So, as u progress in my pregnancy, things are starting to get harder. Bending, shaving, working,walking, outta breath and abdominal pain. I have a mesh from a previous hernia surgery and that little bitcg is stretching! Hurts, and harder to walk, I walk all funny now Lol. Feels like he’s right at my vagina about to come out. So he’s rly rly low. Can’t believe may 11th I’ll b holding my lil boy. Time is surely flying by! So very excited yet very nervous and stressed about money. But sumhow I’ll find a way!

Sex Ain\'t Never Felt Better
  • Sex Ain\'t Never Felt Better
  • TGT (Tank Ginuwine & Tyrese)

New RnB track that got that 90s-in-between-the-sheets feel to it. PEEP IT.