I know a thing or two,
like how even rocks crumble
when under pressure,
and how animals are instinctually
better at making love than we are,
how we teach kids to read 300 year old books
but not where to buy today’s newspaper.
I know a thing or two about not knowing very much at all.
—  Maybe I Should Do More Homework, January 29, 2015

What’s in the news? People take a look @ what’s trending in the country by reading Newspaper headlines at newspaper stands.

Photo by: Nana Osei - 2015

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The Bergische Landes Newspaper & the Kölner Stadt Anzeiger (daily newspaper cologne) have written an article/report on our work as artists !

We would like to thank Mr. Thomas Rausch for the positive & friendly reporting about our work and Atelier :) !

We firmly believe that 2015 will be the Year of Jack the Flipper !
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Lana Del Rey, interview with La Repubblica Newspaper.

How does this cat look like to you? Does it look like a wild cat?”, says Lana Del Rey joking about the arm of her chair. “Sometimes it looks more like a mouse, but I like to think it’s a wild cat, covered in gold.

The singer is surprisingly approachable, happy and especially kind. “I’m not very good at talking so ask me anything you want. I’m here for this.”

For me talking to people, like we’re doing now is very important. A question is just as important and interesting to me as the answer.

The conversation between the two of us goes on for more than two hours, even though they told me I only had half an hour.

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