wake up, huh?”,Teresa said and sat down next to you.”I heard you talking to Newt yesterday.”,you confronted her immediatly.She former her mouth to an ‘O’ and her face turned sad.”I-I’m so sorry Y/N…”,she mumbled.”It’s okay, I knew it.Just wished that I’d have something like Thomas and you have.”,you said cold and just ate your breakfast.You usually loved breakfast but you didn’t like it this time so you put that to the side.

”So, I have work to do now.”,you excused yourself and stood up.”See you later, maybe.”,so you stood up and went to the gardens.She didn’t say anything while you were leaving, thank god, the whole situation was depressing.

But you tried to see the positive things, you could focus more on your work, more than you ever did before, and you were there like for two years.And you wouldn’t worry about Newt anymore, everything was clear.And you had nothing else to worry about, well , except the maze and trying to get out of it.

So you started picking up potatoes and brought them to the kitchen, and did the same all over again.When the day was already over, Newt came to the gardens to help you.”Have been a hard day, huh?”,he asked you , trying to start a conversation.”It was good.”,you just said really cold.

You didn’t know why but you were angry at him.Maybe you just needed some time to accept the situation.He gave you a confused look before you went back to the kitchen to give the potatoes to Frypan.He was already cooking dinner, you were so hungry, you didn’t eat lunch today.

So you were finished for the day and went to take a shower.Maybe you’d feel better then.Not that it would change the situation, but you would feel clean and comfortable. You loved the feeling of just being clean and going to bed.

Your hair was still wet when you ate dinner.This time you weren’t talking at all, you weren’t in the mood for it.Teresa was looking at you time to time, but you were still quiet.You weren’t angry at her really, more angry at you.You had hoped so much but also knew it wasn’t going to work out, but were still disappointed.

Gally came over to you and asked if you wanted to play truth or dare with them, the other girlswanted to play with them but you shook your head.”C’mon Y/N!”,Brenda said but you shook your head again.You really didn’t want to do any of it.

”Just a few rounds”,Gally tried to make you play too, and at the end they won.Your rolled and sat downt to the other gladers, and didn’t really listen to them.But  then Teresa suddenly said your name.You widened your eyes , you knew what was coming.

”Truth”,you said and gave her an angry look.You’d just lie if she asked you something embarassing or worse.”Oh Y/N, we all know you girls tell everything each other!C’mon, choose dare”,Minho said and you just rolled your eyes.”No.”,you said chosen andlooked again at Teresa.”So, ehm , okay.Who’d you rather kiss ; Newt or Thomas?”,she asked and raised an eyebrow.

God, she didn’t let you a choice.”What abou the tree right behind you?”,you asked sarcastically and rolled your eyes.”No, seriously!”,she said.”Hell, no one, kay?”,you said angry.”Someone else can take my turn.”,you said and Thomas directly took it.”Okay, Newt”,he said and Teresa gave me a smile.

What was going on here?

”Uhm , Dare.”,he said and Thomas smiled like an evil.”Kiss Y/N, at least for 10 seconds.”,he said and your eyes widened.Newt seemed to be shocked to and gave him some weird look.”You have no choice dude”,Thomas laughed.

You were a little bit afraid, and you didn’t figure out Newts and your first kiss in the front of almost all of the gladers.You fastly crawled over to him and sat down next to him.You just felt so uncomfortable, everyone watching you.

”Okay, love.”,he whispered and pulled you closer to him when he touched your neck and you held him by his waist.He never called you love before, that made you even more nervous.You were sure he could hear your heart.He slowly leaned in and then you closed your eyes and your lips touched yours.

It was very intensive and passionate, like he would really love you.That moment was like endless, you were holding your breath and you couldn’t get enough.”You can stop by now, guys!”,Thomas shouted and yoi stopped immediatly.God, it felt so good, you wish it never ended.

But it was over then.You were still ‘flashed’ from the kiss, it felt so good, you wanted to do it again.But then you remembered; he didn’t like you.And he just did it, because he had to.”I-I’ll leave now.”,you said and stood up, hushing to the beds.

Your feelings were mixed up, you were confused.Why did they do that to you?You jumped into your bed but your eyes were wide opened.”Y/N?”,you heard Newt’s soft voice.”Hm?”,you asked and turned around.He was standing there and coming towards to you.

”I really wanted to do something”,he said nervously and scratched his head.”And what?”,you asked hopefully and stood up.And before you even realized it he crashed his lips on yours and got closer to you.Your body touched his and he held you close by your waist and your hands surrounded his neck.

As the kiss ended your foreheads still touched.”I wish I told you before how I feel.”,he said.”But what was with yesterday evenig?”,you asked him confused.”We wanted that you thought I don’t like you… we were good, weren’t we?”,he laughed.

”Just..just kiss me again”,you mumbbled, not thinking about what happened.You went backwards in your bed, taking Newt with you.You kissed all over again, cuddled yourself at his chest and heard his heart beating.And then, suddenly , you felt asleep next to him.

But you thanked Teresa and Thomas, just in your mind.