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My knowledge of fluorine is that in water treatment it's good in small doses(like pretty much everything) We kinda need fluoride to protect the enamel on our teeth. Like seriously we'd probably have no teeth left without the fluoride ion

Exactly –  it’s one of those cases where an understanding of the oft-quoted ‘the dose makes the poison’ adage is vital. Of course, fluoride in high doses can cause problems, such as dental fluorosis, and even skeletal fluorosis in higher concentrations. There was a relatively recent case of a woman who drank tea made from 100 teabags, every day for 17 years, who developed skeletal fluorosis (so yeah, newsflash, if you don’t like fluoridation of the water supply, better not drink tea either!).

Numerous studies have shown the benefits of topical fluoride vs. tooth decay. It’s really not an effect that’s up for debate. Though there have been debates over whether water fluoridation is the most effective way to accomplish this, some studies have shown that even in areas where fluoridated toothpaste is used, water fluoridation still lowered tooth decay rates. Either way, really, there’s no scientific doubt that the concentrations of fluoride being used to fluoridate water supplies are safe.

In light of this quote of Benedict's...

It’s true…Sherlock probably wouldn’t care particularly about whether Molly slept with Moriarty or not. First of all, Sherlolly shippers don’t give a crap and it won’t change our ship choice. (Newsflash! It’s a SHIP and therefore doesn’t have to be canon!) But I’d also like to make another point.
He does notice what’s going on in her relationships, and he cares about HER. Not because he’s jealous or possessive, but because he LOVES HER as a friend. At the end of the day, isn’t that more meaningful and beautiful than Sherlock being pouty and miffed because of who Molly slept with back in the day?
Yeah. I’d say it is.

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omg here I was thinking the actress who plays Lexa was some type of Hispanic or something, I looked her up and she's a pale as fuck white girl. They give her some major fake ass tan on the show. How do you think that plays into the bullshit savage title they always label the grounders with? Cause of course darker skin= less humane.


Hold on…. I think racist white feminist layne morgan (and as of recently the100writers  new personal assistant) has a WHITE opinion she’d like to add on the matter

Is she… calling US RACISTS for calling out RACISM…??


Newsflash: this show is racist and so is the fandom

more seriously, though, listen: i dont  MIND at ALL if you think obi-wan is ace or bi or pan or anythign. thats totally your right and i’d never infringe on that ever ever ever. i dont even really mind if you want to cling to your boring delusions of heterosexuality as long as i dont have to see it. 

but this post is about my own personal headcanons about obi-wan kenobi and contrary to what you may think you’re not being anything other than rude and vaguely homophobic when you add comments like “actually i think he’s ace!!!!!!” or “umm excuse me but THE FACTS prove he is BI”………………….. newsflash bein a condescending ass towards a small lesbian who just wants 2 live her life and headcanon her fave star wars character as gay isnt progressive. please go away.



Why did we decide to extend the deadline?

Let’s look at Mayu’s closest “rivals” shall we?

It is an open secret that Yuki fans have been saving up since possibly even from last year so that they can vote for her in the Sousenkyo. Currently the official numbers for Yuki’s Chinese campaign has already exceeded their amount from last year; and that is just counting the “open” donations (aka donations that everyone can see).

Not scary?

Remember Mayu last year?

The Chinese fandom of AKB is not to be trifled with.

Meanwhile, Sasshi fans have reportedly collected much more than they have expected and are going strong; furthermore we have reason to believe that HKT hako oshis will be giving Sasshi quite a number of votes as well due to the home ground factor (Fukuoka)

Finally, it is also due to the moderate response that we are receiving to the fundraising.

Come on Mayu fans!

You can do better than that!

We may not be able to match up to the Chinese fans in vote contribution but surely, we can do better than this.

Mayu deserves better than this.

Please save up more and convert those into votes! Join our fundraising project and let’s support Mayu together!

For more information how to vote for Mayuyu, check out this guide too!

