Marvel announces a new SECRET WARS series focused on romance called SECRET LOVE.

Okay, so I’m not actually at C2E2, but my first Marvel Comics work just got announced.  I will be on Marvel’s Secret Wars romance anthology book “Secret Love” along with the ever amazing Katie Cook.

I am insanely excited about this.

You know what DC needs more of? More Batman! Thank goodness for his 75th Anniversary.

I love Batman. I do. But I cannot overstate how overkill this is. Seriously, I feel like I’m being drowned in Batman stuff. He has a dozen monthly comics, a weekly comic, Arkham Origin and now Knight, Batman and Son, Assault on Arkham, and the Bruce Timm and Darwyn Cooke shorts, and Batman is highjacking the Man of Steel sequel. Just rename DC Comics to Batman Comics.

I couldn’t have explained what really locked me onto Batman when I was eleven, but now I think it’s pretty clear that I saw something that mirrored my own experiences in Bruce Wayne’s origin story. My attacker threatened to kill my family, and showed me a gun. I also always found that “with the devil in the moonlight” line creepily sexual, which may have added something. But Batman wasn’t broken by his trauma, and I wouldn’t be, either. He was a child who decided to build himself into the solution for others. I’ve tried to do the same in my life, and with Something Terrible, I honestly feel like I’ve done the most Batman thing I could do with all that darkness in me and affecting so many others. I’m trying to shine a signal.

Newsarama interviewed me about my new autobiographical comic about my life with Batman and overcoming trauma, Something Terrible.

Newsarama’s Zack Smith sits down with the Cartoon Network star to talk Crystal Gems, his favorite comics, and more. Yes, this is real!

Steven: Oh, I dunno about that! I just like talking to people, and then a lot of the time, they talk back! Ha!

Pearl: Human beings just adore each other, and Rose just adored human beings, so Steven is a real “people human,” as they say!

Greg: Heh… I think you mean “People person.”

Pearl: What? That can’t be right. That’s so redundant.

#5: Young Avengers
A new crop of Marvel heroes are joining some Young Avengers upperclassmen, as Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie relaunch the book this January. Long-time members Wiccan, Hulking and Hawkeye are welcoming an all-new Miss America, the alien hipster Marvel Boy/Noh-Varr, and the impetuous Kid Loki.
Described by Gillen as “a superhero comic that uses the metaphor of powers to explore the sensation of being 18” in a Newsarama interview, Young Avengers looks to entrench itself into what it’s like to be a teen hero in the Marvel Universe.

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