A few other fansies and I have noted that fic seems to be slowing down a bit. So in response to this, I’ve decided to bring back something lovely known as NEWSIES WRITING SWAP.

This went great last year, and everyone enjoyed getting and writing fic! The rules are the same as last year, but here’s a refresher course for both new comers and returning writers.

1)Send me a prompt you want written

2)Send me what pairs/plots/etc. you are comfortable writing

3)Send me what pairs/plots/etc. you are NOT comfortable writing

I’ll dole out prompts based on everyone’s comfort level. Everyone writes a fic, everyone gets a fic :) 

A few housekeeping rules for fairness and increased fun:

1) Don’t be that asshole who never writes their prompt. Someone is going to put time and effort into a gift for you, pass the favor along :) Part of the goal is making your friends smile! If you absolutely can’t get your prompt done, let me know and I will see if there are writers interested in taking it on. 

2) Try to write at least 500 words. By all means, run with it and write more, but everyone is going to be excited for their prompts, give your reader some meat to enjoy. 

3)Open to movie and musical, any ship!

4)Send me your info by FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 26TH. Prompts and the final deadline will be given out shortly after.

fabulousfangirl3256 said:

20 for Jack and Crutchie please???

20 - Any of the above (I chose forehead kiss)

[imaginativenders also requested this same one so here we go for the both of you]

Crutchie wasn’t his normal self that morning. Usually, he greeted his friends with a cheerful smile as they rallied to sell papers, but today Crutchie dragged his feet and didn’t raise his eyes. The other boys shot worried glances at each other. When Crutchie wasn’t his bright and cheerful self, it sent ripples through the group. Jack was the first to approach him. He cornered Crutchie as he trudged down the stairs.

“Crutchie…what’s eating you? You don’t look so good,” Jack remarked, a note of concern in his voice. Crutchie weakly waved a hand.

“S’nothin’. Jus’ let me go…” he mumbled, trying to push past Jack. But Jack stood fast. He put Crutchie’s face in his hands and tilted his head up. Crutchie’s face looked pale, and the dark bags under his eyes were more pronounced.

“You’s sick as a dog.” Crutchie’s eyes went a little wide. “Ain’t no way you’s sellin’ today.”

“Jack, no, I hafta…let me go…” he pleaded. Jack shook his head and placed his hands on Crutchie’s shoulders.

“Back to bed.” Crutchie sighed. There wasn’t much of a point in arguing with Jack when he got an idea like this in his head. Reluctantly, Crutchie turned and made his way back up the stairs. Jack followed him closely behind. When they reached the bunk room, Crutchie dropped into the first bunk he saw, not caring whose it really was. Jack sat on the edge of the bed carefully and pulled off Crutchie’s boots. He took his crutch and laid it on the ground next to him. “Now you just stay here and rest today. I’ll be back to check on you later,” Jack said. Crutchie gave a weak nod, already drifting off to sleep.

“Thanks,” he whispered. Jack gave a small smile before standing up. He leaned over and kissed Crutchie’s forehead gently.

“Get better soon,” Jack said quietly. Crutchie was already asleep.

High School AU Headcanon

Where Jack just lets himself into Crutchie’s house all the time.

He never calls he just shows up and Ms. Morris doesn’t seem to mind.

Crutchie will wake up and Jack will be sitting at his desk like “Hey we’re hanging out now”.

This really confuses Crutchie because he can’t remember ever giving Jack a key.

benonceandthefankettes said:

all the teenage les headcanons you have.

man i got most of these out in the masterpost a few months back so let’s hope i have enough here

  • he’s got a bit of a hero complex. like, he wants everyone to be happy and safe and have fun. half of the fights he gets into are because one of the other newsies was being threatened or otherwise in a position of some kind of danger and he picked a fight to get them out of it.
  • the other half of his fights is because he was being an asshole to the wrong person. les gets in fights often.
  • one time davey found a hickey on his neck and like. didn’t even say anything. for the rest of the day. just stared when les wasn’t looking and got very disturbed. finally les got sick of it and asked what the hell he was looking at. davey took a deep breath, pointed, and just said “what.” les smiled, gave a tiny chuckle, and shrugged, like “you totally know, what the hell do you think it is?” davey never asked again. tried to erase this memory. tried to just have a little baby brother who wouldn’t even touch girls because they were gross. but that was like twelve years ago. that boy is gone and davey is disturbed
  • he is great and he knows it. not even in a conceited way, just in a “i am cool and nice to be around i deserve to be liked” and if people don’t like him he’s like “???????????? what ok your loss sad person i am a delight.” it’s only if you have an actual problem with him he’ll have a problem with you. or if you’re generally an asshole. he’s pretty cool. more people should think of themselves the way les baum thinks of himself.
  • ends up like a foot taller than davey by age seventeen. he makes jokes about it. (“davey. oh jesus davey" "sigh what les" "ok this one’s great. youre david right?" "…yeah?" "SO I GUESS THAT MAKES ME GOLIATH" "…" "THAT MAKES ME GOLIATH" "…ok" "goliath davey" "yep" "you’re not laughing" "it is not funny" "screw you i am fantastic" "thats a matter of opinion")


anonymous said:

Jack/Crutchie #10

10 - Neck kiss

“Crutchie, you still awake?” Jack whispered. Crutchie mumbled something unintelligible, shifting his head on Jack’s shoulder. The two had been watching a movie on Jack’s couch, but neither of them were getting very into it. Very carefully, so as not to disturb his dozing boyfriend, Jack grabbed the remote next to him and turned off the TV. “C’mon, let’s go to bed.” Crutchie made no effort to move.

“I’m asleep, Jack,” he mumbled. Jack smiled fondly. He turned and put one arm under Crutchie’s legs, and the other behind his back.

“Put your arms around my neck,” Jack instructed. Crutchie did as he was told, burying his face in Jack’s shoulder. Jack picked him up with ease. Crutchie tilted his chin up and kissed Jack’s neck, gently.

“Love you,” he said softly. He kissed Jack’s neck again, before dozing off with his lips still brushing against Jack’s skin. Jack carefully laid Crutchie down on his bed and pulled the already undone covers up over him. He quickly shed his jeans and socks and climbed into bed next to his boyfriend. Crutchie turned over to face Jack and snuggled himself as close as he could. With a small smile, Jack wrapped his arms around Crutchie and fell asleep almost instantly.

Newsies alternate ending + a final Santa Fe reprise

So because I’m not a huge fan of how they wrote the ending for the show(another dance break? seriously?), I decided to write my own finale for Newsies.

I love Newsies, I do, but I’m not a fan of the ending. It felt like the writers sat down and said, “We need to wrap up Jack’s storyline.” It didn’t really flow, in my opinion. It’s not the actors’ fault, but the finale felt rushed. And then they threw in yet another dance break because that’s how shows end on a high note, right?

I wanted a big reprise of Santa Fe to close the show, not the short one they threw in at the end. I pieced together parts from the Act 1 closer and the prologue version and wrote some of my own lyrics to create this. After Jack belts out the last note, this is where my version of Newsies would end. No more dance breaks.

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