Today on your latest edition of “Your fave is RACIST…..and HOMOPHOBIC and MISOGYNIST and ABLEIST”: The 100 actor who plays Kyle Wick - Steven Talley.
With special guest appearance from racist the100writers: kimshum

WARNING: This is going to be LONG

Edit: THIS DUDE IS A PILE OF RACIST, MISOGYNISTIC, HOMOPHOBIC PIECE OF SHIT. Still waiting for the100writers , kimshum, jason rothenworst and the 100 (white feminists) fandom to do anything……  You guys sure knew how to make your voices be heard when BLARKE was concerned


I mean….okayyy thanks for nothing kimshum……… Well, hopefully racist “the 100″ showrunner jason rothenberg will comment on this Klu Klux Klan mess……..?


Newsflash: this show is racist and so is the fandom

If a man chooses to identify as a woman or vice versa, I don’t really see how it is your business to condemn them. This decision does not affect your life or hurt anyone in anyway so I don’t see why anyone should get all hot and bothered about it. “Oh so he’s a woman, identifies as a woman but doesn’t love men?” Newsflash dear friend, not all women(trans or not) love men. Please go and sleep or something.



your post:

themakerisamotherfucker: apostate-tony: …

im sexist? so im oppressing myself? cool. and this post wasnt to educate 20 thousand randos on tumblr, all of whom have access to google sweatie:)


Why is it so hard for you to just post a link to a source?

Newsflash: non-men can be sexist. You do not need to be a man to oppress women and non-men. The patriarchy works best when the victims it oppresses are active participants in perpetuating the oppression. 

Women slut-shaming one another. Women telling each other that their proper place is being subservient to their husbands. Women teachers telling female students that it’s okay they can’t do math because math is harder for girls. 

And yes, using the word “bitch” is sexist, because it’s a sexist slur. In case you were confused as to why I was calling you sexist in the first place. 

Y’all think you’re so slick with this problematic-fave bullshit about Hillary as if we haven’t known this about her, about Obama, about every other fucking democrat that we’ve elected. 

Newsflash you fucking moron: We don’t think they’re good people. But they are the only ones not IMMEDIATELY trying to sign a law that will kill us or systematically strip us of our rights. So while you sit here running your oh-so-cleverly-researched google-search-of-“what has Hillary Clinton done badly in her career”-based smear campaign, know that literally all you’re doing is handing the presidency over to the people that wanna do ALL THE SAME FUCKING SHIT THAT HILLARY DID, JUST LOUDLY, PROUDLY, AND WHILE TAKING AWAY 500 MORE RIGHTS ALONG THE WAY AND UNDOING ALL SOCIAL PROGRESS MADE IN THE PAST 8 YEARS.

It’s like y’all suddenly forgot that the republicans are the ones out here trying to sign laws into effect where it’d literally be legal to shoot queer people in the fucking head in California. BECAUSE THAT’S A THING THAT’S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW.

When Black people see an Asian person it’s not like ooooo I wonder how much that hair would cost I’m pretty sure most of us think wow that’s some pretty hair like any normal person would think and there really isn’t a factor of fetishization because the whole reason we buy human hair extensions from South and east Asia is because (and I know this might come as a shock to many non black people) your hair looks really similar to ours when it’s pressed out and or relaxed that’s why nobody’s buying Icelandic remy but the whites and here’s another shocker many of the natural wave and curl patterns that are found in Indian and other south Asian people’s hair exist with in the WIDE range of natural hair textures we as black people have now the particular black person might not have the particular curl pattern as the extensions they are wearing but they would like to give the affect of it being their natural hair like newsflash we not trying to look like you sis or anybody else

I want a society where this isn’t seen as attractive. This isn’t the norm. This isn’t the “perfect relationship” young girls imagine for themselves. I want a society where this behavior is recognized for the abuse it is. I want a society of young women who aren’t brainwashed into thinking this is the way it is and should be. I want girls to be able to recognize possessive and controlling men as dangerous. To realize not all men are like this, and you don’t have to deal with those who are simply because “it’s the way it is”. Because I assure you this is NOT the way it is. It is NOT the way it should be.
I want the trend of considering aggressive and abusive behaviors sexy, to end.